Friday, December 17, 2010

HS yr book

My classmate in High School TAG us a copy of our Yr book in High School. Wheeew... it is funny for all of us. More comments and joke we writing there. Because of Facebook, I also learn that our former high school classmate is already (RIP). She is one of my close friend during that time. We rode in the bus together and make joke to together. She always told me that she be hungry. And her tummy is aching. Maybe that was the sign that she be sicked. She died in Ulcer according to them who attended the burial.


Holidays is just around the corner. Though weather is not friendly for us, as of now we experience heavy snow. All over the country was snowy obcourse the highway is block with the traffic. My mother in law arrived today and she said that the train was too late due to the bad weather. They told us about their holidays in hamburg how they spent it with her sister. It is nice to have an holiday together with your loveones. My husband speak to me about our holidays next year. He told me that he wanted to expend his 50th birthday in the PI. Ohh, I think its a good idea but I dont know if the travel is good for my twins. Anyway we have a little bit time to decide about that. If not it is better to suggest to have an extra especial villa holidays, yes this is a good idea. How nice to spend the especial occassion only with your family. Experencing some luxury holidays can never been paid. It is like you enjoy the life of being a millionaire though we dont have a millions in our pocket. lol..

Sunday, December 12, 2010


To become sick nowadays is a total loss of family budget. Good things is if the family has health insurance. Like here we had our family health insurance where the work giver of my hubby pays on it. But as my partner told me that our family insurance become higher next year. It is a another burden for our budget. Small cents count big for budgeting our expenses. The good thing to have an insurance you are secure anything happen to you or to your family. My twins has their vitamins for the teeth and bones they will take it until they are reach 2 yrs old. It is free we dont pay anything it was covered by our insurance. I see to it that I gave to them everyday.
As I mentioned to my last post that my back is painful when the weather is cold. My husband told me that it is better to see the specialist to the bones. He mean that having a prescription from the specialist is the right decission. Compare to another Doctor opinions. Physician San Antonio is a medical specialist about the bone. It is better to see the right medical person than to other. Maybe these was the sign of being old the bones become weak. Lots of muscles become aching. While our age become bigger, well we can't stop the time we cannot return the past.
We need to be ready every person become older. Prepareness is better than we regret in the future.

Family Lawyer

Howdy guys and gals? our day were over we had enjoyed our party last nigth from a family friend. Chit-chatting from a kababayan is sometimes your homesick become lessen. We had different topic last night from funny to serious one. Though it was a serious time laughing is still there. That was we called sense of humor, that mostly our kababayan has. I love to laugh and listen to what they share, sharing some experience from myth to truth are amazing. You can see yourself in the situation sometimes and thinking what if it could happen to you. How did you handle the situation?. Yeah we cannot say our future , the unexpecting problem arrived in the family. I am thankful to God that he don't give us a worst one. But anybody can experienced one right? getting to the deeper problem you need a help from the professional one. In order to solve and talk the problem. There are a law that we need to follow. Though I dont want to experience talking to an authority or an attorney. But just in case you had have a problem regarding law and order for a family Family Law Lawyer Austin TX is one of the group of lawyers that you can ask help. A professional group that help us regarding legal matters.

Pain Killer

Time flies too past, last week our weather is terrible there are lots of snow and ice on the street. And now from minus 7 to 5 degree celcius changing, wow nice one to have a little bit pause for the cold one. Speaking about the weather as I observed myself during winter time and continues colder. My back is painful and I ask our doctor regarding these she told that was muscle pain. She recommend a pain killer to me but after an hour the pain come back again. I got afraid to take different medication without prescription, because I know I had an allergy for different medicine. Suffering from an allergy is a different story from me, I don't like that my allergy trigger again. Good to hear about there is a medication from the nature that we can take without Doctor prescription. Though we need to be aware anything that we take inside our body. How about like Suboxone Withdrawal maybe reading about what kind of medicine we need is also a big information for us. Yes, I agree that being sick is sometimes annoying for us. Aside from expenses, our worries are still there. There are saying that prevention is better than cure.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

