Monday, June 29, 2009

Our Baby Shower-1

Last Saturday my Filipina friends scheduled the Baby shower to my twins. First I honestly hesitated to have one. We cannot deny the fact that this kind of activities is also cost money.( in part of my friends)
But since the leader Riza and Co-leader and a host Maricel are so insisted I go for it. I just consider that was for my twins not for the mama (me). Never say no to the blessing as we said. And to all my pinay friends here who are there in the said party SALAMAT for all!


Cecile said...

I am glad you agreed with it; it is part of becoming a mother/parent to have a baby shower, dear :-); plus you got gifts, too for you and the twins. i got two baby shower when I have my son. I don't understand why it will cost you a money to have baby shower. Baby shower here never costs me any single penny!

Dhemz said...

hehhehe....kakatuwa naman tong si Mama Faye....that's the good thing of baby money....hehehe....kami we don't have to buy baby stuff kasi dami ng donation from the baby shower....hehehe...kaya say no to grasya...joke...:)

ang saya saya ng games nyo ah..sino nanalo?

Weng Forsgren said...

ay tapos na pala baby shower. nakakatuwa naman fe. nakita ko na talaga tiyan mo, hindi ba mabigat kasi dalawa nasa loob eh.
congratulations to both of you.

eva said...

wow! you are having twins. nakakatuwa naman.


merlyn said...

hello Maus ilang tulog na lang, fulfill woman ka na, congratulation in advance, praying for your safe delivery God bless.