Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ice cream

We had a nice weather this week we go around the village with my mother in law and decided to eat ice cream. This is usual things we did since i arrived here, people wanted to set under the sun while eating ice cream. Ice cream is not my food but i ate from time to time. From that scenery i observed four Grade School girls, the three girls are the children from a German couple and the other one is from other race. The three grade school girls eat ice cream while the other one is only looking at them while eating. I feel so pitty with the little one my mother in law told me that's not really good the way we observed. I wanted to buy 1 or two scope ice cream for the little girl but i don't have any centavos in my pocket. This is just a small scene between two people that can and cannot afford.

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Clarissa said...

aawww...I know how it feels-- yung meron at wala...nagpapasalamat na lang ako at meron kaming nakakain sa araw-araw..