Saturday, December 11, 2010


How's everyone out there? this evening we attended a 50th birthday of our family friend. He is also married to a filipina, were they are good friend for us. We enjoy chit-chat while eating sumptous food that prepared by a couple. Where they prepare two different delicacies - Filipino food and a German food. We the filipina wifey setting and enjoy our food while chit-chating to each other. While eating our food one of our friend bring out the dessert and said, be careful to eat these kind of food. A pinoy delicacies made of glutinous rice flour and coconut milk. And we asking her why? she replied that if your teeth is not strong enough, it can be stick to the food because of its sticky texture. Well most of our teeth were all okey so we enjoy the said dessert. Sorry for those who have a denture teeth. I can tell now how lucky to have a good pair of teeth though, it is not complete but it was strong and healthy enough. We need to take care our teeth to give a visit to our dentist every 6 months. Where I did, see to it for cleaning and checking. Having a clean and strong teeth is a good saving for us. Thinking that how much is the cost for denture. But if you be wise and had an extra money to give a extra care and support for the good looking teeth you can visit Invisalign Austin TX. Like my hubby went to a dentist last week and back yesterday for a follow up check up. The dentist advised him to have a filling his teeth who had a whole. After that hubby need to wait 3 hours not to eat. Good enough for him to had a diet at the sametime.

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