Sunday, May 31, 2009

Matrysoshka Doll

As you can see 7 pcs of wooden dolls from big to small sizes.
When we arranged our things upstairs my attention focus to this wooden doll. I asked my husband what kind and where is this from. He told me the story and he said that he bought it when he spent his vacation in Ukraine as his souvenir. But his explanation is not enough for me so i search on the net over wikipedia. According to my searched MATRYOSHKA doll means grand mother in Russian. It is a set of wooden dolls decreasing sizes where you can place one inside the other. These doll name is from the name "Matryona" meaning mater or mother. It is closed in connected to motherhood and it turn the doll come to symbolize fertility.

Voip Power

Living far away from home is a little bit harder for us. Especially during the special occassion in the family we need to call them and greet them. But calling and talking to them our homesick and worries become lesser. But calling Internationally using cellphones or landline is really expensive. On my case I need to budget and limit the time when I talk to them. I called my parents and sibling once a month or during the time that I really need to talk to them. From this my friend suggested me about voip service he said that this is a new technology today if you have an broadband or internet connection in your house you can enjoy their services. As a matter of fact when I was still there in the Philippines he called me to my landline and we talked unlimitedly. (Voip means voice Over Internet Protocol or Voice Over Provider). For only $14.95 /mo you can enjoy the unlimited calling, just sign up today and it will guarantee an excellent savings to your pocket. Grab now the opportunity of the new technology while the price is still right.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Baby Set

I washed it yesterday and iron it the next day..(tamad pa po ako now) hehe...

Last week we started to buy small things for our twins. From their clothes to socks i observed that babies or toddler clothings is much expensive compare to old ones. But what we can do.. we must!!!

Awesome General-Contractors website

Are you planning to build your dream house or a building of your business? If so you need to consider all the pros and cons of the plan. From engineers, architect, main contractor, subcontractor up to the supplier of materials needed. Like planning and checking the location or site. Securing the building permits from the town. Time management how long it takes the project would be. And obcourse the budget how much did you spend for the said constractions. Foremost is you need to find the realiable contractor of your building.
We have to much things to consider before we decided to build the said building. But if you have a good contractor no worries at all like Worcester General Contractor is there for you to help no matter the project is big or small. They guarantee to finish it with highest quality so dont look for any further efficient. They are there from the beginning to the end of your construction meaning they help you to prepare the place up to the landscaping. Also helping securing the building permit which is really needed before you start the buildings. Take good care your financial records and see to it that building supplies arrive on schedule.

Credit Exchange

Financial crises is now everywhere most of the company declared bankruptcy. Anywhere in the world you heard a news that from small to biggest company they have the same problem. It is so alarming for us what happen if all of the sudden there nothing left. Because all of them declare bankruptcy. If the big company affected by the said problem much more the small people or small businessman who run their business by good but can't control the situation. I think it is better to consult Debt Counseling to help how to build strong the said busineses. Im pretty sure they can do much help to answer what was the problem. They serve in their capacity to the client to improve their financial condition. From financial analysis , credit counseling and debt settlement through affiliate network. That was their cream of the cup to offer to all the customers who need help.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Our new Kitchen

They work faster just at the same day they finished all.

The other day the kitchen company already delivered and installed our new kitchen. Thanks God it is not too hard for me to prepare our food for the day. Imagine how difficult to prepare food if you dont have the Kitchen. You just only have other things there to cook like microwave, rice cooker and thermos. So starting now im be back in normal cooking. I just plan to cook my favorite veggies and bicol express but no time to gather all the ingredients. Next time I share to you Gals if i can do my next level. wahh...

Pest Control

Did you experienced a problem in termites or white ants? Pest is like a monster that destroy our property slow by slow. If we cannot make an action towards to them you be wake up one day that your property is lost because of the said pest like termites or white ants. As my experienced I have a book that I left to my parents home. When I come back and looking for that book and some sort of things I left. I got shocked because termites is almost eat all the pages of that book. Imagine how powerful these kinds of small animals attacking your property. Pest or termites can destroy your house too. They have a queen to produces more eggs to become more their member. Without doing anything againts them you might lost the things that you love. Im glad to know that there is a company offer their services to kill the said pest. Atlanta Pest Control is there for us to help to control the pest monster in our house. You cannot beat their prices because they are affordable. They specialized in synonymous Breda Pest Management with highly trained staff. Just give them a ring and your problem about Pest is absolutely answered.

BBQ- time

As im said preggy need to relax lol!

