Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Short Opinion-Type post

Im on my way to my 7 months pregnancy of my twins, and at the same time gaining weight for almost 10 kilos. Being a pregnant I need to much consideration in my daily routine. Like for examples the food that I need to eat, the vitamins that I need to take. This was my first pregnancy that is why I need some opinion from other friends of mine. Some I need to research through internet just to earn information about it. Specially how to take good care of the babies in my tummy. Pregnancy without weight gain as I googled about pregnancy I came along on this site. This book was written by a health coash and trainer Michelle Moss. She offered different things to do during pregnancy. Like preventing stretch marks , Fasten post- delivery weight loss , Get loss of pregnancy acne and many more. I think this is a good idea to read by a pregnant women like me. It tackled and focuses on mom-to-be issues on how to retain her figure after the pregnancy. But still the health of the babies is the most important from all above.

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Malou said...

nakakatulong talaga bru to gather information lalo na sa mga mommy na