Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sweet as a rose

Hello everyone easter is away and summer is coming. After a longtime waiting for the warm weather the sun is smiling over there. Sunny shine and fresh wind is a nice feeling from the nature that I really wanted to enjoy with.
My MIL yellow rose given to me
Nature is really awesome and wonderful. All of us got fall in love with the nature especially when we see the beauty of sorroundings. The colorful flowers in different families. The animals living in the nature the flies and all the creations of GOD has wonder. No matter what if they are big or small. Enjoying summer has fun and for sure more outdoor activities again for us.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I open now my blog as early as before. As I see some of my blogging friends has higher PR on their site. Where I have a small PR before but it lost due to in active in blogging. Some of them advises me to do visiting some blogsite so increase my visitor too. And join my site to a free search engines that can increase rank. Other do they join their site and maintain to visit some blog site. Through blogging also you can earn extra income. Especially those mother staying at home like me. It need only your patience and time. Some sites give their services for free like ppc services, when I was in the start mode for blogging I dont have any idea how to earn extra cents. But thanks for those people who shared their knowledge.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


It is nice to open again my blogsite today. While watching Philippines news through internet I am here in my long lost blog. I am now multi tasking because while watching news, chatting with my neice back in PI and blogging. Im so thankful that internet is a big help for us nowadays. It give us comfort life from a day to day basis. Without these kind of service we need to expense more money by calling our loveone's back home. Chatting or sending email is easy as counting 1, 2, 3. That the goodnews from the human discovery that we can called technology. All information that we wanted to know is here. As a matte of fact I had lots of bulkmail in my email boxes. Where there are many of companies sending their advertisement through internet. Like email marketing software is a good software that you can rely on. Easy contact to the person whom you wanted to inform with. Sending them an information as fast as you can. Not only that internet also is a big source of information. Any querries that you wanted to know you can search it my net.