Tuesday, June 30, 2009


During the time when I was in High School it is required in our Physical Education class to perform one kind of dance. For these we need to practice every Saturday afternoon just to learn and be familiar with the steps of our selected dance. There are lots of kind of dance like Salsa, Boogie, Rumba, Swing, Paso doble, Cha-cha and many more. Each dance need extra practice to dance it gracefully. If you need a costume for the dance you wanted to perform you can look and order through Dance Supplies they have different kinds of supplies that you are looking for. We need suitable clothes , shoes and other things just to be suited in our gracefully moves. Remember that dance is not only mentally work but physically as well. You need to be alert in ever step that you take.


Analou and Bones said...

Hello Maus. I like dancing specially ballroom and my fave are single and double swing, boogie, tango, modern and more. I like doing it because I feel renew whenever I dance. I feel great, kaso lang this time, I rarely dance na. Nakakalungkot. Anyway, I am planning this for a long time now to enroll in a dance lesson pero I am lazy na. Take care always Maus.

sarath said...

hi nice blog