Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Another creation of mine

Last year we bought curtain textile from PI for our windows i made it by my own. So that im be busy for a while. Sewing is another hobby of mine eventhough it is not too perfect but i enjoyed doing it.

I cutted , i sewed and give more patience to
Here is the finish product.

Redline Tickets

When we say activities in Broadway this could be a big event or a great show to be perform by a famous actor or actresses. There are many people who wanted to see a live concert or sports. But having too much people around we need to buy our tickets earlier or we need to make a ticket reservations for the said show. If you are planning to watch concert , sport and theater or any kind of activities in Broadway. You can purchase broadway tickets earlier through redline they offered tickets for Concert , Sport tickets and Theater tickets. There service is guaraanteed coast to coast. They accept major credit card to purchased the said tickets.

Gals Tag

Ate ces of Small and Simple Things
shared with me this tag! Im so glad that im belong to her Buddy Blog GALs! Thanks a lot ate ces.

She write to her blog that there is no rules in this Buddy award, so i just wanted to impart this to all my buddies here in Blogging Atmosphere.
clarissa of Kizuna

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I enjoy now our internet connection because on thursday the Telecom company change our line going to our new apartment. We also planning to change our landline numbers. I hope the t-company works faster or else almost a month im be off and lost my blogging life.

Limousine Rides

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


My husband make a sexy pose ...hihihi
Me againts the orange
Here are some of the pose in our new apartment. Just for sharing Gals....
I played to much tonight in the computer that is why i feel dizzy and too tired tonight. I do some blog hopping too. Hope to make a blog tomorrow again. Guten nacht! Bis Morgen!

Free $10 Gift Certificate

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Bali Huts

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Money , Money , Money

The famous song by ABBA money , money give you honey!....
How i wish i have enough money to help my family and somebody that needs important help.
They say money is a root of evil, but we can't denie we need it most of the time. We called it reality!!!

National Phone Listings

Did you encountered unknown callers that give you a ring every time? I can say yes on my part most of the time I stay at home and as I observed there are lots of crank callers try to called us and i dont know them. My husband irritated when somebody always call us and dont have any idea about the callers. Even at the middle of the night you are in deep sleep then the phone rang and you don't know the numbers who called you. This kind of problem worried you too it might be an emergency call from the family or a friend. And you wondering who is that person called you. How can we detect the numbers to learn who and where is from they are calling. Through this site can help us National Phone Listings because we can easily detect the numbers who called your number. This is one of the reliable source of getting an information about an unknown phone number that has called you. All you have to do enter the phone number in the search box used by the crank callers. And you get detailed information, location of the call where they came from. Whether the unknown callers used a landline, business line or a handy phone. We obtain also the owner's name and address. Try to search now and get your results in the seconds.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Our pets

Deciding to have an aquirium is a nice idea from us. My husband really love fish one of his hubbies is fishing. So he love the fish much more than the other animals. He enjoyed to feed the fish every evening, it so cute and lovely to our fish also. Because when the time goes turn into 10 pm they are in there in the corner waiting for their foods. It is very relaxable and sometimes I was eager to talk to them but sorry to say that they don't answer me back lol!!!!! I give names to some as their identification.

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My emails to my Hubby

Since we meet online through meetic site, my husband print the email that i sent to him. I notice it when i keep all the records and files in one cabinet. I asked him what is this heavy papers under the old files. He told me that was my email to him because he printed it everyday as an evidence that he love me so much....wahh lol!!!. Here is the photos of an email evidence hehe.

Wheelchair Chat City

Are you hopeless and looking to somebody to talk too?. There are site that created special to the people who are sitting in a wheelchair. Giving hope to them that they are normal persons too. This site handicapped chat is giving a new hope to all the hopeless and lonely handicapped. Imagine ourself if we are one of those person sitting in a wheelchair and nobody can talk to us and we are far from others. The feeling is devastated for a those person. But here is the answer the free online registration for a handicapped person. There are tons of wheelchair people around the world who come together to meet and chat in these site for free. Get on your cam and let thousands of chatters online see and meet you. It is 100% free registration do sign up now and don't let the day passingby not to meet others and communicate with them. Meeting somebody online is like the avenue of your new life. Sharing ideas and opinions are great and important for us. Because you learn it from them their ideas is different from you. Chatting is the new way to meet someone that have the same interest with us. Through the new technology chatting is created as an effective way of communications.

