Monday, April 13, 2009

Our Easter Activity

Mother in law invite us to eat in the chinese restaurant for our easter celebration. We enjoy our meals since it was buffet. After our lunch we go home and fetch all the things that we need to transfer to our new apartment. At 3 pm we enjoy again our cake and coffee which is famous here in Germany. My mother in law gave me a gift for easter and she told me to open it while we enjoying our pause.
She gave me the very first baby things gift we recieved, which is 4 pcs of socks and two pcs of baby clothes.
Hubby also enjoyed the said gift. After our coffee break we continue our never ending work until 6 pm.
We need to stop so that we can attend the invitation of Maricel one of my Filipina friend. She offered us barbeque pinoy food obcourse and German grilled wurst. Thanks Cel!


Dhemz said...

wow Mommy Faye..I finally got to see your baby bumps...hehhehe..ang aking pinakamimithi...hehehe!

laki na pala ng tyan mo exciting..bait naman ni MIL....hehhehe...thanks for sharing!

Joops said...

oh wow, you're very lucky to have such a nice MIL. some more is coming up..

Chuchie Lopez-Wilks said...

You seemed had fun at the party ate Faye...belated Happy Easter pala..sorry i am late..

Clarissa said...

Wow,Mommy Faye!!Ang laki na ng tyan mo!!I'm glad to see you posted your pics here--sana dalasan mo!Belated Happy Easter!

Malou said...

wow bru ang laki na ng tyan mo hehehe sa wakas nakita din kita.

tipunon mo sana mga regalo tanganing pag tapos na manao maginventory ka kun ano ang kulang na gamit ng twins. kami sadtu di na namakal puro alin sana sa mga nanaw hehe