Saturday, November 14, 2009

Were Playing!

My little kiddos enjoying their time for playing.

As a mother I am so happy to see the smile and hear the laugh from my twins. Every morning before I gave them a bath. I let them to play and exercise a little bit their muscles. Like those picture here.

Dining Tables

As a couple and now a family with two little one. We need to look for a trendy and comfortable furniture inside our apartment. As we decided we bought one Dining Tables that suitable for us. My husband like to have an oval dining tables. He said that this kind of design will be good for children because of non-sharp corner on it. As we search on the net they have a good quality and trendy furnitures. The furniture that European quality and with it you can be sure for a quality living. You can select different styles , design and model from hard wood to glass. You can place your order online and they offer for free shipping.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Our 4th wedding anniversary

We celebrated our anniversarry last November 8, just eating out lunch in our favorite chinese restaurant.
Together with my MIL and the twins.

We would like to thanks GOD that we found each other way. To be together we are now celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary together with our Twins Sebastian Phillipe and Maiko Angelo. All I can say is thank you for everything, love and care. God gave us what we need with his purpose. Happy anniversary micky MAUS!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A yearly thanks!

Im celebrating my special day today. A big thanks to BRO! (GOD) that he is always there for me
no matter what. He gave me especial gift my parents, siblings,friends, a good husband and now my twins. After four year's married our wish was granted. We asked BRO to give us baby but he grant us babies. He is a powerful friend of mine that I can lean on every second of my life. That is why I want to say thank YOU lord for ALL. Let continue guiding us!

Hair Removal

There is a sayings that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Nowadays there are lots of beauty products that we can buy in the market. But sometimes we dont know that those product are not good for us. Sometimes we encounter skin allergy like rashes or sometimes become worst. One of my friend has lot of hair in arm and legs. She told me that she wanted to remove all those hair. Because she wanted to have like a flawless skin. She tried some products that can remove hair but the result is failure than she expected. If you wanted to have a good result for this kind of services. Better to see a Dermathologist that can be trusted. Like laser hair removal in chicago that led by Dr. Eugene Mandrea and Dr. Steven Mandrea. They are both Doctor that especialized in acne treatment, hair removal traetment,liposuction and other skin treatments. They are located in Park Ridge Chicago Illinois.

Translia - Translation revolution!

After giving birth I need to prepare all the documents that required by my Social Security System (SSS). As a requirement for maternity benefit that I wanted to avail. Since I was in Germany all the documents provided from OB-Gyne and the Hospital was in Deutsch. We need to look for a registered German translator in order to be valid the said papers. English translation is very important as International language in order to understand each other. During the time in my Deutsch Sprache School I need to bring German- English dictionary just to understand what my teacher and classmate talking. Every words they said was unfamiliar to me and have different meaning. So what I did was I look for a name translation from German to English just to understand all. This name translation is the largest professional translator network. Just one click you can get the translation that you want to translate. Because this is free of registration and you dont need to pay until you be satisfied for their services.

Property Management

When it comes to property we see to it that our real properties must be in good hand. Having these kind of investment is great sources of income, if we took good care of them. For security reason we need the help of an expert for property management. It is difficult for us to handle more business or sometimes due to economic recession we cannot avoid the bankruptcy. Better to look and ask a help by an expert for Real Property Management . Just not for ourself but for the future as well. They are there to help and look for a client to rent your unit, offer there best services in accounting, tenant replacement, collection and more. They are a premier property management in Ohio and Northern Kentucky. Reliable company and reciepient for Franchise of the Year as Honorable Mention.