Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Baby Bed preparation

Last weekend we assembled the baby bed, baby cabinets for our upcoming twins. My husband is not too familiar with this kind of work. It is difficult for him to do the task but anyhow after the whole day the work done. I am just the helper but still tiring, now we are almost finish for all the things that our twins needed soon.


During the time when I was in High School it is required in our Physical Education class to perform one kind of dance. For these we need to practice every Saturday afternoon just to learn and be familiar with the steps of our selected dance. There are lots of kind of dance like Salsa, Boogie, Rumba, Swing, Paso doble, Cha-cha and many more. Each dance need extra practice to dance it gracefully. If you need a costume for the dance you wanted to perform you can look and order through Dance Supplies they have different kinds of supplies that you are looking for. We need suitable clothes , shoes and other things just to be suited in our gracefully moves. Remember that dance is not only mentally work but physically as well. You need to be alert in ever step that you take.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Our Baby Shower-1

Last Saturday my Filipina friends scheduled the Baby shower to my twins. First I honestly hesitated to have one. We cannot deny the fact that this kind of activities is also cost money.( in part of my friends)
But since the leader Riza and Co-leader and a host Maricel are so insisted I go for it. I just consider that was for my twins not for the mama (me). Never say no to the blessing as we said. And to all my pinay friends here who are there in the said party SALAMAT for all!

Tamiflu for the treatment of Swine Flu

As I watched the news daily and read online news through internet. It comes to my attention the pandemic illness today that attack everywhere in the world which is the Swine Flu. This kind of illness is very contagious virus that easily spread from person to person. Person can have this kind of virus through air spread when the affected person sneezed and dont cover his/her mouth. Proper hygiene is much observed to avoid the said Swine Flu. Also be concious to your health, avoid to much drinking of alcohol. Eat healthy food and have enough sleep. Be aware to your immune system so that the virus cant attack your health. If accidentally you are one of the Swine Flu patient Tamiflu is the best medicine for it. Offered by PrimaMed they are a Europe's leading online consultation service. They offer safe and convenient,discreet method of ordering medication online. They offer genuine and branded medicine that surely protect your safety.

Awesome Flooring website

When it comes to the building or renovation of the house one thing that we make sure is the flooring. It has a big factor for me when it comes to the improvements of the flooring. I like the hard wood parque floor. Since im have an allergy to the dust wood parque is an ideal floor to avoid more dust rather than a carpeted one. When you are looking for a professional worker about flooring Scottsdale Flooring are especialize in any type of hardwood and laminate flooring, installation, remodels and new homes. Not only for a house but they also cater in a small offices, inlays and staircases. They are more professional rather than the other flooring company. And they see to it that their customer has a satisfaction to their services.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Have a blessed Sunday

When I was in the Philippines I almost updated to the readings and Psalm during the Mass Sunday Celebration. We see to it that we are prepare for the said readings before 8 o clock to attend the mass in small chapel where we are only 5 persons there. I feel that I am so blessed to experience all those things.

I wanted to share to you folks the reading this Sunday!
Have a blessed Sunday Everyone!
13th Sunday in ordinary time

First Reading: Wisdom 1:13-15; 2:23-24
Psalm: Psalm 30:2, 4-6, 11-13
Second Reading: 2 Corinthians 8:7, 9, 13-15
Gospel: Mark 5:21-43 or 5:21-24, 35-43

The woman who stayed behind (at the tomb) to seek Christ was the only one who saw Him. For perseverance is essential to any good deed, as the Voice of Truth tells us: "Whoever perseveres to the end will be saved." [Matt: 10:22]

-- Pope St. Gregory the Great

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lighting And Living

When we transfer to our new apartment one of our focus is to buy a mirror and cabinets needed in our bathroom. We also put some additional lights in order that our Bathroom is more bright. Since our new apartment has two bathroom we need to put a motif by each room. But aside from motif we add also a modern bathroom lighting because for me when it comes to bathroom I wanted that I am relax and comfort inside. Because they say that bathroom is one of the talked most in our rooms when it comes for improvements. As in my side this rooms where you erase your stress, becoming relax.The purpose is to become our bathroom spacious and have a positive vibes feelings for us.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Bohol Tropics

Hubby at our hotel in BOhol tropics, over looking to Tagbilaran port.

Just search my photos during our vacation in Pinas last August. Sorry folks if this pic is old enough to share....really miss my life in Pinas...

Schumacher Homes

Owning a house is like a dream come true to the family. Especially when this kind of house is suitable for all. But before we plan to build our dream house we need to consider many things like the location, house style, lawn and mostly the prices that give our budget a big factor. If you looking a beautiful and modern house why not visiting and consulting the winston salem home builders located in South Carolina , for sure your inquiry will be answered as soon as possible. First you can look for their floorplan, and pricing , also the location that you really dream of. They also inviting you and your family as well to join them for an exciting tour of their feature home currently under construction. Their offer is your glance to see a different kinds of house model.

10 Pm in Germany

Share to you folks my captured photos...I wanted to catch up the sunset but im too late for that. As I noticed that the sun is already setting down..anyhow here is my photos in our terrace at 10 pm.

My Awesome Remodeling website.