Boys will be Boys

It's hard for me to see my husband cleaning the peebles of our pumps aquirium. He do it differently compare to my style. He clean it one by one imagine thousands of pcs of peebles cleaning 1 by 1. lol. So i teach him how to do it. I told him that if he you can put it in the basin and put water then rub it together. Maybe it could be faster than his method hehe... Anyway that was his style different to mine.

Las Vegas shows

German folks are known as travellers, as a matter of fact they save money that they spend for it. Their savings is only for vacations where ever they wanted to spend their holidays. I observed how they prepare the said trip. Early spring there are lot's of travel agency offering different places and discount to different tours. My husband almost travels around the world excluding USA that is why he wanted to visit America in the future. But our question was where in America, America is a big country. One idea for us is Las Vegas where you can find different entertainment. From casinos, travel tour and more. One of these is a live show a Blue Man Group Tickets this is one of the shows offered in Las Vegas. It is a cultural phenomenon that has been taking audiences by storm since 1998. The group Blue Man bring their high-energy and lively Las Vegas show to the stage two shows a night. When you book your ticket you will be assigned the best seats available in general section. You can book and confirm your ticket through online and sent you confirmation through your email. The said confirmation is final meaning you cannot cancel or refund the said reservation. Watching live shows is something unique experiences to us. You feel the lively performance of the performer which bring the shows interesting output.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Registry Cleaner Review Website

I am irritable when our computer run to slow and during the time when I downloaded some files and it doesn't work. What i did wah asking some of my friend who knows more about computer they advise me to clean the files and make a defragmentation. That is why Im searching about it and I found one this is the registry cleaner that help me about my computer problem. They have installed dozens tested registry cleaners that are available today in the market. Out of the dozens they select only three, these are the Paretologic Regcure is the editors pick because it is easy to detect and automatically fix more errors than other registry cleaner. Registry Easy it detect 2-3% less error than Regcure and support wider range of operating system. And the Registry fix is also one of the top registry cleaner it fixes more than 98% and automatically restores PC into normal one. The goodnews was you can download it for free.

A Gift

Me and my husband are so happy to learn about the gift to our expecting twins, to our families and friend out there who are happy and share their blessings to us. Last week my mother in law and her sister from Hamburg before they fly going to Spain for their vacation they gave us a card with money welcoming us to our new home and to our twins.
A card with money from my mother in law and her sister from Hamburg.

And our friend my "kumare" in korea madi rose and family sent us a package with different baby things inside including the mommies lotion, for pregnant. THANK YOU for sharing your blessing to us. Hope we can do it back in the future.
A package from korea with love! lol

Home Improvement Ideas

I observed most people do something to their house specially when the weather is good. Now that the summertime is just around the corner people are planning to improve their house. Like painting, gardenings, kitchen renovations and more. Since we are moving to another new apartment we are now looking about Home Improvement Ideas that we knew they can give us more tips on how to improve our home. From Decoration to patio's, Gardening, Storage style and more. I am pretty sure that this is a good help for us who are willing to remodel and add good ambiance to our home.

Capezio Dance

Dancing is also a way how to express our self, like Ballet, Tango, and many more. There are also a group of dancers represent their countries where they wear a costume from their own nationality. But some children enjoyed to play ballet and summertime is just around the corner that is why they have plenty of time to spend their hobbies like dancing. If you are looking for a costume for dancing dancewear are there for you. It is good to wear a costume clothing's and footwear especially in dancing for the reasons that it is more comfortable and you can move gracefully. From body wear to footwear and accessories they have it and you can find to their online store. They have right now the Capezio Brands clearance which is up to 90% off. You can order it through their online shop and select the costume that you want.


You want some walnuts? This is fresh from the garden of my late father in law. He gave me this when he is still living. But since he is RIP, the garden is away my mother in law return it to the church they just rent the garden for almost 35 yrs.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fashion debut - Ready to wear Luxury Shoes

Are you ooking for a ready to wear luxury shoes that you can use in your special days of occasion? If yes Kameil Shoes is one of the best kind of luxury shoes they offer high quality of shoes. Their product is from Italy made with best craftsmanship and design with pretty concept. They have the best selections of different kinds of designed shoes. If you are interested to see their different designs of shoes please do visit their site. Or you can join them in their facebook account that brings to you to their luxury offered online products with new exciting fashion.

