Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Theron Burraway and THG Worldwide

Do you have an idea about Theron Burraway? I love to read stories of people who have success in life. It gave me inspiration and will to struggle just to achieve success.
As i come along I am so interested why Theron Burraway is a man of success. I learn another thing from him from his education, work experience and activities that he enjoy. He got 'O' levels in English language and literature. Mathematics and Advanced Mathematics. French , History, Social Sciences and the like . He had 'A' in Mathematics , Biology , Business studies and Economics.
He started as trainee manager in Keith Prouse Hospitality Ltd. Which covered in all aspects of hospitality industry. After that as a trainee he become a Sales Manager Uk in the Hospitality Group Ltd which is part of the marcus evans Group. As part of his job being a Sales Manager he manage the English Festival of Opera and Ballet. Also the activity of Royal Festival held in Royal festival hall. He hired the venues and performers, selling sponsorship and events and the like.
As i read information about THG Worldwide I learned about Theron Burraway he is a CEO for almost 20 years in a corporate hospitality industry in Marcus Evans Group in UK. Through his leadership Marcus Evans Group has an income of $300 million worldwide leader in providing events like conferences , corportate hospitality programs around the world.
He served also as member of the director to waterside school stamford. This school provide education only for those children in low income. He is also a member of Indian Yatch Club and the Tamarack Country Club.
It is amazing to learn about the people who are very successful in carreer.

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