Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pregnancy questions?

We are waiting for almost three years before we decided to have a baby. As of now I am on my 5th month of my pregnancy which Im be thankful that I pass the most sensitive first trimester. During my first trimester of pregnancy i am so emotional and feeling ill. I also encountered the hormonal changes that causes a fever and boil rashes as I thought a chicken pox. Since holiday that time we need to call the emergency Doctor. After he observed my rashes and boils he said it was chicken pox. On the second day we go to the hospital and they advise me to go on for blood checking if I am affected on chicken pox which we did the next days.
Im be thankful that it was not a chicken fox. Lot's of question running in my mind if my baby is okay in my womb. I do lots of research about pregnancy read ideas about it . Through internet surfing I come along with this site which is helpful for a pregnant like me how to become a good parent. They also have the baby names and its meaning which is I am so curious what name i need to give to my twins. Parenthood is not just a simple task we need to learn and read more about it so that we have an idea how to become a good parent to our children.

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