Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Phone Cards

Living far away from our family is a little bit harder. Specially when we have a close family ties. Communication is the best things to practice on how to subsides our loneliness to them. We need to contact our parents just to know how they are going. And at the sametime to inform them that we are in good conditions too. When we have our gatherings here in Germany with my Filipina friends they share there ideas how to use Phone Cards to save money via International long distance. All of us listen to what our friends talking and all of us be interested to it. Like for me i tried my best to call my parents once a month for almost one hour talking through post paid handy account of my husband. I cannot deny that it cost money and you cannot limit your budget. That is why i tried to buy Prepaid Phone Card so that i can limit my call and i can limit my budget for calling. Every cents that we can save through international calling is a big factor to our family budget. Looking for a Calling Cards can help us to do savings. They have offering different calling destinations and they offer minimal rate per minute.

Calling Cards


tdavis said...

I just received an email from mywqn stating they decreased my rate to 2.9 for mobile and 4.9 for the rest of India. I've been using them since January and thought I was getting a great value at the old rate, but now I know I’m getting an amazing value at the new rate. The quality is excellent and their online account management system is really easy to use and understand. I really like how you can see your calls as soon as you make them, manage your speed dial (my favorite feature) and registered numbers list. I currently have the site set as my home page because in the dashboard area I can check news and weather for my set area. They don’t have any hidden fees, which I absolute hate, which makes them the best in my opinion. Just thought I would share the love…


zxt said...

Maus try calling card. Our German friends use it to call Philippines and we can call them too by using Onesuite voip feature.

Onesuite isn't your typical calling card. It's online, pay as you go and can be use for calling from the internet too. It's like an all in one calling card-voip-fax to email service.