Friday, January 30, 2009

Visitor and Friends

I know it's very unfair that when all of you visited my blog's and i never visit back. The same feeling i had before when i was active in hopping. I never let the day without blog hopping to all. BUT as of now please bear with me im in the mood of laziness due to my pregnancy i think, mixed emotion, morning sickness and everything was here with me now. I hope that i can make up soon with you guys!!!! Thanks for always droppingby happy blogging to all. GOD BLESS!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Im two months Pregnant

After our desire to have our own baby the process that we took advise by our Dr's was successful. We need to undergo first the orientation from our Dr's the pros and con was discussed, im be thankful that the people in that clinic are so nice and friendly. They treat you not a client but a family. Before we continue for all we need first to settle our insurance and im be thankful that our health insurance was okey they approved our intentions they pay the 50% expense and the 50% rest paid by ours.

I cant imagine that i can handle all the method that applied for the tubal baby, from taking different kind of medicine, self injection, ultrasound almost everyweek and so on and so fort. But now im enjoying my babies , December 29 2008 our Dr told us that we're having our twins. Last Saturday i have again another ultrasound and they detect that its 100% twins. God is so good for us we just wish one baby but He gave us 2.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Aíming to have a baby

We be married for 3 years and dreaming to have our own baby. My husband and I planning to complete our family it is not completed if we dont have an angel around. After our vacation last August in PI, we consult our Dr, my husband visited his Dr. and Me visited my OB -gyne. After all my OB -gyne found out that my pituitary gland dont work good and i need to go to Neurologist to examine my brain. My husband felt so affraid for it. But for me, my feeling was im okey nothing wrong can be happen. So during the time of scanning of my skull i got a little bit affraid because of the process i need to lying down into the big machine. The doctor gave me the headphone just to avoid the noise that can trigger my ears. On the time lying in that machine all my words in my mind was a prayers, i think i asked all the saint including those saint that i never encountered before.. just to guide and look for me during the process. After a week the result sent to my OB-gyne and all was find.. THANKS GOD. And my OB gave me a medicine for hormones, that i was taken for almost 3 months. But the sad news after the third visit of my husband to his Dr. they found out that my husband has a problem with the sperm count so they referred us to another group of Dóctors that specialized about wanting a baby. We've been there for almost 2 months for the process, three times a week driving for almost 1.5 hrs just to reach the area.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Im back

After a week that Im not online due to some reasons, i found out that my Pr was gone. Maybe because Im be offline for a week, i can't make blog hopping and some blogging works that my PR retain. Anyway accept the reality, the important is i enjoyed meeting some good friends here in blogging worlds. Hope i can hopping starting tomorrow. Miss u guys!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Entrecard Dropper!

To all my Droppers here thank you so much for the support! You are the reason for the survival of this blog! This is the result of the last 30 days.

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