Mike funny face he did it because I told him to stay looking for the grill. He missed to watch 1/16 part of the football match on Tv. lol!

We decided to have our BBQ in the terrace, we tried also our new Electric grill. Having this gadget is simple than other BBQ grill used the charcoal. Less smoke and lesser work lol!
While grilling mike drink some beer and watch football -his fashion. While im busy to prepare the other stuff.

Cash Advance Service

During the time when I currently work in the school I heard some colleagues from me they need to apply for a cash loans. They need to go to our our finance department and wait if they are qualified for the said loan. Before I hesitated to do those things because I got affraid to have a debt. But now I realized that Payday Loans is a big help to all people like me who are run out of cash during the emergency. Sometimes our monthly salary is not enough to cover our expenses for the month. If you have a stable job maybe you dont have to be affraid to have 1500 payday loans because it is a guarantee that you can pay and your cash advance easily approved. With lowest interest, no credit check and no fax of the documents needed. Just know the requirements and complete it promptly . It is a great ideas to know a company offer their services like these. They help more people around in times of their needs. Because as ordinary worker we need to pay our monthly bills. Sometimes we are run out of our budget and we need to have a substitute for extra expenses that occured.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Men and Woman absolutely have fun in terms of perfumes. Although individually we have our own scent what kind of perfume we admire. For me I like most the sweet and woman scent. I am also a fun of collecting different kinds of signature miniature of perfume. Having these kind of signature perfume feel me glad. All of us use perfume by our own. If you are looking for a branded signature perfume at minimal price you can visit their site they offer a signature perfume of your dreams. Like Versace, Boss, Calvin Klein, Escada and many more. Only for $19.99 below you can have it. Less than the cost of its original price. Place an order now and just wait right next to your door.

Pamper your Toy!

Last weekend the weather was good so hubby decided to bring his Toy in the car wash. As my request to give him a refreshment after he worked for us. Lol! We bring our car for his new out look. We vacuum also to remove all the dust and sand inside. It is a long time that we do these things for him. The shop check also the oil, tire and water. These is the first love of mike! LOL!

Classification Organization

Every business stablishment compose of different department. Each department supplies the needs of the company to ensure the good and better services of the said organization. Management see to it that their records are in order and give satisfaction to the customers. It could be a goverment agency or private agency they need to keep their records in order. As they say the center of the stablishment is their records. What the records show is what the stablishment situation. On todays world keeping a records manually is a little bit harder. Through these manually recording we cannot avoid to have a discrepancy transactions. To avoid discrepancy we can use hs tariff classification number in order to keep our records updated. They are dedicated to developed intellegent that easy to use the system that offered for efficient and accurate system commodity. That used by an expert and semi skilled personnel. It is easy to access by using hs code search that offers two solution packages which is the interactive web-based assignment of commodity and the large scale post entry audit. The hs codes funtion was instant delivery of expert classification capabilities to frontline personnel. And identifies specific appropriate discrepancies and proposes appropriate correction. Providing also the total solution of the cost and enhance the accuracy of customs compliance.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gertrude Hawk

All of us love chocolates especially during our special occassion in life. We give chocolate to our love ones as our gift aside from flowers. There are different varieties of chocolates like black chocolate, white chocolate and brown chocolates which is the combination of milk and pure cocoa. For me i preferred to eat white chocolate. As I observed my mother in law love to buy sweet things she gave us during our special day. If you are looking for something special to your loveones as a gift for their birthday, weddings and partys chocolate candies are the best ideas to give. Gertrude Hawk is dedicated to create the most gourmet chocolates. Where you find the different kind of gourmet products specialized in chocolate like dark chocolates, chocolates smidges, caramel apples and many more. Each of these products used the freshest and finest ingredients just to have a great quality chocolate candies. Where Gertrude Hawk give time to test all the ingredients by herself. widget

When it comes to technology all of us got interest on it. We see to it that we have at least one updated unit in the market. What I did was when I need to buy one for me i need to make a canvassing first before I decided to buy it. Since I got interested in technology like laptop, camera and the like. I need to save money to buy one for me.
But as a typical buyers I always wait for the discount or sales of item which I preferred to buy. Having discount in one item is a big help for buyers. It is so difficult nowadays to earn a bucks of money. So we need to be wise for the money that we spent. And I am pretty sure everybody are happy for a big amount they can save.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My laptop bag

My husband is a subscriber from Vodafone that is why we earned points from it. It is from the uses of their services like calling my family in PI. That is why they sent us a message to look for a prize equivalent to that said point. We selected the laptop bag and at the sametime a travelling bag. For this moment my laptop have its own place to relax. lol!

