Thursday, March 5, 2009

Holodomor -truth

History is our based where we are now either it is good or bad events in our society still it is a part of our history. There are lot happenings in the past that could be our key how to handle the same situation in the future. I read the article about the holodomor which bring my interest to continue reading until to the end. The term Holodomor means the "mass hunger" or the great hunger that caused million of victims throughout the Soviet Union in the year 1932-1933. The famine of this year was affected most of major grain-producing agricultural areas of the Soviet Union. This was a sad history when it comes to mass hunger that reach 6-8 million peasants deaths according to the scholars estimation. The Communist authorities of this country Soviet Union detained the crops or agricultural goods for industrialization and economic transformation this policy was designed by Joseph Stalin. During that time because of the transformation from agricultural to economic more people suffered to be hungry and brought to death. From the word Holodomor they called it Goldonomor to show to the people that was the act of genocide. The Europeans members does not agree for the said genocidal famine, but it is an ineffective economic policy fo the Communist government. To know more about Holodomor kindly visit


Hi! I'm Grace said...

This is really a tragic truth that made ask God, "where have you been on this time?" Of course, we know that God was just there.

vhingF said...

thanks.this is additional knowledge to me .NICE POST!

o nga ...we're both na.
my laptop alwang hanging then shut down and me fever&flu na.

nahohomsik 2loy ako.

thanks again.

Weng Forsgren said...

yes, Fe this is sad but true, we are lucky enough that even we are poor we are not suffering hunger.
We still can drink pure clean water.But pity to those who suffer but thats a life, even od always watching us.

SEDONA said...

Very true, good or bad; history will be there for us to avoid the incident in future or to repeat it if good.