When it comes to remodelling we see to it that will be emphasize our wish into outcome of the project. As I remember my grandparents they love to remodel their old house. They said that remodelling is one of a kind for preservartion of the property. You just need an enhancement just to look new and good one. I agree for them because at my early age I saw the development of their property renovation. But now a day when you have plan to renovate your house, porch, garden, deck and other parts of the house. You need to contact a professional person in order to attain your prospect ideas or output of the said renovation. For those people living in Minneapolis and nearest town it is no longer a problem to contact them Because Minneapolis Remodeling is there for you to help. They offer remodelling and replacement of windows, kitchen upgrading, additional rooms or expanding. Many homeowners choice to remodel their house instead of moving out. Keeping in our mind that remodelling added a value of our home into investment. Minneapolis remodelling contractor have high quality services and very dependable remodelling construction company. You can't beat their excellent service and price in terms of remodelling.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I feel now the heat of the sun I thought im be in the Philippines because it is almost 27 centigrade outside. I enjoy also now the wearing of t-shirt and short eventhough my baby bumps is big enough. In our sorroundings during this sunny time there are lots of fruit bearing trees of cherries. But sorry I think it is not allowede to pick. So I need to buy in the grocery .

The MiniSite Formula

All of us bloggers want a high rank in our page so that there is also more offer that we can grab. But did you know that there is another chance how to have an income through online and at the same time increase our site through search engine. The Minisite Formula why not try this formula. There are lots of online scam being tired from it is something bad experience for us. Because we want honest business so we need to do it honestly trying this kind of Minisite Formula can give us a big break to earn a bucks in our pocket. Joel Peterson is a person behind the success of others through inventions of the said Minisite Formula. Why not to sign up now and be a winner as being successful in terms of income online and building a traffic on the search engine.

Condolence to Mads Rose Family

This morning when I open my Yahoo Messenger I read the punchline of Rose about his brother who are passed away due to Motorcycle accident. This punchline remind me the time during my Brother in law's death. Who are also accidentally electricuted, looking for his 2 small children and my sister is a 1 month preggy that time my heart really melt . When my nephew always said that his papa is sleeping and will be back after his nap. If I have a power to grant my nephew wish I did.
It is a very sad moment to the family but we need to accept the reality that life is so short. To Mads Rose our prayer's is there for your Big brother. RIP for him!

ClubZ! Tutoring

I remember those days during my school life my mother always remind us that only Education can give us a bright future. Educations that keep as a treasure and nobody can take it away from us. That is why I pursue my Education even though my parent has no possible to send us all to College. I tried my very best to finish my Education as a working student. I am so blessed that my poster parents are so nice and act like a parent to me. They are also my inspiration to do my best in studies. Because for them Education is the best things in the world in order to achieve our goal in life. They always remind me to have my Study skills like avoid listening music while doing my homework. For those parent who have no time to teach their children ClubZ! Tutoring is there to help your children to the house schooling, preparing them for the incoming examination. Because Club!Z Tutoring will determine if good organizational habits are in place and provide specialized one on one guidance.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Yesterday my husband show to me an email about the information of tour to Norway by our Norwegian group. Sad to say we cannot join the tour-group because it held on September this year. My twins is just a month by that time. I hope we can join the next time around. This is the activities of Norwegian-German frienship club that I really wanted to join. But how. how.. how...lol----

Awesome Home-Inspection website.

Are you planning to buy a new house?If so you need to consider many things before you decide to buy that house. Owning a new house is a dream come true for all of us. Like for example the potentials of the properties. We need the help of an expert about home inspection to help us to check the value and function of our selected house. Denver Home Inspection is there for us to help for an inspection about the wiring, plumbing, shingles of the roof and built in appliances in the kitchen. I think nobody want to buy a house with lots of problem inside to avoid regret in the future we need to seek their help. Consulting the professional home inspector like Denver HOme Inspector service can help you to provide an invaluable information on your prospective properties like a home. These things can give you a peace of mind and assurance about your family safety inside your new home. Because Denver inspectors assist you and locate and tell you what was the areas need to repair. They are especialize in Home Inspections, Radon, Testing, Mold Testing, Asbestos, Lead, Water and Air Testing that really needed to your new home.

Maxim Enterprises

Dealing with regard to Real State is sometimes hard for us. Specially when we dont have more ideas about real properties by laws. But nowadays it is easy to deal with because there are a company who are willingly to help us. To preserved our property from maintenance to updating our properties. The property preservation is a property management concern by all of the people. Because there is no permanent in our society it is a continous change and movement. If you are looking for an apartment unit to rent the most important thing we consider is the location. It is almost the same if we are planning to have our Real Property. By transfering a new unit we see to it that our selected new unit is suitable for ourselves and for our family. We need to consider how many bedrooms inside, how much the price per month, and how long is the leasing for it. The ambiance inside and outside is also need to consider. But now because of Maxim Enterprise you dont need to be worried because they can assist you to choice your own apartment they are online that have their concerns in maintenance and land use development , leasing and marketing.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Just want to share this music by Mariah Carey (my favorite singer) - Butterfly. I love butterfly coz they are one of the wonderful creation here on earth. The couple use butterfly for a wedding instead of dove.

Rolex Watches

July is just around the corner this month is very important for me. This month is the birthday of my parents my mother celebrate her birthday on July 7 while my father is on July 23. As my father make a joke when I talked to them this month he told me that one rolex watch is enough gift for him. If I have a chance to buy one for him why not. As we knew that the price for this kind of watches is not as simple as you buy an ordinary watches. Because Rolex watches is one of the finest watches in the world. Having one of this kind of watches is like having a treasure in our life. They have the good quality and high standard watches. Rolex discovered from a German man name Hans Wilsdorf in the year of 1908. He tried his very best because he wanted to have a good quality product of watches. A hallmark fro Rolex is its continuity in design. Continous upgraded the appearance but the quality is still there where the rolex company keep the reputation. They produced limited watches yearly which is below the market demand. But it is allowable by the company to retain the good reputation and quality of the product.