Crystal Singing Bowls

Are you feeling tired and want to meditate in some way? Most of us are looking for the peaceful sorrounding which we can be able to relax and meditate. Having a good meditation brings us healthy body, mind and soul. It is better to have one meditation rather than you are in trouble of fatigue. Some people uses music for their yoga exercises. Other enjoy the sound of nature like the wind blows. But a good idea for today is Crystal Singing Bowls it is a unique handicrafts imported from Tibet and Nepal which is known for its many mountains, monasteries and meditation rituals. This kind of Crystal Singing Bowls harmonized the brain and bring healing powers. Each one of bowl has high quality made of silver or bronse with individually recorded sound that surely suited to your meditation powers.

Count your Blessing!

The coins totaled about 300 euro...

The other day my husband notice his big bottle of wine where he put 2 euro coins. He do it just to save for our holiday's next time around. Because we don't have a vacation these summer time, we need to do some preparation for our incoming twins. Saving coins is also fun for him specially the new european coins that come out this year. He try to collect it and sell it through ebay as his hobby.

Designer stickpins with personality

Your personality shows how you wear a clothes as your fashion. Some love to wear dresses but some to be rugged. I myself love to be simple as i am but i love to collect jewelries. From different design, color, stones and as souviner from other places. I love to a handicraft that created as a smuck or jewelries. They are all elegant in my eyes, they are useful in time of party or activities.
Specially we ladies we love jewelries we tend to save money just to buy our favorite fashion. It could be made of gold, silver or Beaded Lanyards created handmade and design purposely with high quality products. Since some precious stone is expensive and cant afford to buy. It could be the great substitute to our fashion for jewelries. Because they use top quality of beads and multi strand stainless steel wire to create beautiful, purposely high quality handmade personal adornment products. They created different design not only by individual but they created a Fundraising Jewelry the designer work and create a product that represent your organization. How amazing it was to knew that 's a person who love to create like these products Lanyards. Creating a design with your personality through stickpins.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Preggy need to relax

When I fixed the photo album, for a while i used it as my pillow. hehehe..

It is easy for me to become tired and sometimes my breath is shorter than before. That is why when I feel tired I need to relax and lying down for a while to substain my energy.

Small Business Loans

I talked to my sister the other time. She told me that she settle now in Manila and manage small business there. She focused on handicraft and Pilinuts Candies where my older siblings made the said candies. She asked me if i wanted to joined them. I think if there is something Small Business Loans that i can barrow capital why not. Having business in the family is a good idea specially now that the economy is not settled well.

We've got your costume!

Are you planning to attend holiday party or costume party? If so you are looking for a Costumes that are suitable to the said activities. Wearing a customes is something unique and have fun. I myself observing the traditional activity here in Germany every Carnival activity peope are so busy to look and shop for there costumes. They pay attention for the color and how famous is the character of their choice. Either for kids or adult the family have a theme every year. They wear mask, weg, and many other kinds of costumes according to their theme. Some wear animals costumes, medical costumes, or religious costumes. There are lots of things to choice from when you are worrying about what to wear. Boys Halloween Costumes suitable for the boys who have fun to have their trick or treat activity. Boys can wear their favorite character like Batman, Disney characters, Iron man or the Super Heroes costumes. For sure the boys really enjoyed the Halloween party. Not only Boys can wear their favorite costumes Girls Halloween Costumes also can join the fun. They can select from Hannah costume, Disney character, Pirates or Fairies. It is amazing to observed kids wearing their own costumes they are cute and lovely.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day !

Today we celebrated the fathers day in Germany. The government declared holidays just to celebrate all the Fathers! We are just eating outside as treat to my husband to celebrate his day. (kahit wala pa sina twins). Happy fathers day to all and enjoy the celebrations!"
A long and winding road
Preggy need to take pause...
The three of us
After we ate we go around to Xantener sud see.

Chat Rooms for Christians

Are you lonely and looking for somebody to talk to. And at the same time you expressing yourself to them sharing beliefs. Well today is no longer impossible to look for somebody with same interest with you. There is a saying about same feather flocks together. If you are Christians and looking for someone to talk to. Or both of you are Christians and longing to somebody that wanted to share opinions, ideas and beliefs. There is a site to meet someone that you wish to know. In christians chat is the best idea to visit create profile and meet someone in your dreams. It is 100% free all you have to do is just sign up and create profile. Browse members who are the same intentions with you to meet somebody to talk and share opinions. Chat with ton of people around the world and feel to enjoy the Christian life. Where there are lots of people around the world come accross in these site for a great time for free. You can see each other by using your internet cam and let them know and talk to you immediately. Register now and enjoy the site who will knows that through these site it could help you on the way you wanted to be.

