Friday, December 3, 2010

At last

Last Thursday was our tour to Frankfurt to renew my Passport to be ended on February 2011. As were on the way the snow pour out and the street are busy. I got worried to for twins because it was a little bit far driving to them. It took 3 hrs driving from our place. We arrived there safe and sound we go first for the first address of the Philippine consulate were we know. Sorry to say that on that address the consulate was not there anymore. They relocated in another address already, so we need to drive again to the said new address. We found it right through the help of Navigator. Finally been there to the office asking for the renewal of my passport. The officer told me what was the requirements. Looking again to have my Passport photo and photocopy of my old passport. Whew....having with my twins together walking in the ice was terrible for us. The twins cried to much at no end till we reach the consulate back again. Better that the employees was friendly and understand the tempermental of the babies.

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chubskulit said...

Maray mana mads ta medyo nagtaga blog ka na hehehe