Thursday, June 18, 2009

Designer stickpins

It is so amazing to see our friends making a handcraft works. In our town most of the livelihood there is using the native abaca products. They are creative to have a different design of the said products. From bags, placemats, rugs and other handcrafted products. They created also especially during Christmas season a decoration like angels, lanterns and more. Having with these kind of talent is a truly gift from god. I am also trying my best to be creative in terms of handwork creations. But my talent is not enough to compete other people who have the 100% creativeness. Yes creativeness can bring you success to your goal in life. Like this Beaded Lanyard this product is also a handmade product and proudly made from USA. They sale a beaded jewelry stickpin with personality on it. Also necklaces that you truly proud of to have at least one of their hand crafted products. That is why they are founded their Fundraising Jewelry to help those organization that really meant to help poor people. They have different organization through making a beads with personality or logo of the said organization. We can say thatLanyard is a truly blessed handcrafted product because of the talent of the people behind it to create and distributed to everybody that fanatic to the beads collections.

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