Saturday, November 29, 2008

Travel Coupon -( Urlaub Gutschein)

I'm searching some photos that i wanted to print and send to PI for my mama i browsed this card written by my mickey maus. He wrote a card with a promise to travel to Paris next year. How i wish the next year will be tomorrow so that i can see now my dream place to visit the EIFFEL tower lol.. i wrote this blog attached the photos of his card and shown to my mickey maus so that he don't forget his promise. And his reaction was super laughing to the max and said okey okey okey!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy thanks giving

I never experienced thanks giving party here in Germany, they are not celebrated a thanks giving party here . At least in PI i feel a little bit about this celebration of thanks giving. Anyway i had in my mind why they used Turkey for a thanks giving instead of another meat?! what is the symbols / relations of turkey to the thanks giving sorry guys for this kind of wonders in my mind. I'm just so curious / innocence for this thoughts. We have different cultures and beliefs. Hope you all enjoyed the said Party.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My saint- St. Therese Child of Jesus

This statue is located in Kevealear one of the place here near in our town, once in a month we drived to there just to offer a candle and prayer to this statue which i think it s an old statue. I'm so happy after a long time looking for the statue of my saint here in Germany - St. Therese Child of Jesus. Yes she is one of my saint i offered a prayer to her and make my wish hope she grant it and came come true for a second time around. She granted my first wish to her when i was still in PI.
Saint is just our guide we need to do something in order to be successful in every wish /path we wanted to be taken. St. Therese symbol to grant the wish is a white roses that somebody gave to you.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Usually i cooked rice , meat and vegetables at lunchtime. And i prepared a simple dinner at night which a common practice here in Germany a quark (it's texture is like yogurt but not sweet) cheeze, bread , salami and tea. Instead of cooking veggies i was able to prepared the red raddish and tomatoes. Our simple food for our simple living.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Star from Madagascar (orchids)

This kind of orchids was almost 25 years now that my husband took good care, he had 3 plants of this kind. But the new one have it's flowers now, usually this orchids bloom a flower twice a year or sometimes once a year. It's flower is just 2 pieces but big enough and with very strong scent ..its smell like a lemon and shape like a stars that is why it's name was a star from madagascar. This orchid is originally from the island of Madagascar , with scientific name of Angraecum sesquipedale.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


This morning when we woke up i saw the surroundings almost covered with white because of snows. I grabbed instantly my camera and took photos in our window.

Taken from the window of our apartment..i feel amazed from the trees it's look like painted trees.

In our gate another art's was born ..the ice

I just signed my name before i removed the snow....just for fun...(my signatured snow)

I enjoy to removed snow from our car, while snowing feel like i'm heaven lol...

Hubby remove snow at the back of the car, while im be in front just to become faster for our duty of the day. and don't feel freezing outside. Then after our duties we go to grocery to buy our food stuff and go around the town. This was my day today folks!

Friday, November 21, 2008

How approachable you are?

You Are Very Approachable

You can talk to anyone, and it shows. People are eager to start conversations with you.

You are open and friendly. You are willing to connect with almost anyone.

While it's great to be approachable, there is such a thing as too approachable.

Eventually someone will try to take advantage of you. Don't be afraid to say no or end an awkward conversation.

On going Journey

One of the pleasant things in the world is going in a journey. The soul of the journey is liberty to think to feel do just as one pleases be yourself and ignore some of the worries. When we going out and driving around i feel free of all impediments and of all inconveniences i leave myself behind i just enjoy the trip. Just because i want a little breathing space to muse on indifferent matters.
Be on myself for a while is something worthful and amount less enjoying those moment is such an experience that we can say life is beautiful in spite of some earthly things. I like and love to be either entirely to myself or entirely at the disposal of others; to talk to ,to be silent sometimes, to walk or to sit still to be sociable or solitary. We enjoy our journey and we know our directions but in reality we don't know the real destination that god provide or set for us alone. Life is miraculous in some other way folks!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A few thoughts on my Sleep

