Friday, February 24, 2012

It's weekend

It's weekend again same routine and same job as well. Same duties and responsibilities to my twins and hubby. My life is like a circle turning in one direction. Anyway i am lucky to have my life and my family. Took good care for them is my choice and opportunity. Last weekend we visited a friend of mind we just dropby make a chit-chat and goodbye. Sad thing was Sebastian brought her house key where hubby need to drive back to them. Unfortunately the couple was not there they going out too. So hubby drop off the key into their mail box. Next morning Sebastian got a fever for no reason and reached 40 c. I gave him a paracetamol but the fever dont get down. We decided to call the "notdients" it is like an emergency. Because it was on sunday no pedia was open that day. Parenting is not easy as one two three...there was an equivalent responsibilities lies on it.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Office furniture

Yesterday carneval festival was celebrated here in our town. Since my hubby working in the city hall office. He had halfday working time, the rest for the day was a family day. We watched some carneval parade as obvious activities like fews years back. During our stay in the market we had time to go inside in my hubby's office. As I noticed the work he has is not joke like billing and booking. I learned a little bit about accounting but it is not for me. You need patience for these kind of work. Anyhow a second observation was the furniture he had inside his office the file cabinet. European furniture has own style like office furniture uk is different from the office furniture where I working before. From texture to color and presentation itself.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines

While opening my facebook account I read notes and saw some sweet photos about valentines greetings. To all happy valentine's day to us , let us celebrate our love to each other. While we are still here on earth we grab the opportunity to share what we had. Life is too short to do all things here on earth. Time will come and we never noticed that we need to say goodbye to our beloved. Anyway hubby told me to go out later for our date. The same venue as our tradition we leave the kids to oma and the two of us go to chinese restaurant near our place. Sad to say that we dont had a Korean restaurant here. Happy hearts day to all! Enjoy our date!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The birthday cake I made

This photos was taken last July the second birhtday of my twins.-Maiko and Sebastian. I baked for the first time as a birthday cake for them. Though the color is not match to the celebrant. Then Oma made also a cake for them with a wooden toys train. Where Sebastian cried before they blow the candle. Seb wanted to have all the wooden toys train. While Maiko is just simple to smile and try to keep knock out the light. Sorry folks for the late we always said better late than never.Agree?!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


We bought 7 kilos of potatos last friday when we are there in grocery. Looking for the right kind of potato for different kind of cooking is also a nice ideas to know. I love the one that yellowish in color it is the best for grated fried potatos and for potato salad. The white structure is good for mash potato as my mother in law word. Whatever anything that good for stomach will be okey. Let us eat my potato puffe.. that was our dinner for tonight with sugar on top. Drink hot tea with honey and hunger was solve!