Creating efficiency through automation

During the time when I was still working in the school the administration hired a programmer to take a task for school system program. Having the said system is a best help for us as an employee. Our output are much efficient compare if you work it manually. The said system also bring knowledge to the worker how to become competent in technology in todays world . Having the automation program is easy to check data of one business. It is not impossible today to have one of the best kind program that could help us to maintain the good structure records of our stablishment. One of these is like Filemaker Pro is the best 100% customized to fit your specific needs in the company. Getting your companys data organized and centralized. Having the good files stored in Database Services that consist of an initial meeting to review your current information needs. Programming for the said database system can be done either at your location or offsite. It depends to the company requirements. Database Development is enggaged to developed a variety of Filmmakers. A solution for many industries like Consulting Firms, Entertainment Companies, School Districts and Other businesses.We can say that this kind of services is a great help for those who are enggaged in the automation of their business.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Our new place

Stairs to 2nd floor
Our living room and at the same time dinning room.
Our place for bbq
Our empty kitchen- Still waiting for the delivery and instalation. (blanco muna sya lol)
Just photo sharing folks for those who asking me about our new place. At this moment I enjoyed the "chaos" hope we can fix it all before the twins come.
I try to take photos outside ..pag sinipag na ako hehe website launched

When we were young my father made us yoyo he used guava wood. At the sametime he tried to play with us and introduce how to play yoyo. Playing yoyo is lots of fun specially for the young boys. But after generation to generation some manufacturers make it more updated. They offer more updated model of yoyo . Which everyone of us got interest to play with. No matter if you are old or young you can play yoyo. We can choice our yoyo model in yo yo shop which they offer different varieties of it. Suitable for beginners and for those who have hobby to play yoyo. You can select there your yoyo funky design for yoyojam activities or it could be a great gift to somebody. Just check there website and place your order now for absolutely free delivery.

Outdoor Gear site needs links

My late father in law is a member of Military. As i viewed his photos during the time when he is active in military service I was focus to their uniform. It is nice to observed the military men when they are wearing their service uniform you can see how they are dedicated and loyal to the country. As military they have different trainings and tactical inspections as they called. It is good to know that Blackhawk SERPA Holster offer their services to provide people who in need outdoor gear. Black Hawl Serpa allow rapid draw when the pistol is needed and locks securely upon re-holstering. It is fully automatic nothing to rotate, snap and strap so we can say its very secured. Unique thigh platform mold itself to the size of the use's leg. They have a special services like Military Government, you can place your order through fax orders and mail orders. For every $50 purchase of BHS Gear they gave you 1 Hat free automatically which cost $19.99

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Norwegian Grill Party

Me and Hannie co member - Norwegian Club (taken last year)
Just finish my food...

Taken last year at Hannie's house May 2008 at ISSUM northrhein Westfallen-

Tomorrow Sunday hubby asked me if i want to attend the grill party in our Club. The Norwegian Club have the invitation which is yearly activities. One celebration for the Month of May and Big summer celebration for the month of June. The gatherings held in Issum one of the house of our co member. All of us need to bring our own food and drinks and paraphernalia for BBQ grills. I dont know if my mind is change tomorrow if we attend or not. Im not in the mood this time doing our round in BBQ feast.

Locksmiths website

When I was new here in our place we always going around and looking what the place offered. My hubby give me a pair of keys from main door and to the apartment door. It is my practice not to bring anything aside from my jacket. Since our place is at the centrum . So we continue walking and looking around what is there in town. I really amazed where I saw for the first time the wind mill in our place where they produce beer and flour. But time is running out we need to comeback home . In my dismay I forgot my keys and I forget it where I put in our apartment. Maybe it is better if you have a set of key duplication and secure it in the key box. And best idea to check before you leaving if your key is with you. If you are looking for a quality locksmith San Francisco Locksmith is here they offer the best quality of craftmanship key duplication for affordable services. They are specialize in locksmith services and lock repair. Just call them and ask their services for sure they are willing to help you reagarding this kind of problem related to locker repair.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Stairway to heaven

This photo taken last August when we have our vacation in PI. Visiting tourist spot like chocolate hills is one of the big experienced we've had. We've been there for 3 times but we still enjoyed the scenery and continues visiting it in the future. One of the chocolate hills improve by the Goverment of Bohol just to enjoy the tourist to view all the rest of the hills.