It is said that sleep is best before midnight, and Nature herself. There is another reason for going in bed be in times, for it is universally acknowledged that lying late in the morning is a great shortener of life. But these may be the cause for the people who are early riser than to sleep. We tend to be irritated like a children who don't have enough sleep in the whole night. Our body need at least 8 hours sleep. But for me i suffer sometimes a little bit of insomnia, usually went to bed late and can't sleep asap. Imagine your body wanted to take her rest but your mind is 100% awake i feel too irritated. So when times come like these i tried to drink warm milk or drink water or even prayed repeatedly by then i sleep soundly good. Goodnight folks!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Something we should know

About Flattery
Beware of one who flatters unduly; he will also censure unjustly.
Flatterers look like friends, as wolves like dogs. Wherever there is a flatterer there is also a fool. An overdose of praise is like ten lumps of sugar in coffee only few people can swallow it which is really true some people like only those things overwhelmed them, its just two way to become balance the negative and positive side.

About judging a dispute
If two friends ask you to judge a dispute don't accept, for you will lose a friend. But if the two strangers ask you to judge a dispute accept it, for you will gain a friend.
About Happiness
Do not envy the appearance of happiness in any man, for you do not know his secret grief. To find happiness you must be willing to ignore what life owes you and think about what you owe life.

About Money
It's good to have money, and the things that money can buy. All of us cant live without it its the most important for a living now a days. If you have more of this you gain more friends while they are just looking for what you have. But its good , too , too check up once in a while and be sure you haven't lost the things money can't buy. True friends are their when we need their help not to judge us but to lift us up in the time when we are down.
Just a short quote folks!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Real Boss

When the Lord made man, all the parts of the body argued over who would be boss.
The Brain explained that since he controlled all the parts of the body, he should be boss of the followings body parts. But the Legs argued that they should be boss for all, since they could take the body anywhere it wanted. While the stomach said no , no , no I'm not agreed that explanation, for that I'm the one digested the food, i kept the body healthy without my worked the body could have no nutrients to become healthy so he pronounced that he is the Boss for the rest of others. The eyes disagree too...why you, Brain, Legs, Stomach should be the boss among all. I did not agreed though for that. I'm the one who gave vision without my function you are not be able to see where he was going so therefore he is the boss of the rest. ... Oh my ...what was the ending they are the boss of each of everyone.. Then the last but not the least the Rectum spoke up and applied his job. All of them laughed so hard.. embarrassed the rectum closed up.

After a few days, the Brain got so foggy; the legs became wobbly; the Stomach became ill; and the Eyes closed and could not see anymore. Soon they all concede that the Rectum should be boss for all of them. .. which just goes to prove that you don't have to be Brain to be a boss; just an Ass. Yes this could be true, some people who are much proud for themselves that look down the people surrounded them they are like the rest of the body that wanted to be the boss but in reality your not the real boss . They are much more talented people surrounded by us but they don't show his talent because of some reasons they could considered. Lesson i learn don't' dis valued other people cause we don't know their secret weapon. For me itself i encountered people like the brain , legs , stomach and eyes represented here in the story they act like a boss specially they saw your so kind and very considerable in all the things . Its better like rectum just closed and do your job as compared to those laughing against him. ..
Just sharing some folks!

Friday, November 14, 2008

The boss-1

When we say boss he/she is the one always a leader for us and we are only their follower. Sometimes they are always the one to say the right things to do. We don't have the right to complain, as a rules of a military men obey first before you complain. By this how did you complain if you already obeyed their command.. funny things..when i was in high school i am a member of model platoon in CAT one of the officer is my closed friend we be a sit-mate in the classroom and copying each of us assignment ...when they select a cadet for commanding she selected me and she whispered just follow me what i commanded to you. She wanted me to bring her a black rose, oh my gosh even a red one i cant see it around in the school how much more the black one.

I followed her without hesitation, it's my big problem that time how to have a black rose to bring to her. Now she counted 1 to 10 just to form a formation and bring all those things she commanded us. Oh my!... what i did was i got my black pen and a paper and drew a rose and shaded it with the same black ink and i write it under " black rose". For that idea I've been never have my punishment to execute a duck walk around the campus. After a training my close friend asked me where did you get those idea?..! i answered her in time like those u need to create your imagination which impress your bosses. Just sharing here folks!