Old Apartment

Countdown for leaving our old apartment. Wanted to share some pictures that i took for some remembrance.
Stairs to second floor.

Our living room.

Our kitchen.

This house is more than 100 years old and made of all woods. Specially the attic which i hang all our clothes after washing. For sure i miss this house which is i feel it right now.

My Fragrance Room

Are you looking for a birhtday or anniversary gift for your wife or husband? If so perfume and cosmetics are the best ideas gift to her or him. Ladies like me love to receive cosmetics and perfumes especially if these things are the gift from my husband. As a wife I can do the same to my husband to give him a lovely scented perfumes. We dont deny that perfume are a little bit expensive but through Discount Perfumes you can beat the prices of one in your favourite designer name perfumes. They have gifts under $25 and $50, and 50% off specials clearance sales.
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Monday, April 20, 2009

Word's Sharing

When im looking for my Deutsch CD tonight in the file organizer i came along with these. I printed it for a long time cause i love what was written in here.
Comparison is a sympathetic awareness of another distress combined with desire to alleviate it. Kindness and caring are shown. Recognize and express appreciation for other's talents and skills. Look person directly in the eyes when they speak. Be nice to people on your way up because you'll meet them on your way down. Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can read. It is something for me that bring my daily journey in life. Which touched my heart and soul. Just for sharing to all of you GALS!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Bingo night

Once a month my husband reserved a table for us in Bingo. We did it for almost one and half year we enjoyed to join the group of people. We take also our dinner there and after that we proceed to play the Bingo. Sometimes we win the prizes sometimes not, Im not after the prizes but I am after for fun and relaxation.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Glass Tile

The weather is nice this afternoon that is why we go around in the market and eat our favorite ice cream. After that we went to department store and look for some stuffs that we use as decoration in our center table. We find the Glass Tile which is nice to decorate it inside your home and beautifully eye catchers.

Hakot Awards

RIZZA of KIZUNA and ROSE of Etcetera Etcetera
gave me this bunch of awards (Hakot awards). Thank you very much for both of you to include my name and remembering me as well.
Please visit thier blog and enjoy reading their post. Where rizza enjoying her life with her family in Japan and rose enjoying too her family in Korea. (sarap ng sushi and kimchi)

It's made specially for all the blogs spreading kawaii-ness!!

Kawaii-ness is all about loving all things kawaii, being kawaii ourself and definitely being able to add kawaii-ness in everything, its all in our creativity!!
- Good.Girl

The simple rules that go with it are:
1. Put the logo on his/her kawaii blog.
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7. Have Fun!!

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The Blogger Award

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I am sharing this awards to all the wonderful friend-bloggers here in my list and to all the bloggers listed in my links....feel free to grab my friends!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Phone Cards

Living far away from our family is a little bit harder. Specially when we have a close family ties. Communication is the best things to practice on how to subsides our loneliness to them. We need to contact our parents just to know how they are going. And at the sametime to inform them that we are in good conditions too. When we have our gatherings here in Germany with my Filipina friends they share there ideas how to use Phone Cards to save money via International long distance. All of us listen to what our friends talking and all of us be interested to it. Like for me i tried my best to call my parents once a month for almost one hour talking through post paid handy account of my husband. I cannot deny that it cost money and you cannot limit your budget. That is why i tried to buy Prepaid Phone Card so that i can limit my call and i can limit my budget for calling. Every cents that we can save through international calling is a big factor to our family budget. Looking for a Calling Cards can help us to do savings. They have offering different calling destinations and they offer minimal rate per minute.

Calling Cards

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Project Management Templates

Are you looking for templates for your new project as a manager. PMBOK Templates offering based on PMBOK templates standard. Using these templates are very comprehensive and thorough for the other project manager. It is used with very little editing or highly customized for the organization it depends to your project management needs.

