Saturday, March 22, 2014

Mega Flix- International

It's weekend again we, as a family we watch together our favorite television show.  As parent we need to be guided our children what kind of shows they watch. For me I only allowed them to watch children shows. When sometimes the cartoons was ended I let them watch Informational or Educational show. Like these as parent we need to explain them what was the show about. What was the important of the topic behind. It was not a simple sometimes to explain especially when they asking you that you don't know how you explain it to them.
Anyway as mother you can find a way how to be brave to answer them correctly and understandable suited for their age and knowledge's.
Summer will come soon again, here in Europe they are fanatic fan of Football lega. Hubby inquire before to have a connection about cable. It was a little expensive and need to think twice before you have or not. But through online I read these  Mega Flix-International It is a highest form of converting movie affiliate, a TV show niche. You can find it through Internet that was the people using nowadays. Like,,, And,. Easy access you need only to sign up. There are two things to do to sign up. First is input of email and password process. Second input of credit card info. It was Free of charge process, its a big deal right?. I think it is a good idea for my husband so that he can watch the European football club updated.

Friday, March 21, 2014

New Life Adventure

As springtime come, we decided as a family to bike together. I bought my first bike the other week. And still convincing my partner to prepare his bicycle soon, so that we can biking together with our twins. Oma wanted to join us too. I thought we had a wonderful spring and summer fun together. But wait, I need to do more practice for biking since I stopped doing it so long time ago. I do biking before but not like here, people here living in their life together with their bicycle. It is the day on routine for them. Not like  from ther place where i came from. 
I had also another life adventure that I tried. HOPING it's meant to me. I just keeping it up here update.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Adventure of kids

Nice weather and all the people going around. My boys went to the playground  as i saw them they are enjoying to play around. Even myself play with them Maiko asking me to join for hide and seek. After that they asking me to play "fangen" as they like it more than anything. Running around the park sweat me as I jog for a day.  Hoping that our weather like these will be good enough till summer came. Searching online a bicycle for myself  hope to find one. After a long time that riding in the bicycle I think need more training. Tomorrow again see you another park near the place where Omas (grand mother) live.

Friday, March 7, 2014


We had a beautiful weather today you can feel it through warm wind. Observing the smile of the people sorounding me I feel the effect of sunshine. Bring Happiness to the mood of everybody. I hope these last so long spring is. My twins are happy when they going to the school. A normal routine was changing a bit  for these day. They wanted to ride their bicycle  and enjoying on the way to Kidergarten. As they reach the room they are happy and contented directly informing one of their teacher. And before I say goodbye to them the need my assurance that they do the same thing again back home. So I was assured them, their bicycle  was in the kindergarten park place nobody can take it away. Time flies so past they are only a baby in my hand and now they  are  young boys already.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Spring comes early

This year we did not experiencing a snow. Just a mild winter and sometime shining the sun is our weather for this time. There are  a time also early in the morning we are under the frosting time. Thank's for the good weather that god showered to us this year. My garden was in flowering time and some plants continue their green leaves. Spring come two to three weeks early , as I saw outside some cherries and other trees bloom already.
We are so lucky compare to other countries t experiencing heavy snow. Though for this good weather people got sick. As I myself experiencing the spring allergy I felt it already by neezing and running nose.
Anyway I love spring than snow or fall. It give me more energy and hope in life when I saw the plants growing up and preparing themselves in summer.

Monday, March 3, 2014


 A pair of customes that i made for my kids during their kindergarten carneval custome.  The was "TRAVELLING BACK TO THE MIDDLE AGE'S
 A traditional celebrations here in Germany. From different towns and Cities, they had their own way how to celebrate it. People are enjoying wearing their customes . Children also are fanatic and excited to do their chores to become behave for that day. They are waiting for the parade waiting their turn to catch the candies and sweet, items that given by the group.My twins collecting a kilo of sweet. But I told them not to eat all. Good things was they followed me and asking my permission first before they eat.  And today was a holiday a Rosenmontag as they called it. A little extra pause for me and my family.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hubby and me are online shoppers addicted as we say. We look online to shop those things that we did not found out in the market. Searching some items that give better quality.  Cheaper stuff that we pay in small amount of money. Happy to know - Join the Ultimate Network of Cheap Stuff  we can browse great tons of offer and bargains. I was fan of the bargains. Things that sell in the small amount of money. Join us now to get the great deals of bonus after you sign up and completed at least one survey.
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Friday, February 28, 2014


My second post here for this year. Looking ahead that continuing writing in this site. Which I did before years ago, my brain become stagnant for not practicing into writing. I was in the social media too read some article and follow some tweets of the person whom i am followed. Joining the group sites and read ideas , problems and sharing of other people around. Most topic that brought my attention was those people looking for part time or online job. For the reason like me that they are a full time mother. Other advises them to join survey, saving cents or try not to expense into their limit. Looking for some site to join into surveys, reading emails and fun site that you can earn a little bit. Better than nothing. Some are worthy but some are not. Like this
you need only a little time to register your name and support valid personal information. Once you do these completing  the survey assign to you. They give a reward it can be cash or coupons that you can exchange goods with a great deals into money savers person. As my personal experienced i read some survey's or email that give me reward afterwards.

About me today

A hairy communist bolts. I was in my email to erase all the bulk mails. Observing the total mails of 20thousand plus eamils to my account.Dont know how to start or finish it. Until my eyes capturing the emails from the blogging sites that I joined before. Decided to revisit my blog. Opening my blog took an hour then pause remembering my password was. Walking around the house until I already hanged my laundry. Horrayyy I was here. I was lost for a long time and lost how to operate my own site. See you my blog I wish every , Hoping to have something to write you just to keep updated.

Sunday, November 3, 2013


It was a week already that i suffer from these kind of dizzeness. Vertigo as I found it to uncle google, all the signs  that I felt was the same describe by uncle google. As i read it it was the connection of eyes and ears. The mal function of vestibular system. Constant moving of eyes, nusea and vomiting. This symtoms I almost encountered few days ago. I need to see our family Dr on Thursday for consultation.
While enjoying my vertigo and taking care myself.  I need to look after my son, he has high fever again Cough without end, Its difficult to become ill. Especially your family is away from you.