Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Eryfer 100- Iron vitamins

Yesterday I had my doctors appointment for my weekly check-up. The doctors assistant told us to proceed again in a room where the gadget to listen the heartbeat of the babies located. I stayed there for almost 2 hours. After that I went to the laboratory room for my blood check-up. All is okey aside from that my Ob-gyne give me a reciept for another vitamins that I need to take. It is an iron vitamins my Dr. told me that my blood count is not normal, to prevent anemia I need to take a supplement ( Eryfer 100). So my husband bring the reciept in drugstore and claim the medicine it is free for us because our medical insurance pay for it.


Clarissa said...

excited na rin ako sa paglabas ng baby mo,Maus!!have plenty of rest and eat veggies,too!!Take care!!^_^

chubskulit said...

Hi mads, dai ka dapat magpara papirot... hope maging normal na blood count mo soon, kapagal kan may complication.. lalo pa duwa an aalagaan mo hehehe.. mwah! miss ko na istoryahan ta, buzz mo ko when u wake up, dito lang ako busting my butt off with the opps.. hay kaipuhan ta madali na naman an next month para sa allowance kan tugang ko wahhhhhhhh..