Theron Burraway and THG Worldwide

Do you have an idea about Theron Burraway? I love to read stories of people who have success in life. It gave me inspiration and will to struggle just to achieve success.
As i come along I am so interested why Theron Burraway is a man of success. I learn another thing from him from his education, work experience and activities that he enjoy. He got 'O' levels in English language and literature. Mathematics and Advanced Mathematics. French , History, Social Sciences and the like . He had 'A' in Mathematics , Biology , Business studies and Economics.
He started as trainee manager in Keith Prouse Hospitality Ltd. Which covered in all aspects of hospitality industry. After that as a trainee he become a Sales Manager Uk in the Hospitality Group Ltd which is part of the marcus evans Group. As part of his job being a Sales Manager he manage the English Festival of Opera and Ballet. Also the activity of Royal Festival held in Royal festival hall. He hired the venues and performers, selling sponsorship and events and the like.
As i read information about THG Worldwide I learned about Theron Burraway he is a CEO for almost 20 years in a corporate hospitality industry in Marcus Evans Group in UK. Through his leadership Marcus Evans Group has an income of $300 million worldwide leader in providing events like conferences , corportate hospitality programs around the world.
He served also as member of the director to waterside school stamford. This school provide education only for those children in low income. He is also a member of Indian Yatch Club and the Tamarack Country Club.
It is amazing to learn about the people who are very successful in carreer.

Lucky Charm

As i packed the things that we need to bring to our new apartment i focus to my coins and little statue of Buddha. I put rice under that coins and Buddha, this is my lucky charm since i was here in Germany every new years i add rice and coins to it. There nothing wrong it think to believe in lucky charm. Who knows i win in lottery soon lol!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Our Easter Activity

Mother in law invite us to eat in the chinese restaurant for our easter celebration. We enjoy our meals since it was buffet. After our lunch we go home and fetch all the things that we need to transfer to our new apartment. At 3 pm we enjoy again our cake and coffee which is famous here in Germany. My mother in law gave me a gift for easter and she told me to open it while we enjoying our pause.
She gave me the very first baby things gift we recieved, which is 4 pcs of socks and two pcs of baby clothes.
Hubby also enjoyed the said gift. After our coffee break we continue our never ending work until 6 pm.
We need to stop so that we can attend the invitation of Maricel one of my Filipina friend. She offered us barbeque pinoy food obcourse and German grilled wurst. Thanks Cel!

Awesome Plumbing website

As i blog the other day, we are now transfering to our new apartment. Before we decided to take this unit we need to check it first the function of the drainage. Specially our unit located at the third floor of the building. My husband see to it that the shower, bath tub , toilette . I see to it also that the kitchen drainage was okay and not prone to clog. This is not the only problem we might be encounter in the future, That is why we see to it that the ventilation of the unit was also good. But if the problem like these persist we dont need to worry while Glendale plumber is there for us which they offer full quality services like Plumbing, Heating and Airconditioning. Have maintain the drug free workplace and their factory technicians was trained just to qualified and suited for the said work with safely and effectively. They work faster with quality result and leave their work place clean. To make sure you are satified with their work the quality control department will follow -up the said job within an hour before the said technician leave their work place. Either these place is in Residential, Commercial and Industrial Plumbing. They charge not by an hour but for a job they offer so you can save more money.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Senior Chat City

They say the hardest part in life is when you are in senior stage. Maybe because you be alone at home and your children have their own family. If you be really alone and lonely looking to somebody to talk too why not give a try to register in Senior Chat Room. This site is there for you and offer their services for free membership. You can chat with different kinds of people around the world and share your ideas to them. Remember that your not alone in this world there are also people longing to somebody to talk with . Why not try to sign up and enjoy their free services. It is easy to join the site cause it is 100% free site and enjoy instantly chatting or talking to somebody that waiting for you. Do broadcast yourself through webcam and show to thousand of people talk or chat with while you enjoying your cam. Chatting is now the modern way of communication on how to find a friend online. It is not to late to experience the wonderful exploration on the net to meet different culture and share different ideas. Im pretty sure you enjoy the friendship that you find here offered by Senior Chat City.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Blogger award

This award was given to me by my new friend here in blogosphere, meryl.
Thanks so much again meryl.....

