Friday, February 28, 2014


My second post here for this year. Looking ahead that continuing writing in this site. Which I did before years ago, my brain become stagnant for not practicing into writing. I was in the social media too read some article and follow some tweets of the person whom i am followed. Joining the group sites and read ideas , problems and sharing of other people around. Most topic that brought my attention was those people looking for part time or online job. For the reason like me that they are a full time mother. Other advises them to join survey, saving cents or try not to expense into their limit. Looking for some site to join into surveys, reading emails and fun site that you can earn a little bit. Better than nothing. Some are worthy but some are not. Like this
you need only a little time to register your name and support valid personal information. Once you do these completing  the survey assign to you. They give a reward it can be cash or coupons that you can exchange goods with a great deals into money savers person. As my personal experienced i read some survey's or email that give me reward afterwards.

About me today

A hairy communist bolts. I was in my email to erase all the bulk mails. Observing the total mails of 20thousand plus eamils to my account.Dont know how to start or finish it. Until my eyes capturing the emails from the blogging sites that I joined before. Decided to revisit my blog. Opening my blog took an hour then pause remembering my password was. Walking around the house until I already hanged my laundry. Horrayyy I was here. I was lost for a long time and lost how to operate my own site. See you my blog I wish every , Hoping to have something to write you just to keep updated.