Be yourself

Candidness and honesty are very important. See to it that the information you have furnished are all based on your knowledge, and be sure they are accurate. Acceptance of weakness is the best way how to become honest for ourselves or to the people around us. Be frank about what you've found difficult in the past and what you've done to overcome these difficulties. Remember you are what you are, a good self image in everyday life can be clinching factor. Everything you do and said will be credited in your personality and how you represent yourself to the people around you. Dont forget the saying " people who are honest and have positive feelings about all and their self-presentation are people who are bound to succeed." Continue living, loving and learning.Just be yourself always. Enjoy life folks!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Driving with a new Driver

Yesterday i have an appointment from the daughter of my husband best friend since she passed the examination and all the requirements in driving school she got her driving license. I remember she told me during the time when she be a student driver , she said when i have a license i come to you and fetch you up there and we driving around. Ohh.. now is the time for it... i prepared myself and waiting for the time but as early as she can our doorbell rang thinking that is a postman..she is there not a postman and shouting come feeeee I'm here now picking you upppppp.. i almost forget to wear my shoes and don't know what to do if i off the computer or what. But i can manage i go down and say come up first and i need to prepare all then we go. She said my mama waiting in the car..oh so i need to consider again her mama lol better that her mama is also a nice woman.

When we drive her mama is always reminded her about the driving, eg. ignore the car that make an overtaking with you. You need to focus your driving when they got an accident it is not your fault and so on and so fort. The young lady here is not an ordinary young lady she is a special child because of the support from their parents and the support from the government they treat a special person as a normal one , she be able to live as a normal person. She have a driving license now which she learned it a year just to realized the license. She learned also her career to a special school and now she be working and earn her own money. I'm so lucky that she is so closed to me, we stop to my mother in law house and stay there to play our cards and cubes together then she drive me back home safely. -Another story to share with you folks!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My corn beef History

Way back then before i entering college my father cousin told my papa to help him to sent me to college in return to stay with them in Manila. The father from this lady is the cousin of my grandfather. So November i travel alone going back to Manila and my papa's cousin fetch me in Pasay terminal. At first she is nice to me but time pass by i felt her true color she is like the teacher of princess sarah (the cartoon). She even say to me i put your drinking water in the freezer i did it so that you don't get your drinks here in our mineral water its expensive.(OH) i felt like an ice melting in the place where i standing. More bad stories i encountered from her as i considered a BANGONGOT in my entire life, but i dont really forget the history about corn beef. One morning she asked me to prepare the breakfast which is the fried rice, sunny side up egg and a corn beef with potato's.

So i did, on my dismay she told me that the corn beef that i prepared is not good for her taste i don't know why but for me that is how to cook a corn beef fried first the cubes potato in order to become soft and add the corn beef and the onion add a little bit of water and its fine..But how she say that is not the right way to cook corn beef, from that she is like a senator debating and discussing to me how and when and what which i don't learn anything because she is so mad at me. She much insulted me as i feel that i worked not good enough and what so ever. And even she tried to say to me eat all that corn beef my goodness im not too hungry that time to eat all that corn beef and im not there to be insulted , i was there to help them a little bit at home but she is not allowed to say bad things to me. She always say that "probinsyana " don't know anything. Ohh she's wrong because without her knowing i grow up in Manila i know what is life in manila. Finish my elementary and High School in Mla. Aside i work also as a sales lady in one of salad store after i finished HS..

Yes they are in the good situation in life they have a good work and a mansion house located in one of the prominent subdivision in Paranaque. After 3 months i say bye bye to them without their knowledge i packed all my things since then i just look for a timing to go out. I asked the help of the laundry woman and the driver but they are afraid to help me. So i did it alone i just wanted to say that i know where i go im not the " engot probinsyana" as she said. Funny things when i cooked corn beef i reminisce this scene in my life which brings me to the pedestal to dream and to realized that dream. Happy eating for my corn beef History.

(Just a sharing folks!)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The gift

Its a coincidence that you have the same gift from your birthday?. When i was six years old then my mother gave me a gift of umbrella with whistle and a pair of orange sleepers and a sunflower crackers filled with orange flavors which she knew that was my favorites. After 29 years my mother in-law gave a umbrella without a whistle (lol) and a pair of pink sleepers and a box of chocolate with filled of orange flavors. Incredible.... When i open the gift from my mother in law i remember all those days during my 6th birthday my mama told me keep your umbrella in order so that when the rain comes you have something to used and you don't be wet. My mother in law told me too that did you like my umbrella that i bought for you?. Keep it every time when you go out so that you don't be wet.