Concrete Contractor

My father was a carpenter and lately he practice as a contractor. Most of the project he holds was the street construction and the bridge constructions. As I observed how he do it, It seems to be a hard work for me specially when they read and study the site plan or the Blue print of the said project. I think my father has a talent to read this kind of a plan, as a profesional engineer can actualized the views. So if you have plan to build your building or a house you need to look for a real profesional which can rely on. As I observed here in Europe when we travel with my husband there are lots of building that you amazed of. From structure and design its really unbelievable how they build and constract the said building. Maybe because of continous discovery how to improved the establishment is the reason for this. That is why Decorative Concrete San Diego is one of those who are good in concrete products. When we say decorative is something ornamental rather than functional in purpose. It is a stone like materials Which there are many ways to create decorative concrete such a inspiring or stamping design in cement it could be leaves, shells, or glass. The concrete contractor San Diego especialize in the Structural Concrete , Street Improvements, Site concrete and the Decorative Concrete. The structural concrete contractors San Diego they are a concrete contractor interstate in a diverse commercial concrete contructions and general engineering firm. With 20 years of experience and excellence in the services. And you really amazed with there finishing project.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Dr. Jose Rizal- Statue

This is an old photos taken in Heidelberg.
I miss those days ...(payat pa ako wahh)
The day I met the statue of Dr. Jose Rizal in Heidelberg. We've been there for a visit of a family friend. And I am greetful to see the area.

HVAC-Air-Conditioning website

Yesterday is officially starting the summertime , since summer we cannot deny that we have to adjust another weather. From cold to warm weather we need to prepare ourselves. We also need to check our ventilation in our home. Having a good ventilation in our house or building is something homely and convinient for us. Like checking the aircondition unit or buy a new electric fan. As I experienced during summertime it is easy for me to sweat. Although I just stay at home and enjoying my time with my friends. But if you wanted to become confortable anytime inside your building or home you can contact Nashville HVAC Air Conditioning they offer different services like installation of aircondition unit. Replacement of an old one to a new one. Quality services and installation could provide to their cutomers at reasonable price. They are there for services everytime 24 hours for 7 days a week. Especialized in heating and cooling service installation, clear drain, stoppage, tank less and traditional water heater installation, plumbing service and the remodeling. The goodnews was they need to check first the house or building capacity. HVAC contractor can write up an estimation for a new system or parts for an existing one as well as labor charges.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day to all the Fathers!

Since the celebration here in Germany is earlier than other countries...I just wanted to greet for the second time around to all the fathers out there who are enjoying their moments as a Father. Because they have a big role to the family...
They are the boss , the manager, the head of family , the leader and a provider .


Are you looking for somebody to talk to or share ideas? Man cannot live alone we need somebody to be with. That is why it is so lonely for us if we dont have a common friend a friend to talk to for anything under the sun. Meeting a friend through online is a good idea to meet somebody around the globe. Which have different ideas to share to. Especially those person who are have a matured thinking. If so why not to visit the site of mature chat you can create your profile here for 100% free. Start now talking and chatting for all the members in maturechatroom.net. Here you can view the members profiles, free using of webcam in order for to see the other members. Be a member and enjoy their services and at the same time enjoy the moment meeting a new friends online.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Mythology-- Open sesame

Just share my thoughts for today. Im sorry guys this is just came along in my mind now so I searched on it. Why we always use the word "OPEN SESAME"
Here is the thought....
This is a magical words or command which opened the robbers' den in the tale of ALI BABA in something that always admits, or enables a person to get what is desired.
So gals "OPEN SESAME" for our blog....lollllll...

Awesome Movers website

Transfering to a new house is not an easy job. There are lots of things to consider the place or location. And aside from these we are worried and full of stress how we cope up to handle all the things around us. It is so stressful when it comes to relocate. I do experienced the scenario it is so difficult for me aside from Im pregnant packing and unpacking the things is so hard. That is why we must be thankful if there is a business or a company open a services to help us. Like Dallas Movers they specialize in delicate cargo for movers, household goods, boxes furniture, bedroom , kitchen and more. Not only household services they offer also commercial transfer services. Including to their services the packaging and supplies services at very affordable with discount rates. Through these we the customers really looking forward for the better services they offer of course . Satisfaction is the guarantee for both party- the movers and the movers company. Wrightway company has a reliable reputation that really valued by the company to the clients. With low price guarantee and give assurance to their customers that their move will proceed smoothly. And still they striving their very best to give the client the best services that they can.


I remember one of my classmate in College is disabled. Inspite of disability she is willing to learn and become successful in life. Until she graduated with her course in college. I really salute her for her ability and willingness to live normal. Until one time I heard a news that she work already. So no matter what we be in life it is up to us how to face the challenge. Whether you be disabled or not you can do the best of the best for yourself. For those disabled you lost hope to gain friends and wanted to meet new friends around the worl this site is for you disabled chat this is 100% free of membership just create your profile and start to meet somebody online around the globe. There are lots of disabled members who wanted to exchange ideas, thoughts with you. Try now and meet them through the net and using your web cam to see them online.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Orchids -new member

Meet one of the members of our orchids, since we transfer here in our new place. Hubby bought 8 pcs of orchids as he believe to add the luck for his collections. Because I throw away some old orchids that I think it not healthy. Some orchids attacked by small insects which bring them to die. I dont have a green thump to bring them healthy as we wish.