A promise is a promise

End of November we went to Dortmond to visit the Mineral exhibit there. Where one of my husband hobby is collecting different stone and mineral. Talking about the reasons why we flew there, because I want to buy something for my bestfriend. She is successful for her career but opposite to her lovelife. Perhaps the man of her life is waiting at the end of the day. Now, that she be ready to face the end of her singleness.
For her wedding, as I promise before that on that time I buy her a set of pearl to wear to her special day. Well promise is a promise, she is now ready to got marry. lol But Im be ready also for my promise. She is my best friend a classmate in Grade school and we are separated for a long time. We don't have a communication until we found our way in college. She be graduated that time and Im be in First year college. We understand each other and we treat ourselves as a sisters. Though we dont have an extra communication but still she can continue the lyrics of my/our music. "whose holding donna now"? lol. IM happy for you bes....


How's everyone out there? this evening we attended a 50th birthday of our family friend. He is also married to a filipina, were they are good friend for us. We enjoy chit-chat while eating sumptous food that prepared by a couple. Where they prepare two different delicacies - Filipino food and a German food. We the filipina wifey setting and enjoy our food while chit-chating to each other. While eating our food one of our friend bring out the dessert and said, be careful to eat these kind of food. A pinoy delicacies made of glutinous rice flour and coconut milk. And we asking her why? she replied that if your teeth is not strong enough, it can be stick to the food because of its sticky texture. Well most of our teeth were all okey so we enjoy the said dessert. Sorry for those who have a denture teeth. I can tell now how lucky to have a good pair of teeth though, it is not complete but it was strong and healthy enough. We need to take care our teeth to give a visit to our dentist every 6 months. Where I did, see to it for cleaning and checking. Having a clean and strong teeth is a good saving for us. Thinking that how much is the cost for denture. But if you be wise and had an extra money to give a extra care and support for the good looking teeth you can visit Invisalign Austin TX. Like my hubby went to a dentist last week and back yesterday for a follow up check up. The dentist advised him to have a filling his teeth who had a whole. After that hubby need to wait 3 hours not to eat. Good enough for him to had a diet at the sametime.

Friday, December 10, 2010


I grow up in a tropical country were I missed every winter time. I cannot handle the cold weather here in Europe. I feel like freezing and my ears like tearing out. For to going out I need to clothes myself thick and heavy were it is not easy to handle with. My foot become frozen and my hand become numb. Oh winter your so cold as freezer. lol.
To become warm I just only imagining where I come from. Enjoying the sunrise in the morning and sun set obcourse in the afternoon. During summertime here I did not miss my birthplace. Because We have also the same weather as there. Some people go bathing and lying under the sun to become warm. As we also enjoy together with the twins in the lake. Where Seb and Maiko like to stay in the water though they are months old that time. We also bought our ventalitor to used when our apartment is like an oven. For the time like we need a services for ventilation Central Heating Austin is the best one to contact with. Having a connection about central heating in our house is a big factor for our family.

Christmas Tree

Every year we bought our real christmas tree. This year I suggest to my partner that we try to buy a plastic christmas tree. He replied that plastic christmas tree has no sense at all for christmas. Tradition to tradition might be the essence for the plastic and real christmas tree. Well for me not a christmas tree, not the gift but the celebration of christmas was the most important one. How we celebrate it by our selve and our family.
Anyhow we had again a real christmas tree as a German tradition, they dont like a plastic one. We placed it in terrace so that the twins dont make any trouble with it. As they go to the kitchen and climbing in our sofa in the living room they saw their tree. With a blue light were Sebastian fascinated with. Every night that I switch on bulb the twin's make noise as they are happy as they are . Merry Christmas in advance to all of you out there.!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Last week as I mentioned to my last blog we went to Frankfurt to renew my passport. We just drove there together with the twins and my mother in law. That day our weather was so bad. Almost the whole Europe experiencing snow and it was like a typhoon. Beforehand my husband ordered the winter tire and we expecting it to arrive and replaced the summer tire we had. For some reason the winter tire was late on arrival the day we expected it. And when it arrived the size from the said tire was not suited to our car. Well not all the time we have luck sometimes we need to extend our patience when time goes wrong. At the end of the day our winter tire is here and ready for driving. No worries anymore for the winter when we driving again far away. Back to my story about renewing well it goes smooth and take long process for us just to look for a photo studio and photocopiers it took us 30 minutes to walk just to find out where it was. That the reason why our twins are in terrible mood during that day. They experienced the cold weather and almost frozen at all.

