Monday, March 30, 2009

Pansit Palabok

My cooking about noodles is not perfect as others, but im fond of Palabok or Pancit bihon. I like them both compare to spaghetti or macaroni. One lunchtime i started to work my imagination how to create my favorite palabok (my version) maybe because i miss the taste of it. So i started gathering the available ingdredients in my kitchen although it is not complete but i have my main ingredients like the glassnudeln (sotanghon), shrimp, atchuete and garlic to saute. Constarch for thickening the sauce and eggs , chicaron, onion leaves for toppings. The taste was delicious and hubby like it too.

Mozenda Screen Scraping Software

Spreading the site and gathering information through online is not difficult nowadays because of World Wide Web is the place where we build our product or service to the customers. If we desire to crawl our site of informations there is a way how to spread it through Web Crawlers this is the web agent builder suited to an intuitive UI (User Interface) and a browser based instruction set. Grab precise website content and it organizes the content. This is a software company that enables the users to all types of data, like data storing, data publishing into a multiple destinations. A good news was all the data in Mozenda system are secure and hosted in a class A data warenhouses and only accessible via Mozenda Web console. If you experiencing problem with a particular website, their technology support staff are there standing bye to help and get you moving again. It is instantly help and offer for free.
More companies like retail companies rely on Mozenda through using the technology to compare their prices to competitors. Financial firms also use Mozenda to gather valuable information that help to formulate investment strategies. There are challenging into screen scraping and data extraction this was to continue growth of exacerbated exponential internet content. They offer affordable price as a matter of fact thousands of new domain and dot coms registered everyday.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Did you miss the foods from the Philippines specially the bread- pandesal? Who is not missing our very own food, they say that filipino people are good in taste our taste bud work very well in terms of tasting. Since our weather is like crazy with dark brown skies, continues rain and windy i feel bored and searching the net. I landed how to make pandesal, i read all the instructions and ingredients. Im looking for ingredients if i have in my kitchen thanks god i have it all. Happily i baked my very own pandesal....successful and lecker!

Umoo - Stock Market

Would you like to entertain yourself and at the sametime earning some reward? virtual stock game is there for you which design as an entertainment online through internet. This is multiplayer games with thrill and oppurtunity for us a reward offered by a stock markets. This is also the best fantasy into stock market games with a minimal risk and big opportunity to trade. It is simple way to play traders compete against each others instead of the markets to win. Umoo offers absolutely win the players and you can learn more about the competitions here. This is for everyone who would like to take online investing without the risk.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Tongue Twisters

As a student before our teacher in language gave us an exercise about tongue twisters. Which bring my tongue really twisted to pronounce the word with same sounds or spelling.
When i have my German language course here our teacher also share some tongue twister in Deutsch which bring me crazy. wahh..

Here are some example of tongue twister.

English tongue twister:

* Don't trust one who thrusts a thrush in a trash can. ( you pronounce it 3 times )
* Im thinking of something and that something I'm thinking is something I used to think when I'm thinking of something. ( hehe wierd right?)
* Mrs Twain's twins were seen riding in a train with Mrs. Twain's twin sister's twins. ( also please pronounce 2 times faster) hehe..

German Tongue twister:

* Der Baumeister zu zipf zapt zehn Fasser zipfer.
* Abraham! sprach Bebraham kann ich ma' dein zebra ham?
* Kontaktlinsenverträglichkeitstest.

Enjoy folks practicing your twisted tongue!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Emerge Labs

There are lots of cosmetic product offered nowadays in the market with different chemicals ingredients inside on it, which is not good for our daily used specially for those prone to allergies. So we need to look for those products that contain Organic. Like Emerge Labs Organic Skin Care offers a good quality of Organic skin care products that presents the revolutionary technology that protect the skin using patent-pending plant cell culture technology. They used the rare swiss apple that shows the studies of skin cell protection. Make a change this year of the ox used 100% natural organic skin care that offer only fresh and with anti aging formula that suitable to our daily needs. For sure your skin will be fresh , soft, clean and lovely.


One of my husband hobbies aside from collecting stamps is collecting also the minerals or gemstone. Some people says that gemstone bring luck and health for us. Maybe because stones exert an immense influence on the life of every human being. Because of their very strong vibration, stones in effect, act like radio transmitters transmitting their messages for good or for bad all the time.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Designer Prom Dresses

Junior and Senior promenade is something memorable for the junior and senior students, that is why they see to it that they wear their own dream gown and look their own style. But doing these is really affected our budget. But not all when you visit these site prom dresses you can find there a gown or evening dresses that you dream of. Just one click of your mouse you be there for shopping they offer different kinds of dress like cocktail dresses , evening dresses, short prom dresses and the like, name it they have it.

Board Games!

