Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Just want to share this music by Mariah Carey (my favorite singer) - Butterfly. I love butterfly coz they are one of the wonderful creation here on earth. The couple use butterfly for a wedding instead of dove.


shydub said...

I like that song maus,I don't like mariah that much but her song is good. and i like butterfly too. Hows the pregnancy fellow juntis hehehehe, malapit na in two months lalabas na yang twin mo. goodluck and congrats again.

Clarissa said...

I love Mariah and her songs--thanks for sharing!!I had fun listening again on butterfly!^_^

Anonymous said...

I love Mariah Carey too sis.. in fact, am also eyeing of her songs to feature on my blog.. nice pick Maus! great one! Happy Music Monday!