Friday, February 26, 2010

Good Vision 20/20

My parents always remind us to eat vegetables for our health and good for the eyes. They always told us the children who dont eat vegetables can be blind or the doctor come and give an injection. Im be the one who are hard headed to follow the rules of my parent's to eat the vegetables who are available in our backyard one of these was an squash. I really hated this kind of vegetables before but since I believe to my parenats saying not to be blind I forced myself to ate it.
Last month when I called them they told me that their old eye glasses is no longer suited to their vesion. So I promise to them to give extra money just to pay their updated eye glasses. That time I was reminded them the story that they shared to us before. And I need to mention too to them to eat their vegetables. lol.
After a week my sister sent me an sms informing to call my parent asap. I called them and my father told me that they need an eye operation. Each of them has cataract right eye for my mother and left eye for him. My father mention that the Doctor advised them to undergo operation before the cataract damages their eyes. And after the operation they need to have the updated eye glasses. I hope they had have the successful OP.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sun - shade

Taken in our bedroom window..
It's nice to see the ground covered by snow in the morning.

Let me share to you my sun - shades ideas... Have these ideas because when I woke up I saw the sunrays instantly. Which is so seldom during winter time.

Web Hosting Reviews Site

It's been a while that I had a blogs to maintain. Honestly it is difficult to maintain a blog. I salute those bloggers who have more than one blog. They write too much and share so much through their writing. They gave updates of their daily routine and family as well. Since I am a new mother of twins I had less time to update my site. It could be sometimes when I got a chance and I have a good topic then I keep it into writing here. My first blog was converted into domain and second blog as well . But now since I was not active into blogging I let the domain expired and let the free site run. I was thinking again to go back into domain probably it is good if I can do it through ecommerce hosting having a blog under own domain will be better than a free one. (just my idea) I hope I can do it soon. I try my very best again to be active here to keep my friends updated about us through blogging and visiting their site as well. I relly miss those days that I only focused visiting other bloggers sites.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentines to all

A message from my bestfriend...
THANKS SO MUCH BESSY UNEXPECTED ITO HA:::: Happy puso too to you hope you got ur in behalf soon....

My dear Bessy Fe,

Am praying all the best for you and your family. Thanks Bessy for being such a very nice bestfriend. I miss you. Take care and God bless.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Glass & Jewelry Showcases

Valentine will be on the next Sunday did anyone of you has a plan for a celebration? Obcourse all of us wanted to enjoy this special event of cupids day. Mostly lovers are the great celebrants for this day. Couples and group of friends, families also celebrate the event. Generally restaurant will be the busiest place for the occassion. Some make picnic, hiking or going to a disco or just chatting to with the friends. Some of my friends asked me where we celebrated our valentines. I told them that as this time we dont have idea yet. But hubby told me if I wanted to go to eat out in a new chinese restaurant here in our place. Another offer from my hubby was to go around looking for some places that look romantic. I hope the weather become better not too much snow so that all the people will enjoy thier date. For sure our partner will give us a give hubby usually give me 3 red roses but now I reminded him instead or red I love white. Or he can buy the blue pendant that I saw in Jewelry Showcases there in the mall that fit to my silver necklace. I hesitate to buy it before because I know that it only stock in my jewelry box. Now I eager to have it because I saw the silver ring that he gave me before that can be pair to it.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Phone Cards and Calling Cards

Leaving a family is not easy task for us. When I traveled going here in Germany I asked myself that i am ready to face my new life in other places?My husband is very supportive he told me that I dont need to worry because he is always there beside me anything happen. He promised also to visit back in PI after 2 years which we did last 2008. He told me that he understand me that I am now far away home. Missing my family, friend and relatives is not easy. Im so thankful that through telephone I can enjoy talking my family and some of my friends. I used my husband handy to call my parents. But some of my friends advise me to use calling cards it is cheaper compare to the handy. They said that you can choice what amount you want to buy and how many minutes it takes. Which I tried one time. It is really helpful for those people living away from the family. We need a contact to them in order to have an updates it is look like that we are there. Im be thankful that god give me a very supportive husband and loving one. He is the one who provide me all I cant ask more.

Sebastian Sunbathing

Winter time is a sad time for me i really miss the sun back in PI. That everyday you can see the sunrise in the morning and the sunset in the afternoon. This morning when I feed Seb the sun is out and i tried my best that seb can enjoy the sunrays.

Photography Logos

Sunset during winter...

During our twins baptismal we brought our camera but due to busy time we forgot to shoot some memorable events. We are thankful that one of our friend are there he is the one took the pictures and my husband brother is the one covered the video. And he forwarded to us after , avery interesting photos that my twins can treasured if they are old enough. Who dont like photos maybe all of us love to take photos. Photography is one of my favorite past time. I love to took some scenery in the nature that conquer my interest. I love also to shot some events in my twins daily activities. As we said that we never bring back the past we need to captured all the moments in our life. Through photography we can document all the events that really a treasure our daily moment. I admired those professional people that really devote their time about photography like Photography Logos they have their nice shot that you really admired of. How I wish I can take also a wonderful shot next time. And compfile it as my collection that I can recall all those time that my life will pass through.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Find Duplicate files

I feel bad when our old CPU destroyed by the virus. My husband purchased a new one but in our dismayed some other program was not installed. In order to answer the problem need to go to computer shop to inform them. Sad to say that their answer was negative. They say that the installation of other program was another payment. Oh boy it is a good service? So my husband contacted his practicum I.T student were he worked in my husband department. Thanks god that he install other program here in our new CPU. I feel sad that all of our old pictures from the day that I arrived here in Germany until to the latest one is there in our old CPU. And it is not transferred to the new one. I miss all my memorable pictures like our vacation in Norway, vacation in PI 2008 and our class photo during my German language class and much more. I miss all those photos...I learn a lesson from this experience by next time I need to make sure to have how to find duplicate files and a duplicate files itself. Now I see to it that my present photos are still save and not lost anymore.

With diapers

Im maiko
Im Seb....

I enjoy seeing this photos of my twins while they are wearing there diapers. They know how to smile if I tried them to took a picture. They sense that they need to smile before I click and click my camera.