Friday, March 11, 2011

News for today (EOM)

This morning when I wake up I open the television and I saw the breaking news in English channel. I though my eyes is just not wide open enough to see what happening in Japan. For everyday news I am watching through internet. Sometimes watching or reading give us more information than we dont help ourselves to learn more about happening around us. I am not a person who love to read but I obliged myself to read sometimes though it not really interesting for me. But for the people who love to read they find a peace of mind through reading. I find my peace of mind watching news instead. Or watching my first love the blue skies wrapped with stars at night. lol. Going back to reading I hope that my babies love to read in the future. I can say one of them has the potential because he love to look the photos on their baby book. He has also book on hand while sleeping. Well I still agree that reading is big factor to learn and know what would be the update today and the histories before. Especially for those students who make a research they went to different libraries like british library newspapers to research some old topics. Through libraries they found more information regarding there own topic.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Easy contact

How are you guys in the fast few days, weeks and month? Well the same with me here busy all the time 24/7 will be my duty as a mother. To served my twins and my husband for their needs. A life of a mother will be rewarding if you give and devote your time to them. You will see the growth of your children and the time with your husband. How long it will be together through thick and thin. Aside from being a busiest mother here, I gave also myself a time to be alone. Those time will be only for myself it could be a 30 minutes break from the random work. These time I used to search and open my account in Fb . Lol... Maybe all of us has an account here those who dont know FB will be abselete. haha. Yes we are in the mood of new technology, not like before that if we need to communicate to our friends. We need to sent them a letter through snail mail. Where those letter reached them at the end of the year or two. In the short way communication now is faster than before. That is why buying, selling and the like activities will be easier now. Spreading the good news through business also included. Advertise your business and sell your product through technology was the simplest thing to do. Doing and reading the e mail newsletter will be the good idea for us to spread the product that we offer. As a matter of fact I had to much recieved email on my email account. Some I read and some I ignored, recieving newsletter also profitable sometimes. You will know instantly what was the latest on the market on that day or today.