Tuesday, June 16, 2009


How we can enjoy our life if we reach the certain age of Seniority. I felt so sad for those people who I really observed that they are alone in their apartment or house. Because their children have their own family. It is usually happen in the country where all the people are busy they don't have a time to spent more time to their old folks. But to all Seniors out there you can have a chance to meet more people who are the same age with you. You may join in senior chat this is a 100% free membership. Just make your profile and join the chat room. You may see also some members through online using your web camera. And for sure you experience fun to talk to other members who are looking to somebody to talk to the same as with you.

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Lindz said...

when i get to sixty years old, I would go out more and spend less on computer, it's more sad if all you can turn to is computer dont you think? I'll go out more and be active like playing lawn bowling or go on a group bus trip... madami ditong mga ativities para sa mga matatanda kaya hindi sila bored dito eh..