Now, I will pass this trophy to ... to rose-obstacles and glories, malou-thejourneywithu,madz-babyblog,, chelle- my life in italy, ateces- kenyonville, chook-mindersquill, chuchie- chuchiehideaway , Janyen- heavenly delight. and forALL of you gals feel free to grab this. All of you deserved this........Its my pleasure to see it in your blog!!!

Log Furniture

I dream and wanted to have one of the products from log furniture to sorround myself with nature from colorado mountains. As we visited Norway for a 15 days vacation we rent a vacation house. I observed that most Norwegian houses are made of wood from nature. I really amazed from it, aside from that my husband is fond with massive wood furniture. He said that having a wood furniture maid from the natural wood is a big investment in the future. Maybe for the reason that their are seldom furniture store offered a products like these. As i visited the site i look the different design of the log furniture i like most the 5 pieces Rustic Queen Bedroom Set. They have complete side tables , drawers in nature form of wood. I agree that furniture maid in real wood are fresh in room and have lasting quality.

Good Friday -Kevelear

We visited today the church near in our place (kevelear) to offer prayer and lighted candles as we celebrated the Holy Friday. Although my husband is not a catholic he see to it to join me to visit churches. There are lots of people from Spain joined the pilgrim. I also observed that Filipino people goes around during this time of Holy week. As a practice in PI they go to church offering prayers and lighted candles too. Give patience to fall in line going to altar and used their hanky to wipe the statue.

Engagement ring

For all the guys out there are you looking for an engagement ring? Engagement ring is something for a lovers who are planning to get married soon. If you dont got the guts the key word ilove you to your girlfriend, why not to try give her a titanium engagement rings. Show your love feelings to your sweetheart by giving this wonderful engagement ring. You can choice different kind of titanium ring and tungsten rings with comfort fit to our finger. They have the set of titanium engagement ring collection with diamonds , sapphire, ruby, moissanite and other gems stone. I like the most the Dome Titanium ring with product name 4804. Why i like these product? I like this most because this ring is with Inlay and tension set round stone. And i notice the elegant design of this ring cause i love blue stone. This ring holds the gem on two sides with constant pressure it is available with 14k gold, 18k yellow gold or 18k rose gold. If you like to give her a necklace titanium necklace is also available all the titanium necklace and chains polished by the jewelry expert. They see to it that every chain and necklace fitted with titanium clasp. For sure your proposal to your dream girl with this titanium products will surely answer your most awaiting yes from her.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Marie Antoinette Award

My new friend of mymeryl gave me this award.
Meryl is my new friend found here in blogosphere, she is actively writing and updating her blog.
Thanks Meryl...for including me in your list.
"Queen Marie Antoinette is the epitome of a real, fun, fearless woman who is never afraid of getting what she wants”

Im passing this to all who want to grab it..feel free gals to grab and post it in your blog as soon as you have time.

Raw Food Diet and Natural Skin Care

Being beautiful is a big asset to our personality most of us woman dream to become beautiful. We are tend to buy different products that we use for skin maintenance. We see to it we have the beauty products that suited to our skin chemistry. As i saw the products from natural skin care i can say that this is a natural skin products made of organics materials, it is safe to use every night and day. It is natural for us as a person to inspire to have beautiful and smooth skin. The skin condition is depend on different factors that affect us, like our sorroundings, the food and our lifestyle. But being beautiful outside and inside is the best combination of healthy lifestyle. Having the attitude of being beauty concious and health concious as well is a perfect combination. That is why Raw Food Diet is the answer to become healthy inside. We need to become aware about the food we take to value our health. They had the books to offer for us to read more information about 100 days to 100% raw. This book is very inspiring to those inspire to take the raw food diet. Give you more information and interesting guidelines to your diet about raw foods.

I talked to my bestfriend

After a longtime that we dont have communication with my bestfriend Marivic. We chatted today and talk different things. Mavic is my bestfriend since we are in grade 3. She told me that she is now promoted as a directress in campus ministries in La consolacion Manila. Which she opted because she was affraid of responsibility but after all, she accepted the offer and now she is the new campus directress. Congrats Bessy!!!

