Monday, March 23, 2009

Tongue Twisters

As a student before our teacher in language gave us an exercise about tongue twisters. Which bring my tongue really twisted to pronounce the word with same sounds or spelling.
When i have my German language course here our teacher also share some tongue twister in Deutsch which bring me crazy. wahh..

Here are some example of tongue twister.

English tongue twister:

* Don't trust one who thrusts a thrush in a trash can. ( you pronounce it 3 times )
* Im thinking of something and that something I'm thinking is something I used to think when I'm thinking of something. ( hehe wierd right?)
* Mrs Twain's twins were seen riding in a train with Mrs. Twain's twin sister's twins. ( also please pronounce 2 times faster) hehe..

German Tongue twister:

* Der Baumeister zu zipf zapt zehn Fasser zipfer.
* Abraham! sprach Bebraham kann ich ma' dein zebra ham?
* Kontaktlinsenverträglichkeitstest.

Enjoy folks practicing your twisted tongue!


Meryl (proud Filipina) said...

hi maus.^_^ musta na ang studies?hope everything is well.

..nakaka twist nga ng tounge ito ha...i need to practice more...

Clarissa said...

hahahaa!!the first one really twisted my tounge!!\(^0^)/

Dhemz said...

hhaha...kakaloka...para akong na dizzy reading this....hehhehe..mahilig ako sa tongue twister dati..ngayon d na....hehhehe! thanks for sharing enjoy ako...hehhehe!

Madz said...

hahhaha hindi ko kaya yan gang, I am not very good of that, kc buyoy si ako heheheheh....

Musta na ang buntit? I got my Midwife's visit pla dami binigay sa akin, then bukas aalis kmi for my scan... yepppppeeyyyyyy..

hingi ako opinion ko gang, dpat ko bang mlman sex ng baby ko pra mkpaghanda ako ba... ikaw ba gusto mo?

Malou said...

nakakaloka naman! hehehe

Pinay Rich Mom said...

nice but difficult! hehehe :D

Cecile said...

it is indeed tounge twister :-); kakaloka!

salamat sa visit and comments, Maus :-)

musta na ikaw saka twins mo?

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

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