Monday, March 2, 2009

PC or Lap-Top

It depend for us how to be familiar with a gadgets. For me its more confortable to used PC than Lap-top. Sometimes i got wrong when i used my laptop i go directly in the mouse beside the unit as an orientation to PC, maybe i need to used mouse next time. Still i love my laptop which i really enjoyed to watch the news in pinoy channel before i go to bed while hubby do his business in his PC. We dont need now to compromise how long we used the unit.


Weng Forsgren said...

Bili ka nalang ng mouse Fe, para comfortable. I bought mouse same day I bought my laptop. But when I'm on bed using my laptop, I only use the touh pad.
Enjoy rin pag may laptop kasi kahit saang room ako sa loob ng bahay I can bring my laptop with me and can use it.
I like most using laptop while in bed hehe parang tamad yata lol.

Malou said...

i agree with you weng there were wireless mouse too as an option that you can buy but once you get used to using the mouse pad you'll enjoy using the lap top more :-) kahit nga sa bathroom pwede dalhin hehe

maxi said...

we have two laptops at home. one for my boyfriend and one for me. however, since i started blogging, i wanted to have a desktop with a wide screen to make working online more comfortable. on my 30th birthday, (oct 7, 2008), he gave me a desktop as a present. the screen is 22" making blogging a lot easier for me as i can have two windows opened at the same time side by side.

however, whenever i leave the house, syempre, dala ko laptop ko para kahit na saan ako, i can connect with y friends and fellow bloggers.

have a great day.

syangapala. i already added your link to my blogroll, too.