Herbalife Website

I observed here in Germany that there are lots of people who are over weight. Maybe because they eat fatty foods that bring their body into a bigger sizes. Specially if our food is too much fat and non-bio product meaning there are lots of chemical on it. But we are now worry free about those non-good product Herbalife Diet is here to give us healthy lifestyle. If you want to become slim down and rejuvenate your skin they are there to help you. Like for me i suffering immunity problem my doctor told me that i have inbalance immunity. I think the product from Herbalife is a good supplement to take they have their best Defense drink. It is an effervescent drink that boost your immunity that include 7.5 mg of active zinc. You can prepare it either hot or cold. They have also the product to boost your intake of protien with delicious beverage to help shed unwanted pounds. You can order the products through online and it is available in different countries like Canana, USA, Australia and New Zealand.


Now that we have my twins on the way we can called now our home as Family. What family means it is said family is like fafa-mama-iloveyou. It disccussed it during our School retreat before which i listening more. They say that god entrusted children to parents. Their correct bringing up is their big responsibility. The family as a whole should know their life's goal. Parent is like sculptors because they mold their children in a way they wanted to be. From birth God entrusted the molding of children's character to them. Wish me that im be a good sculptor too to my twins soon.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Promote Work at Home review websites

You want to earn additional income while staying at home? Yes earning some bucks is a great deals that we can help our husband in such a way. is there for you , if you are looking the ways how to earn online income they are the best site to visit and learn from it. They are the best making money programs on the internet that we can earn additional income to our family. One of these is the online jobs, this online jobs is one of the top rated pick for making money online. Because you don't need to leave your home just to go to your work you can do it by your own time and place which is more comfortable for us as a job seeker.


Since Sunday we started packing the things that we can carry going to our new apartment.
We did it everyday every small items that we can carry can make our transport easer. Transfering to a house is not easy we need to put a time on it. My husband take his leave of absence for a week starting May just for this activity.

Pregnancy questions?

We are waiting for almost three years before we decided to have a baby. As of now I am on my 5th month of my pregnancy which Im be thankful that I pass the most sensitive first trimester. During my first trimester of pregnancy i am so emotional and feeling ill. I also encountered the hormonal changes that causes a fever and boil rashes as I thought a chicken pox. Since holiday that time we need to call the emergency Doctor. After he observed my rashes and boils he said it was chicken pox. On the second day we go to the hospital and they advise me to go on for blood checking if I am affected on chicken pox which we did the next days.
Im be thankful that it was not a chicken fox. Lot's of question running in my mind if my baby is okay in my womb. I do lots of research about pregnancy read ideas about it . Through internet surfing I come along with this site which is helpful for a pregnant like me how to become a good parent. They also have the baby names and its meaning which is I am so curious what name i need to give to my twins. Parenthood is not just a simple task we need to learn and read more about it so that we have an idea how to become a good parent to our children.

Easter Sunday

My mother in law love to decorate her living room with easter sunday decoration. She love to put some motifs, last year her motif are brown trees with different character of birds and rabbits. And now she put colorful chocolate form as eggs and green trees with yellow flowers.
According to Eastern Sunday is a festival of the Christian Church to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is observed on the first Sunday after the full moon that occurs on March 21 or on any of the 28 days following that date.
I still miss the simple celebration in PI which is plenty of people going to the beach every eastern sunday.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Increasing traffic in the blog is a little bit harder if you dont have a patience to hop everyday. Sometimes we are lazy doing these things because we need to attend some errands. But blog directory is there to help us. By joining here you pretty sure that your blog will be noticeable in blogesphere. It just simple to submit blog and all the blog listed randomly. You see each blog member each time you refresh it.


It's good to have money and the things that money can buy, but it is sad that you you have money but you don't have the things that money can't buy. It is better to check up once in a while and see to it you haven't lot the things that money can't buy. Because money ranks with love of man's greatest source of joy. But we need to remember money can buy amusement but not real happiness.

My husband love to buy a massive wood furniture he said that having these kind of furniture last longer. He sees to it that the value of that furniture was worthful. Before he decides to buy one he make a canvass to a different furniture store or he make an online search for it. We are planning to have a furniture for our new dining room it could be like bar and restaurant furniture because dining into a restaurant is one of our past time. It is nice to have a bar and restaurant furniture setting in your own dining room. is a good source of these ideas because they have more choices that we can choice from. First their furniture is directly from their own manufacturers. With years expertise to their products providing the restaurant furniture business and having the high quality. They serve also aside from restaurant furnishing business are like churches, meeting halls and more. They have different kinds of chairs to offer from folding chairs to wood and metal chairs for affordable prices and better quality.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

word differences

Im just curious about these words so i want to share to you my curiousity lol!
Sometimes my brain is mixed with different words i dont figured out the true meaning of it.
Just for sharing folks!

