Sunday, August 30, 2009

Thank You

For all our Friends, relatives, and collegues who are giving gifts, cards and helping us welcoming our twins in the the World... Thank you very much!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

We are in the Newspaper

My room mate Agatha ( from Poland ) and Susane
With our husband and kids, the lady in blue is one of the nurse's assisting in Intensive unit.

Before we left in the Hospital the nurses and the Doctors informed us that Newspaper company come to took a photos for our Twins. I asked them why? they explained to me that because of that time we are four mothers that giving birth for a twins. In our room we called it "Zwillinge Raum" Twin room because we are two staying there until for our due time. A week after our operation our OB releases us as an out patient. But since our babies stayed in intensive care unit. We choice to stay. Better that there is an option to stay in the hospital while the baby is confined. As we stay there we are obliged to feed our babies and take good care for them. The nurses called us everytime the babies is awake.
The name of the twins mostly started with letter M. Only Sebastian is different name there.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Mama's angel

Maiko wanted to sleep on top of my Pillow.
While Sebastian can sleep in their bed
My first bulilit- Sebastian Phillipe
My bulilit- Maiko Angelo

My bundle of joy Sebastian and Maiko. They are twins but they have their own characteristics and attitude. Like Sebastian he is so relax , crying only when he is hungry and wet, need to change his diaper. As the nurses and doctors told me in the hospital my Angel Sebastian is opposite from Maiko. They make a joke that Sebastian temperament was like a Filipino, (relax attitude) while Maiko is like a German temperament because of his activeness lol.

Visitor and Friends

To all my friends and visitors here ..
Sorry if I did not visit you back as soon as possible like before.
Since a mother of twins I have less time to enjoy my computer life. LOL.
I promise to visit you back all soon if i free. ( hope so i have my free time ("=")

Saturday, August 22, 2009

First time

First and fresh "kinder bed" they lying at their bed for the first moment.
The twins are ready to go home from hospital (picture at the hospital in my room)
First ride of the twins going home from the Hospital
First hour of the twins in our apartment

Now that I have my twins I understand what the meaning of a real Mother to the children. I never disappointed what I did to my mother as I honor her Motherhood for me and my siblings. She really deserved our respect love and support. Her greatfulness was one of the kind in the whole world.

Bedding Sets

During our wedding we recieved dufferent kinds of the gifts, from our wedding sponsor, friends, families and relatives. One of those gifts are the beddings, some gave us utensils, electronics, souviners. Since i need to migrate we left those gifts to my parents. Some of my siblings are happy because they are benifited from it. As i arrived here in Germany my husband and I look for a Bedding Sets that suited for us. They have different kind of beddings that made of quality products. They have also the Decorative pillows, Leather Bed, Luxury Bed and many more.
I wanted to have an elegant beddings sets as I feel that Im be in a luxury hotel. Having an elegant beddings sets is something for me or to all the women out there. Why not to have one so that we enjoy our sleep and experience the best.

Web hosting- WHG 7 20

Before I starting to blog my friend told me that it is better to register my blog as a web. I dont have any idea about that web hosting. But through her help I got one. Finding a web hosting is difficult task for us. Especially if we dont have any idea about the new technology that offered now adays .But if you find a good company that offered a good services it could be hassle free and it is not a big deal for us. As a customer we need to be sure if that company is reliable and suited for our needs. Users friendly obcourse and they are there to answers our inquiry. and a good web provider. For those who are looking for a webhosting is one is for you. They have different web hosting offered to us. The best hosting providers at very best prices, reliable for services , Lots of features, that we really enjoy with. If there is something wrong that you dont really know how to solve it they have the customer support that handle your inquiries. Web hosting are offer lot of hosting company like Lunar pages, Just Host, Fat cow, Go daddy and many more. Most of them are with free domain, Hot unlimited domain, and Free SSL certificate.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Im back

Hello guys im back just for a short time just to let you know that im okey now after a month and a half of hospital confinement. July 4 i was directly go to hospital as my Ob advised. She noticed that my cervix is less than 3 cm something. She directly called the hospital to admit me as patient. During that time we invited our filipina friends for dinner. My hubby and I was in the hospital while our 3 coupled visitors are here together with my mother in law. It is truly envarrasing moment to them. But they understand us. Thanks!

Im lying down in the hospital and waiting the time when my babies is matured enough for CS. I am suffering the never ending injections, dextrose and medicine. The doctors advise is complete bed rest. So i am not allowed to go out in my room. It is unconfortable to experienced those things because i need to carry the aparatus that count the drops of my dextrose everytime i need to go to the toilette. But i really thankful to god that i passed all the those trials. No nights that i didnt cried, im so helpless.

July 29 at 7 am i was prepare for my CS operation, but due to emergency - one patient need to go an operation first so i need to wait for an hour. I was so nervous and excited to see my twins. I prayed a lot that God help us me and my twins. At 9.37 the first of the twin coming out- he is Sebastian Phillipe, and 9.38 comes the next I named him Maiko Angelo.
I cannot illustrate the feeling of the first time Mother, during the time when you heared the first cried of your babies.