I have a big question in my mind..WHAT IS THIS..almost the same things given to me and the same reasons. Is god make a photocopy of my biological mother or what?!. Yes my mother in law is like my biological mother she know my needs my heartache and she act like a real mother to me. God is so good for me He don't gave me a monster mother in-law. Maybe this is just a coincidence that i need to reminisce my sweetest memories when i was a child!. I feel sad during my special day because i call to my mama in Legazpi but she be on the way to manila so i can't talk to her. Every time my birthday comes i called my mama and i sing with her Happy birthday which she enjoyed so much i heard her voice with over joyed laughing. (just a sharing folks)!

Friday, November 7, 2008


Hot or cold, day and night cereal is the perfect as our body fuel. This is not only good for breakfast but some people tried to do it as a food diet. While cereal's has full of vitamins and nutrients. It's ample carbs of fiber and has minerals in every meal. Here are some kinds of cereal's
The old fashioned and quick cooking instant oats- it is flattened and chopped easy to prepare and just add milk and sugar. If you want to add fruits on it its a good idea.
I encountered here another kind of cereals , they called it MUSLI with different dried seeds inside like sunflower seed, squash etc., and dried fruits and whole grains. The preparations for this is so simple no need to cook just poor out fresh milk then you have a delicious meal. (Sorry guys I'm not an avid fan for this musli). I'm just a typical eater to old fashion or the traditional one oatmeal.
And the other type was the Granola, This cereals is made of oats and barley or other grains too. Granola provides good amounts of fiber and carbs along with nutrients from dried fruits and nuts. Its bring different preparation you can add a little bit granola to plain yogurt or mix it with another cereal, you have now crunchy and tasty dessert! Enjoy eating folks!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mongo Sprouts

This was my Homemade mongo sprout!

I was so eager to eat fresh lumpia but how and when i can buy the common ingredients that i can used to prepare my favorite fresh lumpia. I asked my husband to drive to Netherlands just to buy the mongo sprout and Sweet potato. He answered me just to buy the 2 stuff we do it next time. Okay all what he said i followed. I'm roaming around in my kitchen i saw the mongo seeds that we bought last time in Turkish shop. To my eagerness to prepare lumpia i soak overnight the mongo seed , remove the water next day and damp /covered it with wet kitchen paper for 3 days. The result was now i can prepare my fresh IMPROVISED lumpia. Try this folks!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Orchids as ornamental plants

Orchids flowers have a magical beauty and allure with incredible color, figure and scent. Maybe this could be the reason's why other people say that orchids are difficult to grow and bring to bloom. It's a contradiction for this more orchids is not difficult to take care of.
This is some flowers from our orchids. This is Dendrodium and Black Merchant Ruby from Thailand. One of my husband favorite destination's when we go around in the town is the garden center. He is so amazed to buy different kinds of orchids that captured by his eyes. Not only in the garden center he look his favorite flowers through Internet or eBay. As a matter of fact he bought more orchids online from Thailand but have a gallery in Cologne. He have more than 50 pcs of different kinds of orchids that i took good care of (instead of baby wahh). He is such a collector of different things. I'm so lucky that I'm belong to his collections. (LOL) Its wonderful feeling when you see the plants development like they add more young plants or flowers. Bad things was when the insect attack your plants, its causes not to produce flowers or it might be died.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

A walk to remember in November

When i think about November it comes into my mind that its a color black month i don't know why i just only figured out in my imagination, maybe because this is the month where we celebrated the soul of our departed ones. Every all soul's day my grandmother always bring me with her to the cemetery to light a candle for my grandpa and our other dead , clean the grave and offer flowers. I really value that practice from my grandmother. She offer also prayer at night of the first of November together with the family.. i never forget that we answered a Latin prayer..."ORATION OBIS" (i don't know the right spelling) i only remember it.
Missed my life with full of time to pray together with my parents and sister ,cousin and my old parents, they are religiously dedicated to say a prayer in every religious occassion. Now that they are gone i offer my prayers to all of them.