Saturday, April 4, 2009

Too tired

Today is the most bussiest day we sign the contract of the new kitchen that we ordered for our new apartment. After that we proceed to another department for the lamp and lights that we need, we bought different kinds of lights and i hope it can be install as soon as possible. We also started now to paint the new apartment which i help my husband. It's really tiring i feel it after we finish some. We do continue the rest of painting tomorrow and to the next day.


chubskulit said...

aw nata ta kamo an maprovide kan lighting? doesn't it included sa apartment? hmmmnnn iba palan dyan adi?

Weng Forsgren said...

lipat pala kayo Fe, preparation yan for the coming babies?
Marunong ka plang mag paint...ako rin kung hindi ako napadpad dito di marunong mag paint. Lahat dito tayo ang gumawa as long as kaya, kasi mahal yong labor grabe.
kaya lahat gagawin basta kaya lang.

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