KVChosting.com review

World Wide Web is truly wide nowadays, we can do anything what we wanted to search using internet. Other company bought a hosting site just to advertise their products or services. Like me i need to buy domain for my blog. But the selection of a web hosting company is quite difficult to select because of too much competition around the globe. That is why they see to it to have a reliable and cheap web hosting company to serve them online that allow them to post a website. That is why KVCHOSTING L.L.C. is there for us to host our needs in terms of internet web hosting. They offer unlimited cheap hosting, VPS hosting, and more. With the ample amount of web storage space with 99.9% uptime access in international standard. Because of these they recieved different kinds of awards in terms of web hosting. The offer the lowest possible feess compare to other webhosting competitors.

Designer stickpins

It is so amazing to see our friends making a handcraft works. In our town most of the livelihood there is using the native abaca products. They are creative to have a different design of the said products. From bags, placemats, rugs and other handcrafted products. They created also especially during Christmas season a decoration like angels, lanterns and more. Having with these kind of talent is a truly gift from god. I am also trying my best to be creative in terms of handwork creations. But my talent is not enough to compete other people who have the 100% creativeness. Yes creativeness can bring you success to your goal in life. Like this Beaded Lanyard this product is also a handmade product and proudly made from USA. They sale a beaded jewelry stickpin with personality on it. Also necklaces that you truly proud of to have at least one of their hand crafted products. That is why they are founded their Fundraising Jewelry to help those organization that really meant to help poor people. They have different organization through making a beads with personality or logo of the said organization. We can say thatLanyard is a truly blessed handcrafted product because of the talent of the people behind it to create and distributed to everybody that fanatic to the beads collections.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Your 1950's Name

Thanks mads rose for this cute traces name
Got an idea to look for my twins name here ....lol....

Your 1950s Name is: Connie Shirley

What's buzzin, cuzzin?

Its your turn Gals to look / trace your name behind.
Here are the rules: 1. Take this quiz. 2. Post the result in your site. 3. Acknowledge My Daily Thoughts and Moods by writing her link in number one of your list, followed by yours and then proceed to link other friends whom you would like to know their names in 1950s. Go back to this page, to be added in the list and so you can copy and add to your list those who are listed here. Come on, make this a long list of fun. The first one has been done for you. My name is Connie Shirley ...nice one right...
Now its your turn to look your name too...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


How we can enjoy our life if we reach the certain age of Seniority. I felt so sad for those people who I really observed that they are alone in their apartment or house. Because their children have their own family. It is usually happen in the country where all the people are busy they don't have a time to spent more time to their old folks. But to all Seniors out there you can have a chance to meet more people who are the same age with you. You may join in senior chat this is a 100% free membership. Just make your profile and join the chat room. You may see also some members through online using your web camera. And for sure you experience fun to talk to other members who are looking to somebody to talk to the same as with you.


Friends let me introduce to you the ever loving plants of my husband. "Kalamansi" we bring kalamansi when he fetch me in Philippines last November 2006. Im be thankful that the German custome dont smell it or find it in the hand of hubby. This plant is almost 2 yrs old but still "mini " maybe because of the weather or the pot is just small one. He really admire the taste of Kalamansi, actually he always dream to be home just to drink a coooooled kalamansi juice...wahhhh---

8c1.net (online game)

Hubby is a hard dying fan of online games. That is why we look like a kids that we need to schedule our time in the computer since I am so lazy to open my laptop. He always try a new game online which he discover this site http://www.8c1.net he told me that there are lots of games that you can choice from here. Like multiplayer games a world wide web online game offering like biliards and more. You can invite more friends to join you to play. And at the sametime you can chat with them while playing. It is free to join and enjoy what they offer. The game itself create your group and it is your playmate online on your own time and own room.

Winter Activities

Family affairs are the most important part in our family. To be together and enjoy the activities that plan for that time. Treating ourselves and family is the best idea to do during winter time or summertime. Most of the family wanted to treat their children to have a vacation during winter. They enjoy ski walking, enjoying the weather and at the sametime the sorroundings. So if you dreaming to have a snow vacation the Family inn Vermont is a place to visit they offering the best accomodation in Stowe. They have 107 unique guest rooms to offer, luxury suites and a village townhouses if you really want to be alone. Also they have a shop that you can buy a souvenir. If you wanted to enjoy the pool they have also the year round heated outdoor pool that inviting you to keep warm and relax.
This place also is an ideal place for a wedding. Weddings is the best important part of our life that we can treasure of. Why you dont make the best of it make it memorable and held it in Vermont weddings having this place is something unforgetable for both of your because getting married in Vermont is a lovely affair that you and your partner and guest really treasured of. Especially the landscaped and the sorroundings, the location itself. If you planning to get married here and there is no problem for the church because it is just a walking distance to Stowe community. Need a license to get married? it is easy the Stowe clerk is there for both of you to help and it is just accross the street it is a hassle free to the couple. It is also a good idea for those who plan a meeting or a retreat. Vermont meetings is a good place for meetings and solemn activity for sure all attendees will experience the perfect blend of classic elegance and wonder comfort.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Make us Smile Award

Thanks Mads rose for giving me this tag. Another notice that my blog can give a smile to other people. May we continue to inspire other people and continue sharing our smile to everyone! Smile is a simple way of improving our physical aura. It's free so why not share it to others right.

