Friday, December 17, 2010


Holidays is just around the corner. Though weather is not friendly for us, as of now we experience heavy snow. All over the country was snowy obcourse the highway is block with the traffic. My mother in law arrived today and she said that the train was too late due to the bad weather. They told us about their holidays in hamburg how they spent it with her sister. It is nice to have an holiday together with your loveones. My husband speak to me about our holidays next year. He told me that he wanted to expend his 50th birthday in the PI. Ohh, I think its a good idea but I dont know if the travel is good for my twins. Anyway we have a little bit time to decide about that. If not it is better to suggest to have an extra especial villa holidays, yes this is a good idea. How nice to spend the especial occassion only with your family. Experencing some luxury holidays can never been paid. It is like you enjoy the life of being a millionaire though we dont have a millions in our pocket. lol..

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