The word Censor and Censure
Censor means to subject to the action of an overseer of morals and conduct.
E.g Motion pictures are censored to young one.
Censure means to condemn.
E.g He was censured for his conduct.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Catholic Chat City

Chat is one of the modern way how to communicate to our loveones in far away land. Like we did with my husband, after our wedding he going back to Germany and me i need to prepare all the papers for my visa. While waiting for that time to come to here, aside from calling and sending letters Chatting is one of our effective way to communicate everyday. Until now i used chatting to talk to my family and my friend back in Philippines. It is also the way how to meet some friends or our future partner. It is no impossible today to talk to somebody else eventhough we dont have any idea who they are.
It is so thankful for the internet or the new technology who provide us this chatting. One of these is the Free Catholic Chat they are there to help us to look for somebody else to chat with. They have ton of chatters all over the world that you can talk and meet. All of these visitor are all catholic around the worlds that enjoyed chatting in this site. They help you also to broadcast yourself though webcam, and let other people see you while you check out their webcam. This is absolutely free account offered to you right now. All you have to do is visit the site and and register and you can start now communicating right away to all the people online at Catholic Chat City.

Too tired

Today is the most bussiest day we sign the contract of the new kitchen that we ordered for our new apartment. After that we proceed to another department for the lamp and lights that we need, we bought different kinds of lights and i hope it can be install as soon as possible. We also started now to paint the new apartment which i help my husband. It's really tiring i feel it after we finish some. We do continue the rest of painting tomorrow and to the next day.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Clean Pool

Summer is just around the corner, we have now a nice weather you see lots of people are enjoyed the sun. It is nice to go swimming if the sun is bright, the water is so inviting. That is why swimming pool is now working again. That is why maintaining the pool is now there to check our water pool like Hydrotech Pools they cater the pool maintenance like leak protection they are there to check the leaking problem of your pool if there is any. They also offered repair and renovation if you have a problem in pool tiles, or if you wanted to change to vinyl or fiber glass. If you need pool services Orlando Pool Service are there they served throughout central florida areas. And they offered two kind of services that you can choice and enjoy from the standard service and full services. Cleaning and checking your pool with minimal expenses is the best deal they offer.

Painting our new apartment

We are a little bit busy this afternoon, at 1 pm we need to go to our new apartment to wait for the man who are measuring the kitchen. Bring some stuffs like table and chairs and arranged it in the terrace. After that we go the bank to pay the bills and post office to sent money to PI. I have also my Doctor appointment at 3.45 pm. But since there are lots of people waiting their turn the doctor assistance told us we can go back after an hour. So we drove to buy some stuff for painting and some plants for terrace which were planning to do tomorrow. Transfering a new location is not easy. I hope we can do all before the end of this month.

Acne treatment

Most of the young adult and teenagers affected by Acne, even myself this is my big problem during my High School age. Im really concious about it which is not really good to look. Even worries are there how and when Acne say goodbye to me. I eat healthy food that they say it could help but maybe there are people who are really prone to Acne. Worst things was Acne don't choice a place and Sex either men and women can have it. It could not be in location either you live in the City or in the province. Because of hormonal changes, stress and bacteria due to poor skin sanitation Acne can occur. Good things was in today's world Acne Treatments is not anymore a problem, there are lot of ways how to treat this problem. They are there to help us in safe and in Natural Acne Treatment , in just three steps your worries is gone. Because there product is made of Natural ingredients that provide our skin glowing, clear and young. And since Acne causes bacteria , the natural sulfur is their best ingredients to fight these bacteria that harming and irritate our skin. Green Tea is there also as main natural ingredients that help to soothe and fortify the harming skin.


I bought this house shoes when i went to school last year. I like this cause this is the animals which my husband really admire. Usually ELK is a famous animals in a northern Europe like norway and Sweden which is a cold countries. I saw the real elk when we had our vacation in Norway, it is really admirable to see them walking in the nature as a group or sometimes alone. By the way i name this house shoes of mine under the name of MIke and Fe .. Lol... which i use it as a decor not a house shoe.

