Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Today is the end of the month so we see to it to visit a place where we offer a lighted candle. At the same time our respect for the upcoming holy week. The place where we visited once a month or everytime was the place where there is a group huge of old churches. They have 4 closes churches to each other. The first time I saw this place I felt I am so holy. One I admired there most was the group of the people who are joining a pilgrimage. They are from other countries or town that devoted there time to offer their devotion as a devotee. You can also took picture inside the historic churches or around the area. Or send some postcards to your loveones. The postcards that they offer are really amazing. As a matter of fact I bought some and sent it to my close friends. They really love it and asking where it was. Sending a postcard is like something for me because through it I can share to them the place where I visited. How the sorroundings and beauty of the places where I enjoy with. I wish and hoping that some of my friend remember me to include to their list as a postcard reciever if they sent one.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nursing Information

The month of March was the end of School year in the Philippines. This month are also a big celebration for those students who are completed the requirements for the School Year. The Graduation will be the big event to all the students, parents and all the teacher. Most of them are excited to wear Toga and recieve their Diploma or Certificates. But some student worried if they continue to pursue their selected fields. Which is the field that need a board examination in order to have a license. Like teacher, engineering, accountancy and more. My friend told me they need to go home just to attend the graduation of his nephew. Where he took up Nursing and this year was successfully recieve his diploma. My friend is the one who sent him to school of nursing. For all us know that this kind of course was expensive. But still he decide to pursue to help his nephew. They are now looking for a reliable nursing review school. So he still searching and found out the cna training information which attract his interest and very close to what they are looking needed for review. They got some of their inquiries that really suited to what they need to know.

Saw Blades From Tool Company

Last Saturday was the starting of spring here in Germany. We go around and look for something that we can do when the full spring come. In the moment our weather is not too good. A little bit dark outside and rain come from time to time. Just early in the morning the sun shine. How I wish sun must continue to shine the whole week. The sorrounding are slowly green the trees are still awake from long sleeping time during winter. The green department will cut some branches of those trees who are old enough. They used saw blades just to have fine cutting edge. And planted more flowering plants in the street and park. I love roaming around during spring and summer because you dont need to wear heavy clothes. You can see also busses parked in parking lots for the tourist. Most of them are old folks people who visiting historic places.
Since Spring started Summer will be the next whom the people are wearing there smile when the sun is there. Lots of things in the market that you can buy to prepare things. We bought also orchids as a replacement for those old one that my husband has. He love orchids that is why I must need to agree rather than to disagree.


I think part of a motherhood was to sacrifice everything. Just to be with their children. Now I really appreciated what my mother did for us. Specially now Seb got sick we bring him to the Dr. yesterday. Really tirey and sleepy...wahh....Need some rest.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Banner Stands

Yesterday was Palm Sunday back when in Philippines I was enjoying to attend this especial sunday. In preparation for the holy week. Also we bring palm to be blessed by the priest. But in todays time election fever in Philippines some people are busy to join the campaign for their own politicians. And put their own paraphernalia just to show the support for them. Not even in the PI where the banner of candidates are displayed. As I Observed here in Germany they have also some banner that put in a certain area. To pick up the attention of the people they need to do it. Some of them used cheap banner stands which is available everywhere. Where you can put big posters on it. It is reliable for the weather when the wind blows strongly. My friend told me about this when they had an especial occassion just to gave a support for his cousin. They used tarpholin to print the picture of his cousin then used a banner stands. I think this is part of technology which is really developed from basics. Not like before if you observed photos or some advertisement or announcement was just on the wall of the stablisment.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


We are busy this afternoon hubby take his half day off. We need to visit Seb Physical therephist. We spent 30 mins there for Seb some exercise and massage. After that we go to the notary public for my affidavit to send in PI for my SSS claim. At 5 pm we go again to my denstist appointment. And be home at 7 pm while the twins hungry and tired...Wahh life must be go on!

Our Pets

Most of us love to have our own pet in the house. It could be according to our wish and interest. Hubby love to have fish. He love fishing as one of his hobbies. He decided to have an aquirium and from time to time he added more fishes. From one of our fair of janitor fish they have more babies and we decided to have another small aquirium for them. To take care the eggs of the fish until it hatched. Since we have an aquirium hubby collected some books of fishes to learn and know more about them. What kind of fishes can combine in aquirium. One of our friend has an interest about Hermit Crab Pet he mention about it. And my hubby advise him to read more about it. He also added too to look some advisable books about hermit. It could be possible to him to find one so that his plan will be successful animals lovers. Having pet's inside in our home could be relaxing yet enjoying in our part. Although it take also time and effort to take good care of them like cleaning, feeding yet rewarding. We need also to show to them that they are part of our family.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Can't wait for Spring

Two days we have had a beautiful weather but the next days snow falls again. During winter time I feel sick and lonely. But Yesterday and today we had a wonderful weather around. My MIL always excited to bring out the twins for one round walking just to have a fresh air. Thanks sunshine for coming over. Hope tomorrow you are still there. lol!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

My past time

The last time that I was not busy not attending to much errands as of today. I love to create my ability to finish my hand work cross stitch. And I loved it after a long time that gave my best to finished. Having your own creation is something worthful, rewarding and interesting in my side. Imagine we give our 100% best for it just to be it. My mother in law have an interest with hand work hobbies. She shared to me one of those hobbies. She bought a set of it, it is a simple cross stitch with pattern. And she let me try to finish it during winter time. But I wanted to make it beautiful, it could be nice if I put it in a frame. To look at it as an especial one I need to try an art framing Temecula . It could be so sorry if we dont keep our work in a good position. Imagine that we pour out our perspiration on it and obcourse we spent an amount for the materials. We only consider that all of us is an artist on our own way. We need to show our talent even if it could not worthy to others.