Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Story behind the Turtle

In my room at the hospital after giving birth. ( a week after)

The friend from my mother in law gave my twins a stuff toys. So my MIL brought it in the hospital because i was staying there for a long time. I was shock how big it was i did not expect how thoughtful they are to my twins. So i was delighted to took a photos-

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


While watching TV and take care for one of my twin's who are not sleeping at night. I have time to visit here in my kingdom. It's almost 12 midnight here ( Germany Time ) my eyes almost falling down and my bed calling me. But how can I Maiko is wide-awake. wahh...have a sound sleep folks... How i wish to have my goodnite,

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Experiencing the forest

Last Saturday we decided to go out with the twins directly to the forest. We be lucky and thankful because the weather is good. But the problem is there are lots of small insect flying around.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

SSS claim

After the birth of my twin i need now to prepare my papers for the maternity claim in my Social Security System. I hope i can send it as soon as when we finish all the necessary requirements by them. We are in the second step now, by husband help he brought the document for translation in english and by a notary public. There are two steps left we need to bring it in judicial court here in our place before the authentication. Before we forward it to the Philippine Embassy in Berlin for final authentication. I dont know if my procedure is right. """hopefully"""

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Three men of my life

Sorry fellow bloggers that I was not able to visit you back hope I will soon. As a new mother there are lot of priorities to be done first. Taking care of my two little angel was not simple as that. Since they are growing up there attitude changes too. Other wanted to stay in mama's arm while other cried for no reason. And most of the time they are awake at night, i cannot remember if i can sleep anymore. wahh....

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Me and Maiko Angelo
Hubby and Sebastian Phillipe- they are both tandem in sleeping.
Maiko Angelo ( in blue) and Sebastian Phillipe ( in pink) on the day of their one month old.
Still Seb and Hubby tandem in sofa singing their own music "hilik!"

Here we exchange our tandem I carry Seb while hubby carry Maiko ( coz that day Mai is behave ) lol....

Hubby and Mai---(see mai is look like not a crying boy anymore) hehe...

Here is Guys the update for my twins. Last Aug 29 they are 1 month old already I observed that they are growing. Eventhough not much but there are developments for both. As a mother it is my pleasure that I see my Jewel growing. Want to share some picture here that I called it "TANDEM" for us -hubby and I we always tandem with our twins. If I carry Maiko , hubby need to take care for Sebastian he like to be tandem with Seb because it is not difficult for him compare with Maiko. Maiko is smaller than Seb, and Maiko is our crying boy he love to stay with Mama. (obcourse)lol!

Friday, September 4, 2009

CTG- machine

Just want to share some of activities that I had in the Hospital during my confinement.
I had two times a day CTG - to monitor the heartbeat of my twins. Sometimes I got worried when the machine did not work good.

Dining Room Furniture

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Show your love through flowers

Got more flowers from a friend, Hubby and MIL.
They brought me flowers everytime when they visited me in Hospital. So my room is look like a flowers stand. hihi..

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

One night orchid

Since i was hospitalized for a long time i never observed how my plants grow. I planted okra, tomato , eggplant and kangkong, kalamansi and orchids in the pot but since hubby is soo busy and i was not around we never took good care the plant. But still they are growing not for consuming but just to satisfied my eyes . (hihihi) we have one kind of orchids that we planted these kind of orchids give 1 night flowers, meaning the flowers stay only for a nite and then it is away in the morning. I wanted to have this orchids because it is really a tropical plant.