Monday, April 27, 2009

Our pets

Deciding to have an aquirium is a nice idea from us. My husband really love fish one of his hubbies is fishing. So he love the fish much more than the other animals. He enjoyed to feed the fish every evening, it so cute and lovely to our fish also. Because when the time goes turn into 10 pm they are in there in the corner waiting for their foods. It is very relaxable and sometimes I was eager to talk to them but sorry to say that they don't answer me back lol!!!!! I give names to some as their identification.


Lindz said...

my boys too would love to have fish tank in our house matrabaho lang kasi eh, tamad ako hehehe... pero maganda tingnan lalo na sa gabi di ba

Clarissa said...

Ang ganda ng aquarium nyo--nakaka-relax nga cya!^_^
hahahaa!!matakot ka if your fish talk back to you lol!^_^

eden said...

we have fish tanks too and very relaxing looking at the fish swimming around.