Every Wednesday we do our never ending board games like rummicubes, angäre dich nichts. We start our games at 2.30 pm, maike pick me up and we go directly to my mother in law house. I am also happy to do some board games cause you need to do some mental works and ability like some additions and right places to put the right numbers in between. Board games also is something unique to build a relationship in the family.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Don't Drink and Boat

There is a saying about safety driving, don't drink while driving it is almost the same while we are planning to have our boating we need to follow the rules of boating. My husband always follow the rules about boating when we be in fishing and driving the boat we see to it we need to wear our life jacket and the clothing for fishing. Please do remind also that never drink an alcohol it is not simple to drive when you drink any kind of liquor . Your life could be in danger not not only you but your passenger as well. To know more about the laws about boating we need to undergo training and order for us to pick up some tips that could be helpful in some other way. Don't Drink and Boat summer is just around the corner and if were planning to go out and enjoy the beach, riding the boat and going around don't drink while riding the boat . If so please do remind that we need to register if we have a watercraft vehicles. Doing these we just inform the government that we are inform about the laws and regulations of boating and the government can guide us what we can do in boating. Because we never know the accident is just around us better to be safe than neglect our safety.

Piggy bank

Yesterday afternoon when my husband arrived from the office he had two pcs of piggy bank in the hand. He said that he dropby in our bank to withdraw some money and ask the teller if there is a piggy bank available, he is planning to save money for our twins soon. He thinking that any gift in terms of money for our twins it must inside the piggy bank before we deposit it in their own account. The funny things was the color of the 2 piggy banks was yellow and green which is my favorite color today that i am preggy.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Most of us ladies are so concious about our weight's that is why we usually used scales to monitor the additional grams added to our weights. There are lots of different kind of weighing scales like for example the pocket scales that we used for travel. The Escali for the supermarket to weight the meat and vegetables that we buy. The kitchen weight that we need how many grams of sugar and flour we need for baking. As we says that every weight must be count.


Spring is just around the corner and next will be the summertime, whats the plan ahead? well hubby wanted to go fishing in Netherland like we did last two years ago. Fishing is a lot of fun specially you caught more fish in one rod with 5 hook. i feel so amazed with the fresh fish that nice to cook as sinigang or just grilled --yummy. We caught more than 20 kilos of mackerel during that time.

Cap Juluca Resort

Different Travel agency offer different kinds of discount. But as a customer we need to look for a very good and price worth hotel when we need to go to other places. Cap Juluca is one in the list of What a . This is the collection of the finest luxury Hotels and resorts around the world that we experience the excellent services they had. We can browse and select the best hotels for us and for our family as well through internet and make a reservation online . They offer special to the customer for every 1 night you reserved you get 2 nights free or every other night you stay you get free stay for their very romantic and tranquility hotel. They offer also a complimentary continental breakfast daily at your private terrace.

Sandwich history

We love to eat sandwich whatever is inside of it. But did you know where the word sandwich came from? According to tradition , the Earl invented the sandwich while playing cards. He ordered pieces of cold beef and served between slices of bread. Sandwich because the maincourse is inside the bread. The snacks became popular because it was easily prepared and could be eaten without the use of knives and forks.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Playing is not only for children but for adult too using the computer to play and enjoy the games together with their friends and family if they like to enjoy. You can order now online the tippmann 98 upgrades they are the ultimate store where you purchase your paintballing games and it is free of shipping. They have different kinds of product to offer including the Tippmann as their top selling items. I experience a little bit playing with paintballing but i know somebody who are expert on it.

Our activities

Some person got bored when they stay at home all of there time that was really true. But for me i do value my time at home doing my hobbies crochet or knitting I'm enjoyed to do these things.
I rather feel bored when i go to the place where i don't like to go out, it depends on my mood if i wanted to go around, doing my hobbies my mood is always 24 hrs open. I enjoy to practice my interest and enjoyment. Me and my husband has the same attitude with regards to our hobbies he loves to segregate his stamp while i love to crochet my shawl.

My Perfume

Most of the ladies are commonly used cologne or perfume. I remember when i was in college i love to used baby cologne i like the refreshing smells of it and was not too expensive as a student and suitable for my allowance. After i got my first salary i tried to buy a perfume as a reward for myself after a hard time of work. I love the perfume with sweet smells on it. A mild scent and not too strong. Cause i am allergic to the strong scent of perfume . Like that give us soon the right taste for our scent of senses.

Stars and Me

Lou and I speaking about our special day and our special attitude that we had. I tried this one and it is a compliment to lou to share this star meaning of life. I think most of the words described here is absolutely describe my personality. But the description Scorpio the addict person - an addicted person to the things that i want to do. Thanks LOU for sharing this!
fun quiz for myspace profile and blog

Lets101 Quizzes - Quizzes For Fun

Credit Card Comparison

Using credit card is more comfortable for us nowadays. Me and my husband when we had our vacation in the Philippines we used our credit card. We need to reserved our International and local flight and our hotels using the said card. By learning about cash back credit cards through this site we knew and we can earn our rebate while we use our credit card on purchasing items. You can earn percentage back on your said purchases, this could be in a gas station or in our grocery products. Also travelers that most used there credit card can earn a credits of frequent flyer miles, every miles are counted for the exchange of services or goods that equivalent to your miles used in the said travel.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Nice weather

Im glad today because i see the sunshine that bring my mood positively, sometimes when we encounter the bad weather our moods can be affected too. It is true that the weather really affect our moods? For yes , because if too much rain and the clouds are there i feel down. I rather stay at home rather that going out. I feel so lonely and bored the whole day and feeling sick. "_"

T-shirts Printing

T-shirt is more comfortable for me to wear specially during summer time. But we must consider the texture and design of it. Nowadays we can make personalize our t-shirt through T-shirts printing they offered different kinds of services with regards of printing in a shirt. You can create your own printing design and they are the one to make it through there direct digital printing. They have different kinds of t-shirt form kids, ladies and unisex at very affordable prices.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pattern of Communication

Everyday we encountered different kinds of people around us, as they said that we need people sorround us . Different people , different attitude. Here are three characteristics of each one of us.