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Steer your way to

Steering is a major component of the automobile. Having a good steering system in our car which does not leak and sloopy when you drive feel pleasurable to every drivers. Having a power steering rack is the best idea for our car. You can order these kinds of steering through online with free shipping. If you need different kinds of it, could be Manual or Power steering. They offer different kinds of steering gear, from pinion steering, rack and pinion assemblies or steering box. This kind of steering is available to any kinds of car. They are available to Volvo, Ford, Dodge, Mazda , Mercedez and many more. And all parts are come with warranty and you can order it through there Toll free phone orders and support.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Auto Transport

I took this photo when we driving in the highway visiting our Dr. I just amazed how the driver handle the transport. Aside from driving is not an easy task specially when you be in the Highway. The transport of these car is hard work for my eyes maybe because im not a driver lol!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

On job training

The result of our on the spot job. We both dont know how to paint a wall but in time like these we need to do it by ourselves. Here is the result...
while for me its really normal that my hands really works not my feet. hahaha
Extra paint to my hubby's feet...good job right? lol

Payday Loans

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Here is the Picture of Bapao.
My Filipina friend taught me how to make local siopao. It's not really perfect we can say it is okey than nothing. I tried to make one but the taste is different from the original that is why i can't enjoy eating it. When we be in Asian Store I tried to look some siopao they called here "BAPAO" for .50 cents euro per piece for sure you enjoy your Bapao.

Nowadays the news everyday in the television that we have seen is something alarming. Specially for all the parent we dont know how safe our children would be. Protection of our children from harm is the priority of all the parents, we protect our children starting from conception in our womb. We love our children more than anythings else. So to stop worrying about their safety we can protect them against those villainous sexual deviants. By joining free sex offender report this is a free site to join just sign up today and received information through email alerts that can give you updates around your neighborhood. Free sex offender reports is the new innovative system that provide you with a round the clock for your family protection. They are dedicated to the quality product that will provide updated reports of sex offenders in your community.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Last month we bought small cabinets for the bathroom. For all the small things like towel soap, tissues and the like which we need to station in the bathroom. So my husband do it with my help obcourse, he is not hands on men. It is so difficult for him to do these kind of job. I think we finish to assemble the small cabinet for more than 4 to 5 hours. Almost the whole half day we focus to build the said commode. But through trial and error we build it here is the evidences lol!
my husband already smile after the hard work. lol
As i am said i just supervise and a helper as well.

Your First Step to a Brighter Smile

Are you aware about oral hygiene? Yes I am so rediculous about oral hygiene. I see to it that i brush my teeth three times a day. Just to be sure that no cavities staying in my gums. And to avoid bad breath which is not good when somebody smell it. Remember that smile is the important gesture that attract somebody else. So we need to take good care of our teeth specially. It is not too good to smile when your teeth is not in order. Taking care of it is the best things we do, brushing our teeth after meal and avoid eating too much sweets. Remember that going to the Dentist is expensive. So we need to used effective dental products in order to maintain our teeth healthy. Using MI Paste Plus is a big help for our teeth to become healthy. This is made of topical with bio-available calcium and phosphate. And brings our teeth into a Nite White where rebuilds our tooth enamel making the tooth stronger and less susceptible to carries. As my dentist advise it is better to use rota dent electric toothbrush because by using this kind of toothbrush your gums is safe and it is effective to remove carries compare to the normal toothbrush that you used.


Im be online now in Yahoo messenger I just try to be visible at this moment. After i drink milk for my twins i go online and browse some opps. And later i need to prepare our lunch and unpack some of the things upstairs. Do my ritual for everyday -shower , eating and watching TV. lol..
See you later folks!

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Viva Spana

Mother in-law and her sister sent us a postcard during their vacation in Spain. Sending a postcard is a practice from them wherever they travel. So what i did was i just collected it and compile for future references lol!. That eventhough i never been there in the said places through postcard my imagination works what was the scenery.

The postcard from Malaga Spain.

When they come back here in Germany they have a present for us. They bring us different sausages and gifts. Having a mother in-law that really care and lovable is a treasure that you can count on.

A complete gift from them.
Additional collection for my miniature perfume.
A Hugo Boss perfume for hubby.