Sunday, December 12, 2010


To become sick nowadays is a total loss of family budget. Good things is if the family has health insurance. Like here we had our family health insurance where the work giver of my hubby pays on it. But as my partner told me that our family insurance become higher next year. It is a another burden for our budget. Small cents count big for budgeting our expenses. The good thing to have an insurance you are secure anything happen to you or to your family. My twins has their vitamins for the teeth and bones they will take it until they are reach 2 yrs old. It is free we dont pay anything it was covered by our insurance. I see to it that I gave to them everyday.
As I mentioned to my last post that my back is painful when the weather is cold. My husband told me that it is better to see the specialist to the bones. He mean that having a prescription from the specialist is the right decission. Compare to another Doctor opinions. Physician San Antonio is a medical specialist about the bone. It is better to see the right medical person than to other. Maybe these was the sign of being old the bones become weak. Lots of muscles become aching. While our age become bigger, well we can't stop the time we cannot return the past.
We need to be ready every person become older. Prepareness is better than we regret in the future.

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