Pass this to all my friends here...Please do grab PALS!!!!! Hope to see this in your site.....Let us smile together blogger.


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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sank Nicolai Kirche- kalkar NRW

The other day Thursday we observed here a holiday as the celebration of Corpus Christi. In the Philippine Corpus Christi celebrated during sunday and next to the celebration of pentecost. Anyhow different land have different trational. I just want to share the picture of our nearest church here the St. Nicolai church between 400 to 500 years old be grounded.


Riding in a motorcycle and going around is really much fun. As my hubby told me about his experienced about motorcycle I never imagine how far his group traveled. They are a member of the group before that every summertime they go to other state in Europe. For their vacation and at the same time a celebration of the group. If you wanted to share your ideas about motorcyle or you want to know more people around who are very interested about motorcylce you may join the
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Friday, June 12, 2009

Follower Tag

I got this Best Blogger Award from my friend Jenny of Sweden &
Rose of Korea.
Salamat mga girls for this another award / tag from you.
It is my pleasure to recieved this everytime..anytime from you..lol!

There is no certain rule of this award. Just pass it to those who you think is deserving to have this award. Or to those who want to grab it, can always welcome to grab it.

Its my turn to pass this to all my friends here...
please feel free to grab GALS/Folks/Girls, Kababayan and Ka-Blog!

HVAC-Air-Conditioning website

The other day our weather is so warm maybe because summertime is just around the corner. It is difficult sometimes when the weather is too much warm especially for me. Pregnant women are sensitive to the warm condition maybe because they feel more tired and sometimes easy to dehydrate. Especially now that we cannot predict our environment because of environmental changing. That is why we need to do something to our home or to our business places to keep the proper ventalation. Doing so we can prevent some problem causes by the weather, like too much warm and summer and too cold during winter time. Keeping cool in summertime and warm in the winter this the major concern of Las Vegas HVAC Air Conditioning they play a big role in climate controlled in our house or business. Finding the right company that give us comfort is the best idea. Because Las Vegas HVAC Contractor will have to do on onsite inspection wether you need new equipment or improvements on the existing system. They need to look first the heat-load of your home or business by determining the square footage of your area. HVAC believe in quality work and quality customers relations specialize in their services like Cooling, Heating, Ventilators and Installation Repair.

Vacation consumer travel site

The last time that we had our vacation in Norway my husband search for hotel in Oslo and a vacation house in other place. Just for us to stay there for 3 weeks. What we are looking for that vacation house is it should be near the ocean because for our hobbies fishing. This vacation house should be peaceful and near the to the city or to the community to purchase our foods. But others want to spend their holidays in one island like Emerald Island Resort it is also a big idea to enjoy the vacation here. When it says Island Resort it is a very attractive and solemn place to enjoy your moments of vacation.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

My banana cake

I tried the recipe from these found in the internet just to bake my banana cake.
The result is good and pass to the taste buds of my hubby..hehe


We can say that food is the most essential in our life. So we cannot say no to buy one for us. Especially those foods that we ate since we are in a younger days. The food that bring our life alive these are the food that we found in our society, in our community where our taste buds well known. Living in far away from own country is difficult as I can say. Because you miss all the exotic food that you have in your country or in your town. Everyone of us has especialty when it comes to food, Philippine especially have their own regional food preparation. Im sure all of us miss them all.

Sometimes I just dreaming to have all the ingredients here just to cook the same I did in my country. But it is hard to find one so what I did was I try my best to look at the net searching and googled it. And the idea come from my hubby maybe he felt pitty for me.
Since the time I arrived here in Germany I see to it to buy an asian food. We need to drive in another place just to buy some asian products or Pinoy foods. Before my husband tried to order it into online food. It is a great idea to have a business like this. It is a great help for those people like me longing for the food that we are craving. This online food has over 400 ethnic food offering online that you can choice from. It grows every just to satisfied their clients who are living in different countries. They are the largest ethnic supermarket which cater different countries like Asian, Indian, European, Middle Eastern and South American. With over 4000 recipes for different food dishes.

Offered different products such snacks, sauces, spices, cooking mixes, sweets beverages and cookies and more. They charge you for minimum amount with a flat rate of $ 4.99. They different products that you can choice they have also the gift set that you can purchase online and sent to your love ones. Also the Holiday items, Dried foods, and canned foods it is great to give something to our family and friends another kinds of gift during holidays like Christmas. Im pretty sure all of them are so happy and lucky to recieve one of these gift.


Me and my husband really enjoyed fishing, since then my husband go fishing in Norway and Netherland and sometimes in River Rhein. He told me that this is one of his hobbies, which influenced me too. I love fishing especially when you catched a big fish and the water is not so wavey. Having this experience cant change my ideas about fishing. If you want to know more about fishing or for those who want to share their ideas you may join the site fishing chat this site is 100% Free fishing chat which is ton of members who would like to meet other people love the same hobbies. Knowing other ideas through chatting can help us to meet other people around the world. At the sametime we enjoy our moments for our selected activity which is fishing.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Weeze International Airport

One day in our tour to Weeze Airport just to watch the airplane come and go.
and drinks some called drinks. Enjoying the moments of Manic Sunday.

Mother and her Daughter in law..lol..
Mother and Son

Awesome Landscaping website.

