Wednesday, October 28, 2009

First Immunization

Yesterday we went to our pediatrician for first immunization of the twin. The Doctor explain to us some uncomfort for the babies after the vaccination. I prepare the twins for the said immunization. It is difficult for me to see my babies criying too much. Early in the morning the twin's had a fever. Seb got 38.5 while Mai had 38.7 I gave them directly paracetamol as Dr. prescribed and now after 5 hours their temperature lowered. My worries got lesser!

Outdoor activities

Last August 2007 we spent our vacation in Norway. We had lot of activities that we enjoyed one of these was fishing and hiking since Norway is rich in a nature . My husband decided to go to his friend were the owner of mineral spot and you can have some minerals you can buy or found in the nature. For that activities we need to walk and need to climbed the higher part of the place. We really enjoy the said activities although the weather is not good, its rainy that time and cold. Another day we go around and decided to stay in a camping ground where you can rent the small place. For these kind of camping place you need to provide yourself Char Cloth, Fire Steel, Tent Poles, Fire Piston, Camping, Backing, Hiking, Outdoor Adventure Gear were many people stay with. It is our vacation with plenty of unforgettable moment. Were looking forward to have another vacation in Norway next year. For that we need to prepare again some outdoor gadgets that we can buy online.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pink and Grey

Share another photos from us, which we wear color coding with no intention.
Hubby wear grey and seb also wear his grey oversuit. I wear light pink while mai wear dark pink. During that day hubby bought pink roses. That was our color combi that day...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Smile from my Boys

Maiko with his Tante oma from Hamburg
Sebastian's mood at laughing.

Share this to you folks...a smile that bring my heart full of joy..
A joy that i cannot explain where it come from...A joy from the mother when she saw a smile from their loving children..

Waste Management Software

Due to economic recession most of the business decided to closed their establishment. But other make an alternative settings through cross cutting like to avoid more overtime from the workers.
Some workers need to work lesser days compare to normal one. But other compay look for a solution that both benefited employees and employers. If you look and try this Waste Management Software you learn from it that more offices can benefited from their good services.Like for time savings, records, routings,and many more.The good news was they are the only online waste management software. You can set it up in your free time without expenses.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ugoy ng Duyan

The music that we can dedicate to the most important person in our Life!
our mother...

Thank you to rovelinafd for sharing these through Youtube.

Rugged Nerds

We just go around yesterday and drink some coffee. As I observed the weather is changing winter time is just around the corner. I think during winter time it's difficult for us to play outside especially for the children. What I dont want during winter is you need to wear heavy clothes , jacket to keep you warm. My friend told me that during winter or cold weather their family have a bonding moment by playing computer games and watching tv. I am not fanatic about computer games, although I played sometimes but not much. So During my free time I searched about
gaming forum how people share their moment.Through these gaming forum they shared their thoughts and experienced in computer. This gaming forum is an online discussion with individual post regarding their experienced about computer games. You can join them as a member by registering so that you can enjoy how to navigate into. They have a guidlines to manage your account like posting and editing,photos posting too is available.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

My little bear

Maiko dont like to cover his body as long as possible he preferred to be free.
While Seb enjoy and smiling as he enjoyed his attire

Weather change

As I see the news all over the world especially in the Philippines. I can say that weather is changes for now . But if you want to contribute invironmentally you need to take care the sorroundings itself. By planting more greens, trees and flowering plants. If you build a house please consider the landscape that contributed environmentally or friendly to the nature. Like landscape design in Scottsdale AZ has a fresh green sorroundings that anybody love to live for the rest fo their life. They are the best for a paradise pathway landscape garden, maintenance and lightning. Offered their best services nearby in Arizona.

Online US Health

As we says that health is wealth. It is really true we need to take care ourself before we know that we are sick. Medicines nowadays and hospitalization is expensive. Sometimes we need medicines that are not available in our area. As I experienced me and my husband tried to buy medicines through online because those kind of medicine is only available online. Online Pharmacy is a big help for us because you just order your medication on the net. You dont need to go far away just to look the availability of that medication. They have the US licensed physicians and Licensed Pharmacies that give a valid prescription to you before you order your medicine. As fast as they can they deliver your order door to door. They have more varieties or broad range of medication. Your order is really confidential.