Holiday parks

Holidays was here again what was the good gift for your husband or wife or a family as a whole. Last night I made a joke to my husband and asking my gift from santa claus. Since December 6 was a nikolaus tag or santa claus day. Every parent need to gift something to their children, whatever it is. It could be sweet things or anything, that their children has a surprise gift from them. My twins recieved from their grandma a winter clothings and a shirt. It was nice to have a small children because through them you feel 100% the christmas. They say that without children the christmas is drought. Anyway like now that our holidays was there our family has a small gathering again. Exchanging gifts, parties and obcourse the food always ready. If the family thinking about how to prepare without hazzle Hoseasons Self Catering Holidays was a good idea to contact with. I think those tiredness from us after the party was gone if we be wise to organize our parties. Aside from hazzle free from us it could be economical to our budget. Some of my friends here also suggest me about how to be wise to organize a gathering I think I can take their advises.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Norwegian and Deutsch Friendship club party

Last Saturday we attended again the party of our Norwegian and German friendship club. Most of the member are retired person a friendly and a professional one. We ate very good as the group prepared a traditional Norwegian food. Obcourse one of this is the reender meat, I tried a small sliced on it it's good but I prefer to eat the pork with honey glazed. After the dinner we had a raffle where you can buy a stab for 1 euro each. We bought 20 and luckily we won 3 things, first was the tea candle, second was the yogurt spoon. And the last one was the amethyst necklace made of silver. After our chit-chat we proceed home while we need to drive slowly because the snow was continuesly pour out.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

I need to help mama

Nice feeling to the parent that our children involved in our house choirs . Like my son Seb he never be absent in the place where I am. He tried his best to have something to do as my reflection. If I were in the kitchen he had also a spoon and a bowl for doing his choirs. When I vacum he grab also the cord and hold it the way I did. Maiko has a different interest but still he wanted to join us. I love the way they participated me, super kulit but I am happy.

Friday, December 3, 2010

At last

Last Thursday was our tour to Frankfurt to renew my Passport to be ended on February 2011. As were on the way the snow pour out and the street are busy. I got worried to for twins because it was a little bit far driving to them. It took 3 hrs driving from our place. We arrived there safe and sound we go first for the first address of the Philippine consulate were we know. Sorry to say that on that address the consulate was not there anymore. They relocated in another address already, so we need to drive again to the said new address. We found it right through the help of Navigator. Finally been there to the office asking for the renewal of my passport. The officer told me what was the requirements. Looking again to have my Passport photo and photocopy of my old passport. Whew....having with my twins together walking in the ice was terrible for us. The twins cried to much at no end till we reach the consulate back again. Better that the employees was friendly and understand the tempermental of the babies.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Soooo Cold

Winter is here also the cold weather obcourse was here. We experienced snow the other day and today. And even tomorow they still snowy. We drive going to Frankfurt tomorow to renew my passport. Thanks from my pinay friend here she told me an advise what to do. It's a good to have somebody to help you rather than you make an hocus focus (confusing) right?. I am thankful for those friend of mine who dearly gave an advise or suggest things for me. It was a blessing! I hope I can return it back to them when they need my help in the future...No one is in an island. We need each other's help either today or tomorow or maybe in the future. Would like to thank you all my friend out there who grant me help, suggestion and care.