Summer is here most of us wanted to see beautiful sorroundings in our house. We see to it to buy more flowers in the pot or some botanical plants that attract our eyes in the beauty of the nature. As I observed here people come in go in the garden shop to buy different kinds of tools, plants, seeds and soil for their garden. Some buy plants for their terrace or in a garden infront of their houses. I am a lovers of the nature especially flowers, landscape and ornamentals plants. I am so refresh if I saw my sorroundings that are very cool and green. But if you are tired to maintain the said garden you seek the help of a professional gardners. Like Chicago Landscaping they offer superb landscape design service at the great prices. Just give them a call and they are answer you as soon as possible. Because most of us homeowners love to see our sorroundings/ garden that are beautiful and sorrounded with different landscape design. Especially the lawn, maintaining the lawn is quit hard for us so better to seek the help of Chicago Landscape services. They are the company not only give you more time but manicured your yard according to your wants that can value your home.

Dream with me...

When it comes to the furniture I rather like a furniture made of first class wood. Or a combination of metal and wood. I myself want to enjoy the furniture like that stay in the living room or in the dinning room. The site of rustic furniture is suited to my taste which you can buy different kinds of furniture style of your dream. I love the most the rustic bed I think this is a very comfortable.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy Birthday...ROSE

I just want to greet one of our family friend and a friend here in Blogging world . My Kumare rose of etcetera-etcetera and obstacles and glories. Happy birthday to you!!!"Maogmang pagkamundag amiga!"

Birthday Flash / Graphic for MySpace

Patato puffy

First step

Second step

and the result....make a little balls then flatten for frying, eat it with sugar..(tsalap )haha
I tried this reciept from my mother in law. Since potato here is not so expensive you can create your own menu using potato. here are some photo how to cook Potato puffy.

Exotic Salt Water Fish

Hubby is one of a kind that really love fishes. Aside from his fishing hobby he is also a fan of live fish in aquirium. During his free time you can see him sitting near the aquarium and talking to fishes. He talked like the fish can answer him. He also see to it that the fishes eat on time, or else he be so worried. He are still looking for additional fishes or some ornaments in our aquirium. But looking for it is difficult. We know that selling fishes in some areas are limited. You cannot find the exact fishes that you really want. What he did was he try to search, read and look for live coral that he can order. I think this is a very nice ornaments in aquirium really exotic one. Especially when your tank is a salt water and you prefer for a salt water fish there are lots of salt water fish that really exotic and it is so seldom to find one. I think having one tank that compose of different kind of saltwater fish is a great ideas to our home. You can choice your different kind of exotic salt water fish and deide to order because they are offering free shipping for 14 days live guarantee.


Being a wife there are lots of things to share to a friend. For example how did you meet your husband, when and what was the especial moment of your life that being unforgettable. Sharing something to a friend or talking like those things are good enough to remember the past. Exchanging ideas from wife to wife views can learn much things. You can learn from your friend and they learn from you. There are lots of topic to be discuss by every single wife like how to bring up their children, and how they manage their budget in the house and many more. This site is a good idea to join with wife chat here you can join for free. There are lots of wife members who can chat with you around the world to share the experience as a wife. You can view their webcam or show yourself using your webcam. For sure you can learn more and meet new wifey friend through this site.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Flower from hubby

Got this flower today from my hubby that is why he be a little bit later home. Im surprised because today is 8th of the month I forgot the date...lol, why ?!8th of the month because we got married nov 8 so every month he want it to celebrate. During this date he bought me one rose either white or red. But now he bought pink I asked him why not red or white. He answered me for a change because 3 months from now our life will change forever we are truly complete as a family. Thanks Maus for this lovely flowers.

Interracial Chat City

Some of my friends especially single one asking me to look somebody to introduce to them. Someone that can be friend or married in the future from another countries. They also asking me what is the common problem about interracial relationship, as I answered them as of now applying my relationship to my husband im very much sure that I am contented and loved. We understand better , we love much and we respect our culture and belief. Although there are things that both of you dont understand what other means due to language barrier. Still the love and respect are still there no one can change it only the two of you can do. For those people who are wanted to chat or to meet other personality or people from other part of the world why dont you try to register and log in this site interracial chat rooms this could be the answer to meet other people from other countries. Remember this is free of registration and lot of members who are also looking partner the same with you. Give a a try and meet someone of your dream. There is no harm in trying remember that this site help you much to build a relationship on the net you can use webcam to see someone online. Give yourself a chance now.

Flowers to Russia

It is so sweet to recieved flowers from our love ones or by giving one to them. Like my husband did he see to it that I have my flowers once a month. Before he give me twice a month but as I said better only once a month to save a little bit money. But what if your love one is far away from you?. And she is living in Russia, well it is not anymore a problem flower delivery to Russia it is proven by my husband because he told me that sometimes when he meet a girl from Russia he try to sent a flowers to her. If your someone special live anywhere in Russia this is the easiest way to give them a special feeling to recieve flowers from you. The company flowers to Russia delivers 24 to 48 hrs in Russia , Ukraine and the nearest places. They are established flower services and distinguished by flower professional customer services with secure ordering process.

Philippine Independence Tag

I got this tag from
Mads Rose of Etcetera Etcetera SALAMAT-On. Now I am passing this to all the filipino bloggers around the world. Let's celebrate the freedom that we are all enjoying.


