Saturday, January 30, 2010


This is awesome a gift from a friend of my mother in law her name is Doris. She made these stuff by writing the name of my twins in the plate. But one thing she said to me that she forgot the second name of Sebastian. She only write the first name and date of birth , weight and size.

Queen Torrent

As far away from home we missed some of our daily activities back then. Like going around with the friends, chatting with them enjoying the moment together with the family. And for sure we miss the tv show that we watch daily. But through internet we have an alternative that we can do far away from our birhtplace. Like for me I do watching news, movies and download music by using torrents search using this site could be a big help for us to enjoy the movie that we wanted to watch. Not only movie you can enjoy also watching your favorite videos, news and current events that everyday can happen.
There are lots of things using a net to explore the whole world. Through also the internet world I met my husband and now we are enjoying our life together. By this technology also I met lots of friends online. Communicating to my siblings and some friends back in PI. As I remember I do search also through the internet about the topics that is new for me. Anything under the sun you can search it here. Where so lucky to have this modern technology not like before during the time of our great grandfather.

Insure Yourself

Another year round again our tax declaration need to submit in finance department. That is why my husband remind me to ask my father for his tax declaration in back in PI. We sent a little amount to them monthly. We reported it as a help or a support to the finance department here in Germany. With these we have a little amount of tax refund. Not only taxes that we need to look for hubby is an agent about insurance. A government insurance some of his friend ask his help to join the said insurance. What I like most here in Germany was the health insurance that the government obliged everybody. We cannot deny that being sick is expensive unless you have your own health insurance. Back in the PI insurance is only for those can afford to pay. What in first world country it is an obligation to everybody to have one. It is better to have one than nothing it is not a new here being a member of any insurance. Like short term insurance is a good idea to have it. We dont know what happen to us if we travel or we go to other places. It is not really expensive one really affordable to everybody. Better to secure yourself than nothing.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Custom Mugs

I started to collect mugs during my High school days. At first my friend brenda gave me a mug with the picture of mickey mouse. I love mugs and all kinds of cups I continue to collect mugs until I graduated college. After graduation and having a job I can't resist to buy a mug for my additional collections. As my mama told me that I had enough mugs and cups she advise me to stop collecting it. Everyone of us has a hobby it could be anything that give us happiness. I admire my collections how I wish I can continue it here in Germany.
Maybe that is why my sister offer me a small business where his husband family started before. They have a small business for a personal collection or give aways during birthdays and wedding. My brother in law told me that their personalized mugs are click to the customer. Because the customer can select anything that they wanted to print in their personal mugs. It could be a picture of them or a scenery. It is a good idea also if you have planning to have a give away party like baptismal, weddings, silver anniversaries and more.

The reception

Wanted to share some photos during the reception. We held our twins baptismal reception in Bundeswehr kaserne. Where my late father in law worked. The guest enjoy the buffet we combined the 70th birhtday of my mother in law and the baptism of my twins.

Pickard Properties Site Review

Most of the couples dream to have their own real property. To build their dream house and at the sametime to enjoy their savings which is from hardship of work. Hubby told me a joke that his boss offered his house to him. But due to our budget he said that it is not the right time to buy a property. We need to save and need to do something if we buy an old properties. We cannot deny that life now is hard specially here in europe the cost of living is not really a joke. If you earn euro your expenses is also a euro. That was the reason why most of the people here select to rent an apartment rather than buying their own.
As one of my friend told me that it is better to rent than to have one house to maintain. I knew somebody specially student they have their own boarding house where offered in a big city. This type of a business was a good investment for returning the capital of the dorm owner. Like Student Accomodation Leeds a place for a student who want to have their peaceful and luxurious place to stay during their studies. As a student they need a secure place to stay and at the sametime a homely place where they can called a home. It could be a place of their own.

Twins Baptism

January 23 was our big day for our twins baptism. January 15 the priest visited us in order to explain and give orientation about the baptism. He is so nice and old enough as a priest. He is 70 years old the same old with my mother in law. I miss and remember fr mike back in PI. We really enjoyed the moment of our celebration. Most of my hubby family and friend are there for us to join the said occassion.

Sleepy Time

Being a new mother is not easy specially they are twins. Every month or a week they chance their moods. Most of all they are active from time to time. It is hard to explain how was the feeling of being tired and happy. Tired because I have double work for my twins happy because they are the blessing for us after a longtime of waiting for them. We just wish and ask god to have a baby but he gave us babies. A big gift and at the sametime a blessing. I really admit that Im tired for a short time they are now 6 months old. I think and wish the help from my family specially my mama. For sure if they are here I am not tiry as of now.
At least I have somebody to lean on during the freak hours of twins the sleepy time. As I observed their sleep now is in the morning they are awake at night. We shared one room and we are planning to separate them if they are 1 year old. That is why we are now planning to buy a new leather beds for us so that they are not disturb during the night if my husband snores. They are sensitive in noise even a single step they heard they are awake instantly.

Valentine Promotion

After new year valentine is just be there around the corner. Most of the couple and lovers love to celebrate valentine occassion by having a date or a candle light dinner. Other give roses to their loveones. Last year we celebrated our valentine by eating our dinner in our favorite chinese restaurant. Hubby give me one red roses that he always do during the especial occassion. He tried his best to give me gift but I refused instead I told him to save.
Anyhow to the lovers it is wonderful to celebrate and give something during valentine day they are lots of gifts for Valentine's Day ideas for girls and women that for sure all girls and women love to recieved. It is also the way how to show how important your family, friend and love ones. As we can say that action speaks louder than words.
For sure this month for lovers both couple or pair enjoy their time to each other. Giving special gifts can really express their words how they love each other. Let celebrate our love months with all our heart and soul. It is not the gift that we recieved but the love and respect that we offer to our partner. Live and love to the fullest because we dont even know how far we are here in earth.