Sunday, April 11, 2010

software 4

How are you guys after the easter sunday? Surely some of you really had fun for the said celebration. Celebrating together with family and friends. Here we dont have a celebration compare to the tradition way back in PI. They celebrated easter sunday here just like a normal sunday. I feel envy when my friend told me that they go to the beach and go swimming. Had enjoyed much as they could. That is why I miss my time when I was connected in School before. We see to it that we had an outing together with the group. Way back to that I remember also my work and duties at the office. We need to be careful for any document that we sign and file. Better that the administration got somebody to make a program about document management system through this you dont need much file in your table. It is really a big help for us to have it. That was the result of the high technology nowadays. A big confort for the worker and save time and energy. I really miss my work and at the same time the caramaderie of my co workers. But theres no permanent in these world we need to grow and continue to look for our future.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Article Link

Spring is here we enjoy going outside to inhale fresh air. This morning we wake up early and prepare everything. After all we proceed to city near in our place to buy some stuff. Afterwards we go to the garden show where you can buy different kinds of plants. We bought tomatoes and flowering plants that my husband wanted to put in terrace. I select one kind of plant that rare to my eyes. I bought one and look what kind of plant is it. I search it through Article Alley where you can look in the net about anything. This is how the technology work these days. How lucky we are to enjoy this kind of modern world we had. I am one of internet fanatic I look here about all that sometimes bother my mind. Through searching some of those questions I had an idea who answer all my worries and questions. I enjoyed also writing some of my thoughts through blogs. Although my grammar is not perfect but I tried my best to practice my writing. Reading some forums here in computer was one of my addiction too. It was really informative and enjoying reading it. Im be thankful for those people who contributed their talent through writing.