"The Philippine Declaration of Independence occurred on June 12, 1898 in the Philippines, where Filipino revolutionary forces under General Emilio Aguinaldo (later to become the Philippines' first Republican President) proclaimed the sovereignty and independence of the Philippine Islands from the colonial rule of Spain after the latter was defeated at the Battle of Manila Bay during the Spanish-American War. The declaration, in the form of a proclamation, in the presence of a huge crowd, was done on June 12, 1898 at the ancestral home of General

Emilio Aguinaldo between four and five in the afternoon in Cavite el Viejo (now Kawit), Cavite, some 30 kilometers South of Manila. The event saw the unfurling of the National Flag of the Philippines, made in Hong Kong by Mrs. Marcela Agoncillo, Lorenza Agoncillo and Delfina Herboza, and the performance of the Marcha Filipina Magdalo, as the Nation's National Anthem, now known as Lupang Hinirang, which was composed by Julian Felipe and played by the San Francisco de Malabon Marching band."

~Rules for this Operation 111 meme
~Copy the quotes provided above stating the history of the proclamation of Philippine Independence Day
~Must be a Filipino
~Tag as many Pinoy Bloggers you know


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Happy weekend everyone!

Our weekend is just a simple one we wake up early in the morning just to drive to Holland to buy fish and some Asian stuff. We bought shrimp, squid, fish "spada", and dorado. For the asian stuff obviously I dont forget to took my rice. I found also some mama sitas ingredients for cooking. But hubby first passion food was nata de coco and pudding. I wanted to buy ripe jack fruit but the cost is higher than a jack fruit tree. lol! For small pcs of that costed 5.99 euro..Nevermind! weehhh

Diesel Parts Pros, your auto AC headquarters

Did you experienced the time when you be in a hurry then your car make trouble? Having an experience unexpectedly is not good for us especially when you are on the way for a business meeting. A very important appointment like job interview then your car having trouble on that time. So see to it that this thing couldn't happen. We need to secure the maintenance of our car. Summer is just around the corner so the heat could attack us if your car have a problem. Remember that air conditioning compressor is an important part of the car and they have you covered. This is your source for automotive ac compressor , drier and air conditioning compressor mostly in diesel parts with biggest selection of parts anywhere, full warranty on every AC part they sell. You can call them for more information and placing order.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Lovely blog award

I got this very lovely blog award from my very lovely blog friend Jenny of The way i use to be.Nice to have two tags/awards from her.

Jen thank you again for these. Im glad to be your friend here in blogesphere world.
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Now it my time to pass this award to
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Juliet, Joyce, and to everybody in my list feel free to grab it.

Sorry guys I can't put the links...preggy is not in the mood...(pagod) lol...

Awesome flooring website

When I was young I help my grandmother to scrub their woody floor. We used kerosene with banana leaves as replacement for a floor wax. It brings refreshing and clean, nice to lying down during the siesta time. As time goes by as it could be, we observed the different kinds of floors from different kinds of houses. It could be carpeted, tiles, vinyl tiles, wood or marble. It is up to us or to our budget if we can afford the best kind of flooring that we've wanted. Because floor is the great areas when it comes to interior design in our home. We need to reflect our floor about the care that we put into the rest of our home. That is why there is a company offered there services for our dream floor that we wanted to install in our home. Huntsville Flooring are specialized in flooring with well trained team that install their products. As an excellent Huntsville flooring contractor is one of the best. They believe as a company with great service and offered small prices. Using with best materials to serve people in their business. They show off a number of flooring types such as carpeting, varieties of vinyl, ceramic and marble tiles and also the hardwood.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


This is a mini kind of strawberries we bought in farmers market.

Strawberry is one of the favorite fruits during my craving time. I ate it deliciously although it is not really in season. That is why MIL always bring me every market day she see to it that i had one. But my craving season is enough lol.. still I enjoyed eating eat with salt or sugar.


When it comes to marketing they have different kind of marketing strategy they applied just to inform the propect customer. They have different kinds of marketing that you can apply just to reach the prospect buyers. One of this is the advertising you need to create effective advertising it could be through billboards , television, or in the newspapers. Some is through creating their information from customer to customer. The way my husband did just to know more about Automotive Marketing he loves to inform himself about automotive so he is searching online and read some informatinn about it. He is a fanatic fan of different cars models. As he shared to me about this, they provide first-date data that customers are looking for. They are there to help the manufacturers to create a marketing that the customers needed. Like for example the car manufacturers they are the one making a car model of their own. If you are looking for car buyers they can help you to find potential buyers. They specialize in providing a wide range of lead based list like telemarketing lists, mailing lists, response lists and more. Each of their list includes accurate and cost effective criterion that need and tailored to your business model. Because of technology today marketing strategy is more effective than before. With lesser marketing expenses.

A Short Opinion-Type post

Im on my way to my 7 months pregnancy of my twins, and at the same time gaining weight for almost 10 kilos. Being a pregnant I need to much consideration in my daily routine. Like for examples the food that I need to eat, the vitamins that I need to take. This was my first pregnancy that is why I need some opinion from other friends of mine. Some I need to research through internet just to earn information about it. Specially how to take good care of the babies in my tummy. Pregnancy without weight gain as I googled about pregnancy I came along on this site. This book was written by a health coash and trainer Michelle Moss. She offered different things to do during pregnancy. Like preventing stretch marks , Fasten post- delivery weight loss , Get loss of pregnancy acne and many more. I think this is a good idea to read by a pregnant women like me. It tackled and focuses on mom-to-be issues on how to retain her figure after the pregnancy. But still the health of the babies is the most important from all above.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Eryfer 100- Iron vitamins

Yesterday I had my doctors appointment for my weekly check-up. The doctors assistant told us to proceed again in a room where the gadget to listen the heartbeat of the babies located. I stayed there for almost 2 hours. After that I went to the laboratory room for my blood check-up. All is okey aside from that my Ob-gyne give me a reciept for another vitamins that I need to take. It is an iron vitamins my Dr. told me that my blood count is not normal, to prevent anemia I need to take a supplement ( Eryfer 100). So my husband bring the reciept in drugstore and claim the medicine it is free for us because our medical insurance pay for it.