During our vacation last August 2008 my husband bought a new curtain materials in the Philippines. It is a little cheaper compare if you buy here. I am the one who sewed it and im glad that i make it right fitted to our windows. But right now where planning to change our apartment and we need a new curtain to fit in the new window there which is smaller than to our old apartment. I decided again to make or buy a new one and looking for a new style offered by draperies they have to many elegant curtains and with unique sizes that available. Their curtains is a hand crafted materials at minimal prices.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


We always said life begins at 40. Did you agree? As my opinion life for me begins in the womb of mother and in the moment you find meaning on it. You can be 50 and not yet living, you can be 20 but very much alive. It is not by age but, it is the perception of individual. Be life long or short it is a completeness of us depending on what we live for. Life is what we make it.

Holy week

I miss the time in the Philippines during Holy week usually celebrated with high attention. More people going to church and have their own sacrifices offered. Not like here i never observed a prosession of saint images during good friday a normal practice in PI. Rather they give big celebration of Eastern sunday, every corner of the mall have a symbol of eastern celebration. This celebration is a festival activities of Christian Church to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. But how we celebrate the resurrection if we don't witness the death of christ?...

choosing home office furniture

My husband have an extension office at home he see to it that he be in his area to do his work. The place at home with cozy and comfort at work. From computer tables , office chair and filling cabinets. And obcourse the durability of the office furnitures is the best of a kind. I love to see the orderness of my husband with regard to office work. I think this is good for him bespoke home office furniture they have a well designed and crafted thousands of home offices furniture, they use the best space so you can make your time and work in very convenient way. Working in a ventilated area with a perfect furniture that maid of quality materials is a perfect solution to every individual working habits.


I love to eat fried chicken or a whole grilled chicken they are one of my favorite food. But as i observed chicken has a wishbone that i enjoyed too to make my wish come true. This wishbone is a fork-shaped bone in front of th breast of most birds or chickens. Also called merrthought, owing to the superstition that the one of two persons who gets the larger piece in pulling it apart will gain or granted his wish. Would you like to try?lol.-

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sweet Dreams...

Good sleeps bring us a good mood everyday. That is a reward that we can give to ourselves after the whole day of work. Considering the most important factor if we are planning to buy a good quality of bed. The bed that our body are more comfortable so that we don’t feel any body ache. It is difficult to sleep on the bed that are not suited to our body comfort. We see to it that we and our children are more comfortable to our beds. As I visited this site Time4Sleep Beds they offer of huge variety of beds that you can choose from. They sell wooden beds, children beds, metal beds, and divan beds.

But since we are looking for a children's bed we come along to Lincoln bed I like this kind of bed style manufactured from the solid pine and traditional bunk that has spindle design head and footboards. And absolutely maid from wood for affordable prices. What I like most was you can buy this bed alone without the mattress. But if you want to buy a complete set of beds you can choice the soft mattress suitable to this bed. This bed has Milan Ortho mattress meaning they features a standard open coil spring system providing high levels of comfort and support.

Ice cream

We had a nice weather this week we go around the village with my mother in law and decided to eat ice cream. This is usual things we did since i arrived here, people wanted to set under the sun while eating ice cream. Ice cream is not my food but i ate from time to time. From that scenery i observed four Grade School girls, the three girls are the children from a German couple and the other one is from other race. The three grade school girls eat ice cream while the other one is only looking at them while eating. I feel so pitty with the little one my mother in law told me that's not really good the way we observed. I wanted to buy 1 or two scope ice cream for the little girl but i don't have any centavos in my pocket. This is just a small scene between two people that can and cannot afford.

Free WebSite™

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Commandments of Success

Work hard - people with this kind of attitude almost reach his goal in life. This is the best investment rather than money that man can make.
Have Initiative - Don't let your boss commanded you to do your work its your obligation, create your own style how to have an initiative by doing so you practice your own initiative.
Love your work - the same way how you love your life and respect. It will bring pleasure in mastering it.
Help and Share others - share your ideas to others on this way you help them to find a solution for their difficulties.

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