Thursday, June 25, 2009


I feel now the heat of the sun I thought im be in the Philippines because it is almost 27 centigrade outside. I enjoy also now the wearing of t-shirt and short eventhough my baby bumps is big enough. In our sorroundings during this sunny time there are lots of fruit bearing trees of cherries. But sorry I think it is not allowede to pick. So I need to buy in the grocery .


eva said...

one of my favorite. by the way, thanks for the visit. mind exchanging links?


Clarissa said...

I love those cherries,Faye!!Dapat cherries din ang entry ko sa FTF--buti na lang at nakita ko ang post mo,pinalitan ko na lang lol!!
Malaki na talaga ang bumps mo anoh?Have you think about some names of your twins?

Have a great week to you and your family,Faye!!^_^

Dhemz said...

oh my..speaking of hot weather...nako dito as in super..parang 3x yung init sa pinas eh....kakaloka....:)

sarapa naman nitong cherries...kakain lang namin nito kanina...we have a cherry tree...kaso d na inabutan yung fruits...kasi yung mga squirrel yung ka tunggali ko...ehhehe...:)