One of my favorite place in our house is our bedroom where you can relax and sleep good. Having a relaxable and elegant ambiance of sleeping room brings us tranquility after the whole day of work. Im dreaming and looking for a designer bed that bring me pleasure of relaxation. It is delightful to have one like Bedroom Sets where you give yourself a chance to have a sleep tight at night. A chance to do something extraordinary for ourself to own at least one of a Designer Bedroom. A modern bed in a comtemporary bedroom promises you a touch and made in european exclusive.
They have more design to select from and they ship as fast as they can.

Out of order!?

What did you do if you watching your favorite show in PI via internet using your collapse laptop? I encounter the problem two times when I used it watching news in PI. I something bothered me because I dont have any idea how to stop it and do something to bring it into normal. So what I did was just let the battery empty to off the laptop. This is only happened after my hubbys friend installed anti-virus.

Dream House

All of us folks are dreaming to own our House of our dream. My dream house is something unique I prefer to build that house in the top of the mountain where overlooking to the city but really closed in the heart of the community. Where evernight i wanted to see the light of all the establishment in the city. And for that house I have a big garden where I can plant my roses and other plants with sweet flowers. Like the one I browsed here in the net Centennial Hills Las Vegas Homes there location is very close to the city, his unique outdoor style like golf courses is near the area. This is the newest planned community providence, with sorrounded by the nature and recreational establishment. If you want to build your own own you better look for a vacant lot to buy. And plan / build your own dream house you can select in SOHO Lofts For Sale a location of your choice. There location is really close to the City hall and downtown area. This is a good idea for those people who wanted to live in the heart of the city. Offered only by Las Vegas Luxury Real Estate check now to find of your dream house and enjoy the life and event in Las Vegas.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Pfings Montag or Pentecost

Today is holiday in Germany they celebrated the Pfings Montag as they called. Since it is the starting of the month I need to remind my husband to visit a church to light and said short prayer as we practiced every month. We also anticipated the first year death anniversarry of my father in law on Wednesday. After we go to the church we dropby in Weeze International airport just to drink some cooled drinks for refreshment and at the sametime watching the airplane who are come and go. I will post some picture of us if i already uplaoded it...In the moment Guten Nacht folks....im so tired taking my opps hehe... see you tomorrow!

Awesome Remodeling website.

Lots of people save money to buy their own property. To have their own house with big lawn in front. The dream house of their life as they called. Luckily some are have one it could be inheritance from their parents or they bought it through loan for a reasonable prices. But buying ready properties like a house is not sometimes suited to our plan the way it could be. Some wanted to change the paint / color of the house. Some are wanted to expand the kitchen or add additional dinning room.
So we need an extra money to invest on it. Remodelling the own ones can satisfied our wants. For these we have more to consider our budget. Luckily Los Angeles Remodeling is there to help those people who are planning the renovations of their properties like house or buildings. They are providing quality contractor services for unbeatable price throughout Southwest. Licensed, Insured and Bonded as they served residential, industrial and commercial clients. Who are willing to remodel their property like houses, building stablishment. For houses renovation they are specialize in kitchen renovation, Bathroom, Additional rooms , Roofing, and many more. For sure you can enjoy their services because they are there for 18 years of quality service.

I do follow

I got this favorite blogs award from my new friend here in a blog world. She is jenny living now in Sweden.

Thank you so much for this my friend.
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Shoes - Girls Bestfriend

Internet is a big place with the vast collection of different products information. For those who don't want to encounter the big crowd on the mall shopping online is the best for you. I can accept that I am an avid fan for shop online. Aside from my own time and my own comfort shop online help me to compare product to products. I see to it that it is worthful and price reasonable. You can buy through online shopping of different kind of product that you wish. Like for example ladies love to shop clothes, bags, cosmetics and shoes. When I comes to shoes girls is one of the expert to know what is the best for them. I can admit that I am one of those who really admired shoes. I can spent more on shoes rather than bags. Shoes are girl girlfriends we can say. There are ladies who are inlove to collect formal shoes. Other wanted to collect boots or something reflect to their personality. Like sandals, flat shoes and the like.

Considering the season or time summer is just now approach us some wanted to enjoy jogging running shoes is the best ideas to look online they have different product of your choice.It is good to use running shoes when you are fun with jogging activities. Bring more comfort and lighter to our feet. But my friend have a collection of shoes as i observed her she buy a pair of rain boots and make it fashionable since she love to create his own style. It looks like elegant and bring fashionably to her personality.

As I remember when we are planning to got married I do searching a lot of time on the net to look what kind of shoes is the best for my especial time. I think that is normal to the ladies who are very particular to their outfit during their special moment of their life like wedding. My wedding shoes I bought is just a simple one that suited to my gown. Simple and elegant that you can save a little bit money from it is a wise things to do.