Monday, December 6, 2010

Norwegian and Deutsch Friendship club party

Last Saturday we attended again the party of our Norwegian and German friendship club. Most of the member are retired person a friendly and a professional one. We ate very good as the group prepared a traditional Norwegian food. Obcourse one of this is the reender meat, I tried a small sliced on it it's good but I prefer to eat the pork with honey glazed. After the dinner we had a raffle where you can buy a stab for 1 euro each. We bought 20 and luckily we won 3 things, first was the tea candle, second was the yogurt spoon. And the last one was the amethyst necklace made of silver. After our chit-chat we proceed home while we need to drive slowly because the snow was continuesly pour out.

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chubskulit said...

Glad to see updates here mads.. Ako daw dai nagapara attend ki mga gatherings ta grabe supog ko lol..