Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Last week as I mentioned to my last blog we went to Frankfurt to renew my passport. We just drove there together with the twins and my mother in law. That day our weather was so bad. Almost the whole Europe experiencing snow and it was like a typhoon. Beforehand my husband ordered the winter tire and we expecting it to arrive and replaced the summer tire we had. For some reason the winter tire was late on arrival the day we expected it. And when it arrived the size from the said tire was not suited to our car. Well not all the time we have luck sometimes we need to extend our patience when time goes wrong. At the end of the day our winter tire is here and ready for driving. No worries anymore for the winter when we driving again far away. Back to my story about renewing well it goes smooth and take long process for us just to look for a photo studio and photocopiers it took us 30 minutes to walk just to find out where it was. That the reason why our twins are in terrible mood during that day. They experienced the cold weather and almost frozen at all.

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chubskulit said...

Hello mads, miss ta ka lang heheheh. Kumusta kamo?