Thursday, June 11, 2009


We can say that food is the most essential in our life. So we cannot say no to buy one for us. Especially those foods that we ate since we are in a younger days. The food that bring our life alive these are the food that we found in our society, in our community where our taste buds well known. Living in far away from own country is difficult as I can say. Because you miss all the exotic food that you have in your country or in your town. Everyone of us has especialty when it comes to food, Philippine especially have their own regional food preparation. Im sure all of us miss them all.

Sometimes I just dreaming to have all the ingredients here just to cook the same I did in my country. But it is hard to find one so what I did was I try my best to look at the net searching and googled it. And the idea come from my hubby maybe he felt pitty for me.
Since the time I arrived here in Germany I see to it to buy an asian food. We need to drive in another place just to buy some asian products or Pinoy foods. Before my husband tried to order it into online food. It is a great idea to have a business like this. It is a great help for those people like me longing for the food that we are craving. This online food has over 400 ethnic food offering online that you can choice from. It grows every just to satisfied their clients who are living in different countries. They are the largest ethnic supermarket which cater different countries like Asian, Indian, European, Middle Eastern and South American. With over 4000 recipes for different food dishes.

Offered different products such snacks, sauces, spices, cooking mixes, sweets beverages and cookies and more. They charge you for minimum amount with a flat rate of $ 4.99. They different products that you can choice they have also the gift set that you can purchase online and sent to your love ones. Also the Holiday items, Dried foods, and canned foods it is great to give something to our family and friends another kinds of gift during holidays like Christmas. Im pretty sure all of them are so happy and lucky to recieve one of these gift.

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