Saturday, December 11, 2010

A promise is a promise

End of November we went to Dortmond to visit the Mineral exhibit there. Where one of my husband hobby is collecting different stone and mineral. Talking about the reasons why we flew there, because I want to buy something for my bestfriend. She is successful for her career but opposite to her lovelife. Perhaps the man of her life is waiting at the end of the day. Now, that she be ready to face the end of her singleness.
For her wedding, as I promise before that on that time I buy her a set of pearl to wear to her special day. Well promise is a promise, she is now ready to got marry. lol But Im be ready also for my promise. She is my best friend a classmate in Grade school and we are separated for a long time. We don't have a communication until we found our way in college. She be graduated that time and Im be in First year college. We understand each other and we treat ourselves as a sisters. Though we dont have an extra communication but still she can continue the lyrics of my/our music. "whose holding donna now"? lol. IM happy for you bes....

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