Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas market

Last Saturday one of my Filipina friend here in Germany, also the god mother for my twins. Was invited us to attend christmas market in Oberhausen. It took one and half hours of driving from our place. We drove as conboi first we went to an asian shop and bought some items there. We found out that these asian shop offered more compare to their in Nimwegen were we visited most of the time. Hubby decided to go back there just the two of us ( we dont bring our twins) and invite our friends for our convenient shopping. We're planning to go back there before christmas to buy some for our noche buena.
Well the christmas market was lots of people going around. Also the mall was full of shoppers and as I observed more christmas decoration was hanging all over the place.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Please be silent

These photos of Seb and Maiko ( may kokok) was taken a day after their first birthday. They are tired and sleepy after the small party they created by themselves. Before we going out I see to it that they took their afterlunch nap or else. Trouble will be on the way. Having them is worth living for, I cannot ask for more. Tiring but worthfullfiling as a mother of twins. lab u kuya seb and maiko.

Mantel Clock

Winter is just around the corner. On what will be the next, it will be our favorite month December. What we had have during the month of December? Obcourse the never ending Christmas parties, exchanging gifts and more foods on the table prepared. During these time we have a wish for our families. My wish was a good health for my twins, my husband and me. Also including my family in the Philippines it is so expensive to be sick. Aside from these unmaterial things we have an material wish for ourselves. As we go around inside the mall I saw one thing there that I wish I have one for christmas. It was a clock but not an ordinary one, a mantel clocks that suit in our living room. Somehow it could be a good decoration as well. My mother in law have one on this kind of clock. Nice one she put it hanging on the wall in one corner of her apartment. One of my twins is so amazed when the old clock make a tic tac. He's smile cant pay, maybe he wondering where the tic tac comes. That is the one of the reason why I wish for one of these kind.

Looking for a web hosting site

As I mentioned for a past few days writing here in my blog. I had an eagerness to return to my writing here again sometime. Though time for me was complicated to had enough on it. Try my luck to put in order as like before. Was confusing to buy a web hosting site again. As you see I don't renew my domain to my old hosting site, for an obvious reason. I am not an active blogger. Through asking suggestions from my blogger friend. They told me or suggest about a new affordable web hosting today that offer in the net. As their suggestion I believe them about it. Why not trying , there is no harm for that. Really true if your blog has own domain under the web hosting it is ahead compare to the free hosting site. Well we will see and wish me more luck for the ending of this year. Could be nice to be one of the subcriber if time comes. I can blog more and grab more opportunities by then. Hope to find a suitable to my budget and need a trusting one. Hassle free obcourse and can handle by myself. Because I already encountered some problem behind it that sometimes behind your control.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Adrenaline for blogging

After visiting my facebook and checking the mails have the urges to write something here. Maiko is sitting in my lap while Seb is still taking his afterlunch nap. I hope to continue my writing here from time to time to keep it updated. Posting some photos of our activities especially the activities of my twins.Wish me luck for more topics to write. See you again!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

How can I start again

Planning to go back in my blogging world but I dont have any ideas what to write and what to do. Well I am now on the stage of eagerness but no time for all. Meaning Busy to the max aside from compiled ideas stock on my mind. Hard to find time for my extra curricular activities as they said. Hoping to have extra time for myself soon.