Which one would you prefer?
Passive- Setting oneself to be manifulated which is detrimental to self esteem and leads to poor image. Most passive person are pleasing the other at the expense of a hurt or disgusted self meaninglessly.
Aggressive- Overly extend one's personal freedom into other's space. Mostly the person with aggressive attitude tend to act that they are the best and doesn't care whtat the other feels.
Assertive- Does not violate the rights of others wihle expressing one's right, rather respect and treat the person who asks as Okey for asking or what you choose not to grant. A person with assertive attitude is more confident with himself, he does not make an effort to impress but simply express.

Holodomor -truth

History is our based where we are now either it is good or bad events in our society still it is a part of our history. There are lot happenings in the past that could be our key how to handle the same situation in the future. I read the article about the holodomor which bring my interest to continue reading until to the end. The term Holodomor means the "mass hunger" or the great hunger that caused million of victims throughout the Soviet Union in the year 1932-1933. The famine of this year was affected most of major grain-producing agricultural areas of the Soviet Union. This was a sad history when it comes to mass hunger that reach 6-8 million peasants deaths according to the scholars estimation. The Communist authorities of this country Soviet Union detained the crops or agricultural goods for industrialization and economic transformation this policy was designed by Joseph Stalin. During that time because of the transformation from agricultural to economic more people suffered to be hungry and brought to death. From the word Holodomor they called it Goldonomor to show to the people that was the act of genocide. The Europeans members does not agree for the said genocidal famine, but it is an ineffective economic policy fo the Communist government. To know more about Holodomor kindly visit

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Knowledge and Energy

Before, I love to watch the show of late Ernie Baron after the News of Tv patrol he is the one to give us the information about weather and some informative things around us. He always said "kapag may knowledge may power" which is really true. We need knowledge in order for us to cope up in life. I want to share also the saying " A man with knowledge , but without energy, is a house furnished but not inhabited; But without knowledged, is a a house dwelt in but unfurnished. "

Company needs bloggers for growth

Owning a house nowadays is difficult specially now that our Economic crisis is the big issued around the world. Renting is the answer for those who can afford to built their own house. Real Property Management is there to help us to built our dream house, they specialized in the management of single family home, multi-unit apartment buildings that we can rent this properties is located nationwide for over 20 years and manage hundreds of units in Ohio. They have there well- trained staff of property management, personal maintenance and accountants are also included in their team just to assist our inquiries. They offer for us the Tenant Placement, Affordable Management fees with NO leasing fees and many more fantastic offer that customer really benefits because they manage mostly residential properties. Real Property Management is also a recipient award for "2008 Franchise of the year honorable mention" which really mean their services are great.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

About us

Im on my fourth months of pregnancy, i felt now a little bit better compare to the last 3 months. THANKS GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The feeling of being pregnant is too different compare to the ordinary life. Im so sensitive about my emotion, i'll become irritated and got hurt easily though it's no big deal things. Not only that it is not normal for me too be lazy but now you always find me sitting or lying in couch doing nothing. Funny things was even watching T.V. i got

File Extension Library

When we say library it comes into our mind our library in our school during college time, where the student read and research about their lesson. Nowadays in the world of Hi technology we can research our topic through World Wide Web like flv they have a list of most popular file extensions that you can search. They created this site as to recognized as an authority in the field of Internet. Their goal is to be dynamic while constantly churning out the latest information just to be updated the user and help the computer expert and the advance user. They have lots of file that you can choice from like for example the file frm this is the simple and easy file associated with 3 different files. Files are belong to category that help the users to identify different programs, used in defining fields in taking new storage of data.

Monday, March 2, 2009

PC or Lap-Top

It depend for us how to be familiar with a gadgets. For me its more confortable to used PC than Lap-top. Sometimes i got wrong when i used my laptop i go directly in the mouse beside the unit as an orientation to PC, maybe i need to used mouse next time. Still i love my laptop which i really enjoyed to watch the news in pinoy channel before i go to bed while hubby do his business in his PC. We dont need now to compromise how long we used the unit.

Easy Money Solutions

All of us need cash especially if there is an emergency in the family. Sometimes we think the possible way just to answer our need like for example going to the pawnshop and pawn something like jewellry that really special for us. But not this time I have seen these Pay Day Loans that could help us in really needs. This is online loans that help you instantly all you need to do is to meet their few requirements. The good news was your past credit is not important to them. This is the quick and easy cash loan that can help us during the time of emergency. Because you can apply through their online application and comply the form with a little personal information and you be amazed after a minute's your loan will be in process.