Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pain Killer

Time flies too past, last week our weather is terrible there are lots of snow and ice on the street. And now from minus 7 to 5 degree celcius changing, wow nice one to have a little bit pause for the cold one. Speaking about the weather as I observed myself during winter time and continues colder. My back is painful and I ask our doctor regarding these she told that was muscle pain. She recommend a pain killer to me but after an hour the pain come back again. I got afraid to take different medication without prescription, because I know I had an allergy for different medicine. Suffering from an allergy is a different story from me, I don't like that my allergy trigger again. Good to hear about there is a medication from the nature that we can take without Doctor prescription. Though we need to be aware anything that we take inside our body. How about like Suboxone Withdrawal maybe reading about what kind of medicine we need is also a big information for us. Yes, I agree that being sick is sometimes annoying for us. Aside from expenses, our worries are still there. There are saying that prevention is better than cure.

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