Friday, December 10, 2010


I grow up in a tropical country were I missed every winter time. I cannot handle the cold weather here in Europe. I feel like freezing and my ears like tearing out. For to going out I need to clothes myself thick and heavy were it is not easy to handle with. My foot become frozen and my hand become numb. Oh winter your so cold as freezer. lol.
To become warm I just only imagining where I come from. Enjoying the sunrise in the morning and sun set obcourse in the afternoon. During summertime here I did not miss my birthplace. Because We have also the same weather as there. Some people go bathing and lying under the sun to become warm. As we also enjoy together with the twins in the lake. Where Seb and Maiko like to stay in the water though they are months old that time. We also bought our ventalitor to used when our apartment is like an oven. For the time like we need a services for ventilation Central Heating Austin is the best one to contact with. Having a connection about central heating in our house is a big factor for our family.

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