Sunday, October 27, 2013

Earn Extra Income?

I was a member of the site where Filipina ladies married to the foreigner. They post there questions regarding a problem they encounter. Most of these inquiry was about the papers to prepare for petitions. Etc. 
As often as I read some comments and quiries. I passby the post of my kababayan. About extra earning well that not a bad idea to join into. But anyway I better to remove it all its real scam. The requirement from them before you claim your prize was to finish the quick survey. OH men i almost finish the more than enough survey. The bad things was all there surveys "said" was down load program. Lesson learn!!! My laptop is almost ill from virus on that things.

Winter Time

It is time again to change our clock 1 hour back from summer time. A little bit confused if it back or forward. (lol) all we did was check the correct time online. Yes we did it sometimes it was a small task but a big effect on how you dealt with it.  While writing these note I was looking outside for the lonely weather. Dark skies, fine rain and wind. These kind of weather which i really hate. Instead I love the sunny weather and warm. Another thing was the health of my twins , from cough , fever and colds. Oh well we are just human to enjoy what the nature and weather give.